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Michigan Bicycle Laws

Michigan Bicycle Laws

Here are some important resources for cycling in Michigan.

What Every Michigan Bicyclist Must Know

Produced by the League of Michigan Bicyclists, this guide is a handy quick read on the rules of the road for cycling in Michigan.  This booklet describes traffic laws, but the actual laws are listed in the Michigan Vehicle Code.

Michigan Motor Vehicle Code (Bicycling Portions)

Link to the State of Michigan Motor Vehicle Code as of S.B. 1225 passage in August 2006.  Click on the relevant sections to read the details.  We highly recommend reading all the sections under 257.660.

Ann Arbor Bicycle Traffic Laws

In addition to Michigan Vehicle Code, Ann Arbor has some specific rules for cyclists. Published by Washtenaw Bicycling and Walking Coalition.
The AABTS Safety page has additional bicycle safety resources.