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Repeaters & Communications Plan

The AAC ARES/RACES primary repeater is on 146.805- 107.2 in Millersville.  The repeater time out is usually disabled for emergencies or ARES nets.  Monitor this repeater for information about EOC activation and other news.

The secondary repeater is 147.075+ 107.2 in north AA County.

The tertiary repeater is 442.300+ 107.2 in Annapolis.  Echolink information

If the repeaters are down use the 146.805 output freq in simplex mode.  No tone needed.
Local public service events are usually on 146.43 simplex, no tone.

When the EOC is activated for an emergency or exercise, W3AAC can be reached using Winlink.  RMS packet node W3AAC-10 is located at the EOC in Glen Burnie and active 24/7 on 145.010.  W3AAC-10 can be used via digipeaters W3AAC-5 in Millersville or W3VPR-5 in Davidsonville if needed.  Backup RMS packet station KA2JAI-10 is also available on 145.010 but must be reached via W3AAC-5.  When activated the Annapolis EOC is available as W3AAC-7 and the MCCU is W3AAC-8.