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Recent site-updates:
    25.10.2016: We have added some new MSNs (up to MSN230)
    04.09.2016: We added the THAI Airways routes and a calendar, with all the A350 activity                              of the month.
    08.08.2016: We added a few more links to microsites dedicated to the A350 from                                         Airlines around the world.
    07.08.2016: We modified the "Routes" spreadsheet: we added the IATA codes of the                                     A350 destinations.
    03.08.2016: We added five new Airlines Profiles (Lufthansa, Air Caraibes, Asiana Airlines,                              Azul and Delta Airlines) and removed the SriLankan Airline Profile as the                                     airline won't take delivery of this aircraft.
    03.07.2016: We have created a Facebook page, A359Production.
    02.07.2016: We added the Ethiopian Airlines routes. There is now an individual map in                                   Ethiopian Airlines' Airline Profile.
    01.06.2016: We added some individual route maps to the airline profiles
    27.05.2016: We added some useful links for you to look up

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Q: Do you have other similar websites for other Airbus/Boeing aircraft?
    A: Unfortunately, we don't have another similar website or production list for any other     aircraft. 

2. Q: Where can I find more info on every single A350 i.e. its name, livery, configuration or     lessor?
    A: You can find a spreadsheet with all the information about every single A350 in the         "Xtra-Info" tab.

3. Q: What does TAC mean?
     A: This abbreviation means Technical Acceptance Customer. 

4. Q: What does CAF mean?
     A: It means Customer Acceptance Flight. This/these flight(s) are done by the customer        to make sure that everything is working well and that the aircraft is ready to be                      accepted.

5. Q: Can I send you my A350 pictures?
     A: Of course, we would be delighted to show your pictures on our website! Therefore,         please contact us by sending an email to qna.a350production@gmail.com

Any other questions?