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Local ARES & RACES Nets

Weekly ARES directed nets are on Sunday nights at 2000 local time on the 146.805+ 107.2 repeater in Millersville.  Back up frequencies found on the Communication page are used if the 146.805 repeater is down.  The script for the net can be viewed or downloaded below.  The net control operators are:

  • 1st Sunday - Gordon WJ3K
  • 2nd Sunday - Chuck KB3UDJ
  • 3rd Sunday - Paul KB3KWT
  • 4th Sunday - Art KB3DCA
  • 5th Sunday - Frank N3SEO

RACES COMMEX's are held 2nd Tuesdays 1930 - 2030 L except during the summer months and December.  In conjunction with this an ARES net is conducted on 146.805- 107.2 in Millersville and Winlink station W3AAC is used.   The preamble for the ARES net that is held in conjunction with the RACES COMMEX is available below.  See the Communication page for information about RMS packet stations and digipeaters

All amateur operators in good standing and not just ARES or RACES members are welcome to check into either net.
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