Welcome to the A2 STEAM Science Olympiad Team!

The 2020 Science Olympiad competition will take place on Saturday, May 9th @ Pioneer High School

Science Olympiad is an exciting competition for grades 2-5 where student teams participate in a variety of events involving subjects like engineering, math, biology, electronics, astronomy, programming, chemistry and more. Event teams are led by parent volunteer coaches. Science Olympiad is designed to foster critical thinking, cooperative learning and the transfer of conceptual knowledge to hands-on challenges. Science Olympiad is a fantastic fit for A2 STEAM given our emphasis on the sciences and project based learning.

This awesome event is made possible by an all-volunteer organization called Washtenaw Elementary Science Olympiad (WESO).

Student Sign-Up - Beginning January 8th, 2020

Please click on the link below to view the events and student sign-ups for each grade. Please note that your child can only participate in events for his/her grade. A description of events is available at the link above.

To sign-up, please email a2steam.weso@gmail.com with the following information:


  • If an event does not have a coach by February 17, 2020, that event will be cancelled. Please consider being a coach to maximize the opportunities for our students. See below for more info on coaching.
  • Each event has a maximum number of students who can compete on May 9th. More than this number can sign-up for an event and attend practice sessions at the discretion of the coach. If the maximum number is exceeded, the coach will select the students who will compete on May 9th based on their knowledge, attendance, behavior etc. This decision is usually made a week or two before the competition.
  • Practice session time/location/frequency is determined by the coach for each event. Typically these practice sessions take place after school, but some practice sessions may be held at other locations/times. Information on practice sessions is typically made available by February.


  • Each child is required to purchase a A2 STEAM Science Olympiad t-shirt if they do not already own one. This t-shirt must be worn on the day of the competition. Cost for the t-shirt is $6-$7 and will be collected in the April time-frame.
  • If you have concerns about this cost, please contact a2steam.weso@gmail.com.

Coaches Needed

In order to participate in an event, we need a parent volunteer to coach that event. To maximize the opportunities for our kids at A2 STEAM, please volunteer to coach an event. Coaching involves an hour of your time, 2-4 times a month, from February-May. Coaches decide the time, location and frequency of practice sessions. No prior experience is needed! WESO provides a ton of resources and assistance to coaches for all events and parents. A coaches workshop is also held by WESO in late January 2020. And not to mention, this is a very rewarding experience for coaches and kids alike! Please click on the link below to view the events and available coaching slots.

Coaches will need to complete a AAPS Vounteer Form. Please complete the form, write "Science Olympiad" at the top and turn in the form to the A2 STEAM office. If you have already completed the form this school year, please let me know and I will verify that you are all set. The form is available here:

If you would like to be a coach (or if you have questions), please send an email to a2steam.weso@gmail.com with your name and the event/grade(s) you would like to coach.

Volunteers Needed

Each school participating in Science Olympiad is required to provide a certain number of volunteers to help on the day of the competition. Volunteers sign up for 2-4 hour shifts involving simple tasks like helping set-up, directing children to their events, assisting with food/ticket sales etc. Based on the size of our school, we are required to provide ~35-40 volunteers each year.

If you are not coaching an event, it is expected that you volunteer for the day of the competition. Adult relatives are also welcome to volunteer on behalf of A2 STEAM.

If you would like to volunteer (or if you have questions), please send an email to a2steam.weso@gmail.com with your name and contact info.


Krista Takacs

Head Coach


Important: your child will be signed-up only after the above information and forms have been received. The deadline for sign-ups is February 17, 2020.