Knee MRI Saturday December 10 Programme

 KNEE MRI : Advances in Imaging and Treatments     

8h45 Welcome – presentation of speakers and topics             H. NIELENS, F. LECOUVET, UCL
9h00  The Knee in Healthcare Economics:  global overview      L. ANNEMANS, UGent, VUB
             (imaging, treatment; sport &  aging medicine)                              

TECHNIQUE 45 min (45 E&E)
9h30 MRI : the gold standard ? Advantage, limits, costs                          JF.NISOLLE, Mont Godinne
9h45 Ct arthrography: an alternative? Advantage, limits, costs               B. VANDE BERG, UCL
10h00 3D FSE MRI : a revolution?                                                       R. KIJOWSKI, Madison, WI, USA

10h30 – 10h45 PAUSE

MENISCI  75 min (65 E&E)
10h45 Why  I (do not) operate?                                                                       P. POILVACHE
11h00 MRI semiology: relevant tears, fragments, instability: what to remember    F. LECOUVET, UCL
11h15   “Lesions, pseudo-lesions, pitfalls”: does 3T MRI do better?…                  P. VAN DIJCK, Antwerpen
11h30 New surgical options….new imaging findings.                                         K. VERSTRAETE, UGent

11h45-12h00 ROUND TABLE : Technique and menisci

LIGAMENTS 75 min (35 E&E)
12h00  ACL reconstruction: Why-what (not) to operate? One/two bundles?         P. VERDONK, Gent
12h15 ACL: partial/complete tears; one/two bundles? Role of 3T MRI?             P. VAN DYCK, Antwerpen
12h30 Value of MRI for postero-lateral corner evaluation                               N. BOUTRY ,  Lille
12h45 Medial collateral ligament/other medial stabilzers    M. DE MAESENEER, M. SHAHABPOUR, VUB

13h00-13h15 ROUND TABLE : Ligaments imaging : When and how ? (E&E)

13h15-14h00 LUNCH

CARTILAGE 75 min (55 E&E)
14h00 Current therapeutic options and expectations                                          E. THIENPONT
14h20 MRI of cartilage in clinical practice: state of the art                             R. KIJOWSKI
14h45 MRI of cartilage in research: beyond morphology                                     P. OMOUMI


BONE and PROSTHESIS 60 min (60 E&E)
15h30 New prosthetic surgery: imaging guided ?                                           E. THIENPONT
15h45 Epiphyseal lesions : prognostic value of MRI                                      F. LECOUVET
16h00 Osteochondritis dissecans: prognostic value of MRI                            R. KIJOWSKI

16h15-16h30 ROUND TABLE : Cartilage and Bone  (E&E)

16h30 Adjourn