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Singapore Airlines


Code: SQ / SIA

Founded: 1947

Base: Singapore (SIN)

Alliance: Star Alliance (since April 2000)


long-haul A350-900, A380-800, B777-200ER, B777-300ER

medium-haul A330-300, B777-200, B777-300

AIRBUS A350-900

A350s in fleet: 30 (9V-SMA, 9V-SMB, 9V-SMC, 9V-SMD, 9V-SME, 9V-SMF, 9V-SMG, 9V-SMH, 9V-SMI, 9V-SMJ, 9V-SMK, 9V-SML, 9V-SMM, 9V-SMN, 9V-SMO, 9V-SMP, 9V-SMQ, 9V-SMR, 9V-SMS, 9V-SMT, 9V-SMU, 9V-SGA, 9V-SGB, 9V-SGC, 9V-SGD, 9V-SGE, 9V-SGF, 9V-SGG, 9V-SHA, 9V-SHB)

1st A350 delivery: 02/03/2016

Singapore Airlines placed an order for 30 A350-900 in 2006, topped up with further 30 orders in 2013. In October 2015, directly after the launch of the A350-900ULR (Ultra-Long Range), the company announced an order for 7 A350-900ULR, bringing the total number of A350 orders to 67. The future A350-fleet is intended to replace the aging A330-300, B777-200 and B777-300 on regional routes as well as the B777-200ER on long-haul routes.

The first aircraft were used for crew training on flights to Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta, before starting the first long-haul services to Amsterdam and Dusseldorf. Singapore Airlines plans to use the first batch of A350s for long-haul flights, the second batch for medium-haul routes within Asia / Australia and the third batch (A350-900ULR) for ultra-long-haul flights to Los Angeles and New York (USA). On October 14th, 2016, Singapore Airlines took delivery of the 10.000th Airbus aircraft. It was the 6th A350 to join SQ's fleet.

In a few years the A350 will be the backbone of Singapore Airlines' regional- and long-haul-fleet, together with the A380-800 and the B787-10. There are still 16 options for A350-900s left, which means that a further A350-900 order or -1000 convertion remains possible.


MSN 31, 9V-SMC in Singapore| © Dillon Chong

MSN 31, 9V-SMC in Singapore| © Christopher Ong

MSN 26, 9V-SMA in Amsterdam| © Tim van Donselaar

MSN 26, 9V-SMA in Amsterdam| © Tim van Donselaar

MSN 26, 9V-SMA Economy Class| © Dillon Chong

MSN 26, 9V-SMA | © Dillon Chong

MSN 26, 9V-SMA in Singapore| © Dillon Chong

MSN 26, 9V-SMA in Kuala Lumpur| © Dillon Chong

MSN 26, 9V-SMA in Hong Kong| © Johnson Wan

MSN 31, 9V-SMC in Toulouse| © Sébastien Mortier

MSN 26, 9V-SMA in Toulouse | © Sébastien Mortier