operation daisy

cleanup tasks

- remove from titles, add [EP] in a situation where there are multiple releases with the same title as an EP

'Vinyl' in titles
- remove from title and change media to vinyl

Catalogue numbers in titles
- eg. (CAT0123)

Scene group names in titles
- the most common is 'WEB' (filter) but keep an eye out for others

Underscores in titles
- replace with a space, unless it is a double-underscore;

Double-underscores in titles to indicate B-sides
- replace '__' with ' / ' to indicate A-Side / B-Side

Vinyl releases not marked as such and no 'vinyl' in the title
- change the media appropriately
- does overlap with 'vinyl' in titles, but the filter does work trust me!

Completed tasks

PoW and PoWMp3 titles -
- Check filenames for the actual title, format is: [00] [artist] [release title] [media] [pow]

- change media accordingly

LP -
- change media accordingly