Cheapest Flights Within Europe

cheapest flights within europe
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  • A continent in the northern hemisphere, separated from Africa on the south by the Mediterranean Sea and from Asia on the east roughly by the Bosporus, the Caucasus Mountains, and the Ural Mountains. Europe contains approximately 10 percent of the world's population. It consists of the western part of the landmass of which Asia forms the eastern (and greater) part and includes the British Isles, Iceland, and most of the Mediterranean islands. Its recent history has been dominated by the decline of European states from their former colonial and economic preeminence, the emergence of the European Union among the wealthy democracies of western Europe, and the collapse of the Soviet Union with consequent changes of power in central and eastern Europe
  • the 2nd smallest continent (actually a vast peninsula of Eurasia); the British use `Europe' to refer to all of the continent except the British Isles
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Europe on a Shoestring: Big Trips on Small Budgets (Lonely Planet)
Europe on a Shoestring: Big Trips on Small Budgets (Lonely Planet)
For 20 years Lonely Planet has been the Europe expert. Whether you're soaking up history in Britain or sun in Spain, crossing the Arctic Cirle or cruising the Bosphorus, our 6th edition helps you uncover the continent.

Lonely Planet guides are written by experts who get to the heart of every destination they visit. This fully updated edition is packed with accurate, practical and honest advice, designed to give you the information you need to make the most of your trip.

In This Guide:

Detailed itineraries help you plan your perfect trip
Top coverage of art, architecture, nightlife and outdoor activities
Comprehensive transport information for easy travel

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Eurocopter EC120B Colibri, G-LHMS
Eurocopter EC120B Colibri, G-LHMS
nellycopter Join Date: Nov 2007 Location: doncaster. UK Posts: 72 EC120 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Do any of you fly the 120 ? i will be upgrading from my lovely little r44 raven 2 which has given me many happy flying hours to a ec120, are they as nice as everyone says ? maintenance say they are a doddle to work on (although there is the eurocopter parts / service which might not be the best) but other than that ??? nelly 10th Nov 2010, 13:18 #2 (permalink) CRAZYBROADSWORD Join Date: Aug 2004 Location: uk Posts: 127 having a number of hours on the EC 120 including G-LHMS I would avoid them at all cost's, they are great for 1 or 2 people to cruise around in but they struggle to get off the ground with 5 on board and that's out of an airfield you will not get out of a small private site with one if you are heavy. The servicing is not cheap you get a number of small services then a very expensive one so it works out the same as any other small turbine heli, except spare parts are a nightmare to get hold of. The one I look after recently spent 6 weeks on the ground waiting for spare parts. I would wait for the 66 to come out or look at a late model jetranger instead or if you can afford one a 350 CB 10th Nov 2010, 16:02 #3 (permalink) jemax Join Date: Aug 2004 Location: Shetland/Rutland Posts: 182 Have to disagree -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I never really had a performance problem with the 120, found them a very nice aircraft to fly, very comfortable with a good view for pax and a useful size boot and good and stable in strong/messy winds. There is however a big difference in weight between models. IIRC floats and VIP seats/soundproofing would add about 130kg versus and ex utility spec aircraft I used to fly which had seats added after original order. This equates to over an hours fuel or an extra person and a bit. So take a good look at the Gross Weight. Floats and bottles alone was, I think about 70kg. I was a big fan, used them for most purposes. Didn't go wrong much, but when they did EC could be slow with support. 10th Nov 2010, 18:34 #4 (permalink) John R81 Join Date: Jun 2008 Location: England & Scotland Age: 51 Posts: 365 I have run one for a couple of years. I hold R44 (trained on that) and EC120 ticket. I spent some months looking at everything from used jet-box, Hughes 500, an R44, an older single Squirrel. Did dream about an EC130 but it is sooooo ugly from the front. No comparison for me; I bought a 2000 EC120. I did fit floats (you can do this with pilot removable bags - extra 36kg fuel when you take them off. I needed these for commercial work over water but I would otherwise have left them off and saved the weight. The EC120 I have taken from South UK to the Scottish Highlands (and back) in a weekend - 4 adults and baggage. No-one complained getting out. And 5 people from South England to the Cholmondley Pagent of Power. I don't have a problem with power - just keep the weight within limits. Fantastic views from any seat (back of a jet ranger is pokey and a Hughes 500... need I say more?). It is a great aircraft; mine has been very dependable and easy to maintain. Smooth in flight, looks great, very popular with passengers (and me). It also attracts a good deal of commercial work - wedding transfers are very popular! I agree some have found EC slow with parts - touch wood it has not yet happened to me in a way that stopped the aircraft. And I have seen R44's taking significant cumulative hanger time; parts are faster but services take longer and you need parts more often. An old jet-box will also cost significantly more to service, I think, as would a Squirrel. You have to watch weight & balance on all machines. The EC120 does not have the power of a twin squirrel or an EC130 - but it doesn't have the cost to buy or service either. If the machine is right for what you wish to use her for then go for it. If you want "Hot / High / Heavy" then you need more money and a Squirrel, or you want a ..... etc.... etc.... etc. 10th Nov 2010, 18:36 #5 (permalink) Hughes500 Join Date: Aug 2000 Posts: 615 Quite frankly if you want to stay eurocopter get a gazelle ( EC120 was its replacement) Gazelle is faster doesnt have the w&B issue of the EC120 and will get off the ground with a good payload and way cheaper and looks better ! 10th Nov 2010, 21:23 #6 (permalink) HeliPilot1 Join Date: Jul 2009 Location: Canada Posts: 8 As a private pilot, you can do no better than the EC120. I don’t understand the love/hate relationship with this girl but I logged 300hrs over 2 years with nothing but fond memories. She is fast, smooth and sexy plus she had room for all of my wife’s stuff (oh yes, a lot of stuff). Being in Canada, Eurocopter was very responsive so I ca
What I'm Good At:
What I'm Good At:
34/365 Some people are amazing photographers. They routinely have pictures in Explore and get a ton of comments and favorites. I take snapshots. Photography really isn't a strong talent of mine. I'm a member of Flickr because I enjoy the creative community. While I appreciate comments and such, my photos are mostly here because it's an easy way to share them with friends and family. I've been thinking a lot this week about things I'm good at. What I bring to the table. And also about stuff I'm not really good at. Here are 3 of each: NOT GOOD: Patience is not a strong suit of mine. Not at all. Especially lately, when paired with high stress levels and a hair-trigger temper. I'm awful at underwater nav. (The only thing keeping me from an advanced rating in scuba. I haven't failed the course- I'm just too much of a chicken shit to even attempt it.) Come to think of it, most sorts of navigation are problematic. (The exception is the Boundary Waters canoe area... I've always just had a knack for navigation up there.) I'm also terrible at spatial relations. And math. And "angles n stuff". GOOD: I can cook a fabulous dinner for 2. Give me $20 to spend and an hour. I'll amaze you. Anything from Chinese to Italian to Thai to vegetarian to meat and potatos. I'm a treasure trove of useless information, and also THE trivial pursuit master. (Side note: I'll never forget "LancefreakingArmstrong", during an epic battle. Trust the cycling fanatic to get asked a question about good old Lance. I was just praying for questions about boxing (50/50 shot Jack Dempsey or Rocky Marciano) or mixed drinks (let's just say I know my way around a bar), usually my only hopes to get a Sports/Leisure question right...) But I digress... Finally, what I'm BEST at: Travel. On a shoestring. (cheap) On the fly. (spur-of-the-moment) The items you see in this picture are everything I need to go somewhere, for a day, a week, or even a month. One 22'' suitcase. My Duluth Pack rucksack for daily essentials. Name a destination. If I'm interested, I can get myself there, get around the city, find great places (non-touristy) to eat at, and sometimes even give directions to other travelers within a day of getting there. I generally pick a destination, give myself a couple of days to thumb through guidebooks and look at the internet, and then I'm off. Travel light, try to blend in, and learn a bit of the local language. It's always worked. (I've had this idea for a couple of days. The photo doesn't quite fit, as I'm returning home rather than setting out on a new adventure, but it's close enough...besides, I wasn't really up to snapping a picture at 1am before driving to MKE to fly out to DCA. The joy of standby travel- usually it's the 5am flight that's wide open...)

cheapest flights within europe
cheapest flights within europe
Last Look at Eden (incl. 2 bonus tracks)
Although notoriously famous for the hit single and album The Final Countdown , that generated sales exceeding 10 million units, Europe have always been far from being a one hit wonder name. Before the world-known hit single, the band had released two solid and respected Hard Rock albums ( Europe and Wings Of Tomorrow ), reflecting their love for pure hard music (Deep Purple, Think Lizzy, Led Zeppelin...). After the The Final Countdown album, Europe release two more coherent albums Out Of This World and Prisoners in Paradise - works that the true Hard Rock connoisseurs welcomed warmly for the great skill in songwriting and musicianship.

After a long split, the band felt the need to come back where they belonged and the two albums after the reunion Start From The Dark and Secret Society are pure Heavy Rock gems, proving everybody Europe are one of the best bands around carrying on the Hard Rock flag and not just the pretty boys from Sweden. Last Look At Eden makes it even clearer. A monumental album based on heavy guitar, great keyboard parts in the 70s Hard Rock tradition and Joey Tempest confirming his talent as one of the most gifted voices in Rock today. The songwriting is mature and there is no single filler on the album.

From the epic title track, to the melodic ballad New Love in Town , the album level is always on the top range. Not as extreme and rude as Secret Society , the new Europe album is the ultimate mix of all the great elements that made the Swedish band famous all over the world: tradition, energy, melody and an unique sound. One of the best Hard Rock albums of the year.. This time, we re taking some new directions with our songs, and we re exploring different styles. There is a definite classic rock vibe on some of the tracks... a tip of the hat to groovin , funkin 70s rock songs - but ones we have brought into the here and now. We ve also got a couple of great ballads in the pipeline, and some thundering rock tracks that will knock you on your asses!

We ve taken all the best qualities from our modern recordings, and catapulted them to a whole new level. (Europe)

Vocalist Joey Tempest: Last Look at Eden is more a Europe album than Secret Society and Start from the Dark - Last Look at Eden is a real Europe album. We had to make those two albums in order to do this.