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15 Things to Do Before You Move



1- Get your address changed - Stop by your old post office shortly before you move and ask what needs to be done.  You may want to contact your creditors as well as any magazines that you subscribe to directly so that they're aware of the move and you don't miss an issue or a bill.


2- Contact the utility companies - If you're moving into a pre-owned home, get the contact information from the previous home-owner for all the utility companies they used for the house - this is often a great place to start with that becaue all of the hook-ups should be in place.  In most places, you will need to have the basic services in your name before you move in.  The ones you need to contact include electricity, gas, cable, telephone, internet, garbage, sewer, and water.


3-  Get your emergency kit in the house first thing - During the moving process, there are many opportunities for minor first aid issues.  Make sure you have your first aid kit in a known place.  Also, get the emergency numbers for the area and put them in a known place.


4- Know where the main circuit breaker is - Check it out and make sure you fully understand the labeling.  If it's a new home and not labeled, label it yourself before moving in too much so that you know which breaker turns off which area.


5- Know where the water shut-offs are -  This includes the main water shut-off as well as shutting off outside water.  This is a very useful question to ask the previous homeowner and also to find yourself as soon as you're there.


6- Check the smoke detectors - Find all the smoke detectors and test them all.  If you don't feel the home is adequately covered with them, install some more as quickly as possible.  Similarly, make sure there'sa fire extinguisher on every floor.


7- Identify emergency exits - Make sure everyone knows how to get out in the case of a fire.  In many homes, this is straightforward, but it's good for everyone to know where they should be going to get out.


8- Check your street number - Make sure that your house's street number is clearly visible from the road, so that our moving crew can easily find you.


9- Get your locks changed - This isn't a strict requirement, but it's a good idea to get the locks changed in the house shortly after moving.  If you haven't had them changed, there could be any number of keys out there floating around that match your lock.


10- Update your driver's license, car registration, and voter registration - This should be done within a month of the move.


11-  Sedate the dog if you have not found someone to look after it.  At least one of you will be having a pleasant journey.  It may be worth sedating your partner too, especially if they're a bit temperamental, but you should only ever do this on the advise of your doctor.


12- Strip the beds and put the bedding into bin bags to be kept handy.  If your children are going with you, let them use the bedding for comfort in the back of the car.


13- Ensure that the water, gas and electricity supplies are turned off and take a note of the final reading.


14- Empty any rubbish bins and leave all your rubbish bags for collection.


15-  Close and lock all the windows and doors... and then wave goodbye!


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