Blueberry Gold Back Bond Purchase / PPP Program

(Application below Attached)
Blueberry Bonds for Placement into Trade:                                                           Submit to :
Blueberry bonds from the Central Bank of Mexico (Banco Central Mexicano) being entered into trade immediately. 1905 and 1908 series.
(No 1903s).
Each bond is traded at 125M face per week, for 40 weeks.
75M net weekly per bond is received by the client, with the remainder of the trade proceeds designated for required humanitarian green projects which are covered entirely by the platform.
Even as little as one Blueberry bond can be placed. More than one is encouraged and welcomed. 75M is received for each bond every week for 40 weeks, however many bonds are entered.
All arrangements for lodging of the bond for the trade will be enabled and handled by the platform.The paymaster is an attorney and funder who works out of HSBC, Hong Kong.
No TTM or SKR is needed.
Due to limited time availability, the package needs to be done correctly the first time. No bad quality, blurred photos, missing folio numbers, or digital signatures please. No "exclusivity letters to brokers." ; only the client's contact info on letterhead and CIS, etc.
A FULL and COMPLETE HISTORY of the bonds must be included, not something obscure. If they were purchased, then the purchase receipt must be included.Platform principals will engage client 48 hours after compliance is completed.
Time is of the essence.
Process - Monetization and trade.
When the bonds are Passco'd and the verification Pasco report of that is included and submitted in the owner's package, he/she then signs off on the genealogy and fee agreement.
Once that is done, the principals then provide the owner with the formal monetization contract.
The bonds will be placed up on Euroclear (which is why they need to be Pass-co'd).
All the associated expenses for the lodging of the bonds on screen, are covered by the investor group, and they are paid back after the monetization from the profits.
Once the bonds are up on Euroclear and monetized, the client receives initially 1% off of the total sum of the monetization amount, and the remainder is placed into the 40 week trading program, which is renewable every year.
The owner's bonds are sent in to a designated attorney's office in New York. (The N.Y. attorney is responsible for the required lodging of the client's bonds on the Euroclear screen).
First the client obtains and signs the monetization contract, then he receives the actual trade contract subsequently.