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15 Things to Do to Reclaim Your Full Damage Deposit


1-Make sure your apartment or house is in the same condition as it was given to you.


2- Make a copy of your check-in inspection so you will remember what you are and are not responsible for.


3- If at all possible, fix everything yourself.  Just remember though, if it is not properly done, you will still be charged for it.


4- Ask your landlord or apartment complex manager if they will provide free touch-up paint.  That way, if you try to re-paint something it will not be a different color.


5- Ask your landlord or apartment complex manager if they expect you to clean the carpets.


6- If you have planted a garden outside your apartment, check with the complex to see if it needs to be taken out before you move out.


7- After doing a final cleaning, have a friend look over your work to see if they catch something you didn't notice.


8- Once you move into your new place, you will have approximately 48 hours to make sure you've written down everything you could be charged for later.  Be very descriptive so that once you move out, you won't be given a huge bill for repairs.


9- Upon moving out, don't forget to sweep your deck.


10- If you have painted your apartment walls, they will most likely need to be painted back to white before moving out.  Check with your complex for the proper colors and remember, if you do a poor job, you'll be charged to have it re-done.


11- Replacing simple things like light bulbs and oven drip pans for a few dollars a piece before the apartment does their inspections will save you money.  Several complexes will charge as much as $20 for these small tasks.


12- Don't forget to clean out your oven.  Sometimes it's as simple as turning on the self-cleaner button.  If the over is neglected, residents can be charged as much as $50.


13- Clean your blinds.  Windex usually does the trick.  Just spray and wipe down.


14- Take your time to ensure everything is clean.  Don't rush or you may have an expensive bill on your hands.


15- Finally, clean behind appliances even if the area is not visible.

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