We are calling for research contributions in the following areas:

  • Optimizing marketing decisions under resource constraint
  • Automated decision making with feedback
  • Optimizing spend across channels
  • Automation and optimization of marketing campaign
  • Optimization in the delivery of marketing messages
  • Understanding consumer psychology
  • Personalization and optimization of marketing assets and contents
  • Bandits and sequential testing for marketing strategies
  • Customer journey modeling
  • Consumer life time value optimization and sequential decision making
  • Personalization and recommendation
  • Intent recognition and user modeling on the web and in marketplaces and e-commerce
  • Causal inference and measuring the effectiveness of marketing message
  • Automatic clustering and audience segmentation
  • Predictive analytics and forecasting of key performance metrics in commerce
  • Applications of deep learning in predictive analytics
  • Representation learning for marketing data
  • Knowledge representation for marketing science insights
  • Learning in games and mechanism design for marketing
  • Social games and marketing methods.


Due to the diversity of disciplines represented in this area, related contributions in other fields, are also welcome.



We solicit research contributions that report new research results or ongoing research.  The workshop’s proceedings can be considered non-archival, meaning contributors are free to publish their results later in archival journals or conferences. Research contributions should follow the same AAAI format guide line and template (see and should be limited to a maximum of 6 pages in AAAI format excluding the references.

The submission deadline for the workshop is October 29, 2017. This deadline is two weeks later than the deadline for submission of the conference papers. Submission should be sent to Acceptance notification will be sent out on November 9, 2017.