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Busstider and the future

posted Sep 8, 2010, 5:17 AM by Martin Mikkelborg Syvertsen
Recently the company that runs the busses in Trondheim changed from Team Trafikk to AtB. AtB are adding some more features to the information systems in that they have purchased a more advanced travel planner feature and they are buying a iPhone app for this system from Bouvet and DataGrafikk. So where does this put my open source and free "Busstider" app?

Well AtB has keept, for the time being at least, the Bussorakel service running and are, from what I can tell, updating the schedule information for that system. So as for now Busstider is working just fine. However the future is clearly in the more advanced travel planner so I would not be surprised if they at some time in the near future simply remove the Bussorakel service from their website and running services. This calls for a update of "Busstider".

I have sent a request to DataGrafikk for a dev key and API documenation for their generic XML API system that lies behind their travel planner. I have not recieved any answer to this request as of yet. The next possible solution is to create some form of fancy (read: tiresome) scraper service that acts as middelware for my Android app. Hopefully they will give me access and make the uppgrading of "Busstider" that much simpler for me.

In any case I strongly wish to continue development on "Busstider" and I really hope and believe this will be possible.