Current position: University Lecturer in Philosophy of Science, Department of History and Philosophy of Science, Cambridge University, 2011-2014. Promoted to Senior Lecturer from October 2015.


Previous Employment:

Assistant Professor, Philosophy Department, University of Missouri St Louis, 2007-2011

McDonnell Post Doctoral Fellow, Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology Program, Washington University in St. Louis 2006-2007



2000-2006 PhD Philosophy (with Science Studies), University of California, San Diego

1998-1999 MSc Philosophy of Social Science, London School of Economics, UK

1995-1998 BSc Communications, Intercollege, Nicosia, Cyprus Summa Cum Laude

1994-1995 Linguistics and Philology, Kuban State University, Krasnodar, Russia     


Journal articles and book chapters:

19) "The Science of Well-being" in Routledge Handbook of Philosophy of Well-being, ed, Guy Fletcher, London Routledge, chapter 32.

18) "Well-being and Philosophy of Science" (2015) Philosophy Compass.

17) "Prisoner's Dilemma Doesn't Explain Much" (with Robert Northcott) in Prisoner's Dilemma ed. Martin Peterson, Cambridge University Press.

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5) Making Models Count Philosophy of Science, 75 (July 2008) 383-404

**Winner of the Philosophy of Science Association Recent PhD Essay Award 2008**

4) Progress in Economics: Lessons from the Spectrum Auctions (with Robert Northcott), The Oxford handbook for Philosophy of Economics, eds. H. Kincaid and D. Ross, OUP, 2009.

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1) Laws (as a second author with Nancy Cartwright) in The Oxford Handbook of Contemporary Philosophy, eds. M. Smith and F. Jackson, OUP, 2006

Short articles and Book Reviews:
8) Review: 'Tainted: How Philosophy of Science Can Expose Bad Science' by Kristin Shrader-Frechette, OUP 2014. forthcoming in The British Journal of Philosophy of Science.

7) "It's Just a Feeling: Why Economic Models Do Not Explain" (2013) with Robert Northcott  Journal of Economic Methodology 20/3:262-267. (Commentary on Julian Reiss's "Explanation Paradox")

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2) “Probabilistic Causality, Selection Bias and the Logic of Democratic Peace” (as a second author with B. Slantchev and E. Gartzke), American Political Science Review (2005) 99/3:459-462.

1) Max Steuer’s Scientific Study of Society (with R. Northcott), Economics and Philosophy (2004) 20/2: 375-381.

Refereed Presentations:

"Armchair Science" (with Robert Northcott), British Society for Philosophy of Science, July 2014.

"Is Construct Validity Valid?" (with Dan Haybron), PSA 2014, Chicago.

"Paternalism in Economics" (with Dan Haybron) The Bowling Green Workshop in Applied Ethics and Public Policy, April 1-2 2011.

"High Fidelity Economics" Philosophy of Social Science Roundtable, March 2010 St Louis

"Doing Well In The Circumstances" Central Division, American Philosophical Association, February 2010

"Values and the Science of Wellbeing" Boulder History and Philosophy of Science Conference, October 2009

"The Contribution of Models to Empirical Succeses" Models and Simulations 3, UVA, March 2009

“Do game theoretical models explain?” British Society for Philosophy of Science, Bristol, July 2007

Author Meets Critics (Francesco Guala’s Methodology of Experimental Economics), American Philosophical Association, Pacific Division, San Francisco March 2007

"What the Science of Happiness can learn from Philosophy" Science and Philosophy  Symposium at Stony Brook, March 2007

"How to use Introspective Reports to Measure Happiness" Philosophy of Science Association Biennial Meeting, Vancouver, November 2006

"From Models to Institutions: Game theory and Auction Design" British Society for Philosophy of Science, University of Manchester, July 2005

"From Models to Institutions: Game theory and Auction Design" Across Boundaries, Beyond Dichotomies, Interdisciplinary Investigations in Biological and Social Sciences, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, April 2005

"Connecting Rational Choice Models to the Real World", American Philosophical Association, Pacific Division, San Francisco, April 2005

"Connecting Rational Choice Model to the Real World", 7th Annual Philosophy of Social Science Roundtable, Barnard College, March 2005


"Connecting Rational Choice Models to the Real World", Southern California Philosophy Conference, UC – Irvine, November 2004

"Qualitative Comparative Method and the Problem of Spurious Correlation", Tensions in Social Statistics, University of Durham, England, September 2004

"Mill’s Dilemma and Comparative Social Science", March 2003, 5th Annual Philosophy of Social Science St. Louis Roundtable, UM – St. Louis


Invited Talks:

"Is Well-being Measurable?" Congress in Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science, Helsinki August 2015.

"Comments on Dan Hausman's Valuing Health" UCL June 2015.

"Psychometrics and Theory Avoidance" CHESS Seminar, Durham, May 2015.

"What is child well-being?" Royal Institute of Philosophy Workshop: Time and Well-being, Birmingham, June 6th 2014.

"Armchair Science" EIPE Seminar, Rotterdam, March 10th 2014.

"Values Fit for Science: The Case of Child Well-being" Moral Sciences Club (Cambridge, Feb 4th 2014) and Moral Philosophy Seminar (Oxford, Feb 10th 2014).

"What the science of well-being should expect from philosophy" Wellbeing and Preferences Workshop, College D’Etudes Mondiale, Paris, June 2013.

"The Puzzle of Child Well-being" Cambridge Centre for Well-being Seminar, May 2013.

"On the Alleged Explanatory Power of the Prisoner’s Dilemma" The structure of Mathematical Economics Workshop, University of East Anglia, February 2013.

"Between Philosophy and Psychometrics" British Society for Philosophy of Science Colloquium, LSE, January 2013.

"Reasoning about Well-Being" History and Philosophy of Science Department Seminar, Cambridge, October 2012.

"Justifying Measures of Well-being: Between Psychometrics and Philosophy" Measures of Subjective Well-Being for Policy: Philosophical Perspectives, Leeds, July 2012.

"Values and the Science of Wellbeing: A Recipe for Mixture" The Philosophy and Methodology of the Social Sciences, University of Alabama, Birmingham, April 2010.

"Comments on Wendy Parker" Henle Conference on Experimental and Theoretical Knowledge, Saint Louis University, March 2010

"Doing Well In the Circumstances" Washington University in St Louis, Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology Colloquium, January 2010

"Wellbeing and Practical Interests” UMSL Philosophy Department Works In Progress Series, February 2009 

"When Analytic Narratives Explain" Washington University in St Louis, Political Theory Workshop, October 2008

"Wellbeing and Practical Interests: A Defense of Variantism" Saint Louis University, Philosophy Department Colloqium, September 2008

"Making Models Count" Center for Philosophy of Science, University of Pittsburgh, February 2008

"Picking Between Different Notions of Well-Being in Science and in Life" Washington University in St Louis, Psychology Department Brown Bag Series, February 2008

"Well-Being and Practical Interests" The Subjective Well-Being Workshop, University of Alabama, Birmingham, February 2008

"Making Models Count" University of Missouri, Columbia, Philosophy Department Colloquium, October 2007

"Comments on Dina Garmong’s “Toward a more robust theory of well-being”" Midsouth Philosophy Conference, Memphis TN, February 2007

"Making Models Count" New York University, Philosophy Department Colloquium, January 2007

"Measuring Happiness Accurately", Washington University in St Louis, September 2006

"Connecting Rational Choice Models to the Real World" Washington University, PNP Works in Progress Series, December 2005

"Connecting Economic Models to the Real World" University of Cyprus, September 2005

"Subjective Well-Being and Kahneman’s ‘Objective Happiness’", Cognitive Brown Bag, Psychology Department, UC – San Diego, February 2005

"Subjective Well-Being and Kahneman’s ‘Objective Happiness’", Experimental Philosophy Lab, UC – San Diego, October 2004

"Connecting Rational Choice Models to the Real World", Experimental Philosophy Lab, UC – San Diego, April 2004

"Comments on Mark Couch’s “Functional Properties and Causal Relevance”", April 2003, UC–San Diego Graduate Philosophy Conference

"Mill’s Dilemma and the Proper Place of Game Theory in Social Science", Science Studies Program Colloquium, UC–San Diego, October 2003 

Scholarships and Awards:

Emanuel Miller Essay Prize, 2014

Early Career Fellowship, CRASSH, Cambridge, for Easter term 2013-2014

Internal Research Grant, UM St Louis, Winter/Spring 2009

National Science Foundation Dissertation Improvement Grant, 2004-2005

Philosophy Teaching Assistant of the Year, UCSD, 2003 Inaugural award

Dissertation Fellowship, Philosophy Department, UCSD, 2005-6

Dissertation Fellowship, Center For Humanities, UCSD, Winter 2005

NSF Dissertation Fellowship, Science Studies Program, UCSD, Fall 2004

Global Supplementary Grant Program Scholarship, Open Society Institute, 2000-2003

Foreign Tuition Scholarship, University of California San Diego, 2001-2004

Frederic and Clara Wall Scholarship, The International Center, UCSD, 2002-3, 2004

Intercollege, Cyprus, Academic Merit Scholarship 1995-1998




Second year (part iB) "What is Science?" and " Is Social Science an Oxymoron?"

Third year (part II): various topics in general philosophy of science, philosophy of social science, science and values, John Stuart Mill


Happiness and the Meaning Of Life, Winter 2010 (introductory), Fall 2010 (advanced)

Feminism and Science, Fall 2009

Philosophy of Science, 2007, Winter 2008, Winter 2010

Philosophy of Social Science (advanced undergraduates and graduate students), Winter 2008, Fall 2009

Proseminar: Theories of Happiness and Well-being (seminar for incoming Master’s students), Fall 2006, Fall 2007


Problems in Philosophy (introductory metaphysics), Spring 2007

Current Controversies in Cognitive Science: Happiness (advanced undergraduates and graduate students), Spring 2007


Logic and Decision Making (lower division course), UC San Diego, Spring 2006

Games and Decisions (upper division course), UC San Diego, Spring 2006


Service to the profession:

Journal refereeEuropean Journal for Philosophy of Science, Mind, Philosophy of Science, Synthese, Economics and Philosophy, Philosophical Psychology, International Studies for the Philosophy of Science, Journal of Economic Methodology, Science and Public Policy, Philosophy of the Social Sciences, Palgrave Macmillan, Revista Theoria, Cambridge Journal of Economics, Voprosy Ekonomiki, Res Publica, British Journal of Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Science, Dialectica, International Journal of Wellbeing.

Conference referee and program committees

Program Committee Philosophy of Science Association 2014, Models and Simulations 6 Program Committee 2014, European Network for the Philosophy of Social Science 2012, Society for Exact Philosophy 2005

Reviewer for Research Councils:

Council for the Humanities of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO, the Dutch research council), National Research Foundation (South Africa)

Doctorates and appointments examined:

Shahar Avin, November 2014 "Breaking the grant cycle: on the rational allocation of public resources to scientific research projects"

Lena Zuchowski, July 2014, "Chaos and Complexity"

Arianne Shahvisi, January 2014, "On the Nature and Origins of Thermodynamic Asymmetry"

William Wheeler, September 2013, "The Metaphysics of Ideal Laws – A Humean Account"

External Referee for the appointment of Junior Professor of Economics and Philosophy at Bayreuth University

Memberships and Affiliations:

Member, Policy Insight

Member of the Executive Board of the International Network for Economic Method (2012-2018)

Fellow of the Cambridge Well-being Institute, since 2013

American Philosophical Association (regular member since 2002)

Philosophy of Science Association (regular member since 2004, including Women’s Caucus)


Editorial Positions:

Philosophy of Economics Editor for Phil Papers (the main online directory of philosophy writings)


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French (can get by)

Russian (native language)

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