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21 Things to Do to Protect Your Belongings




1- Do not leave jewelry or cash in the house on the day of the move.  These should be kept in your purse and your purse should be in the trunk of your car.


2- Don't pack anything you can't lift yourself.


3- Put heavier things in a smaller box.  This way you avoid packing a large box with 200 pounds worth of books.


4- To prevent boxes from caving in, don't stack anything on top of boxes with extra room or packing materials in them.


5- Fill all your boxes to the top.  Don't have any dead weight.


6- Clothes can be packed in wardrobe boxes that will protect them during moving.


7- Make sure you aren't still packing when the moving crew arrives.  If everything is ready to go, they can get in and out faster and your wallet will thank you for it.


8- Keep a record of everything you give the moving crew to ensure nothing was misplaced during the move-in.


9- Plan ahead.  Don't wait till the week of move-out to reserve your truck.   You will be last in line and unfortunately you might not be able to reserve your truck in time.


10- Pick boxes that are appropriate for the size of each item.  For example, put small items in a smaller box.


11- Mark what room you want each box to go so the crew doesn't have to move everything again when you get there.


12- Clean off all furniture before a moving crew arrives.  This way, you won't be charged for the time it takes to clear it off.


13- Make sure there are only a few people in your residence on moving day.  There is a bigger risk of things getting damaged in the moving process when more people are around.


14- If you are the only person at your home that is moving out, make sure your belongings are clearly separated from your roommates.  This will make the process faster and save your money.


15-  It is helpful to have someone at the location you're moving to when the movers arrive.  This person can direct them where to place furniture and miscellaneous items.


16- Save a spot for the moving truck outside of your home.  Try to park in the location closest to your door, so you can give them your spot once they arrive.


17- A box is not packed properly if you can shake it and things fly around.  If anything, fill the extra space with paper.


18- To wrap fragile things such as dishes or collectables, line the bottom of a box with towels and wrap everything with tissue paper.  Make sure to mark the box as fragile.


19- Don't collect random boxes for moving day.  Buy all your boxes at the same retailer so that they are a consistent size and easier to stack.


20- It helps the moving crew if all boxes are already positioned by the front door. This gives easy access and saves time.


21-  Once the moving truck is empty, make sure that you inspect it so that none of your belongings are left in it.


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