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Deal ONLY with a licensed New York bail agent. Ask to see the bail agent's license and identification prior to any bail transaction.

The bail agent should charge you only the legal rates. Additional charges should be itemized and explained to your satisfaction.

Ask for an itemized receipt for all charges. You should receive a company numbered receipt,  stating the amount you paid, the total amount being charged, on who's behalf (defendant name), the address of the Surety Company and their direct telephone #.

Ask for copies of all signed contracts and agreements.

Premium fee's for a typical NY bond can be up to 10% of the bail amount.

Immigration and Federal bonds range from 15% to 20%.


New York bail bonds can only be written by NY State Department of Insurance licensed Bail Agents, who specialize in the underwriting and issuance of NY jail bail bonds. Bail agents act as the appointed representatives of licensed surety insurance companies.


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