A1A TWIC Escort Jax Ports 770-864-0681 Ask for Cris

Shippers, Container Haulers, Car Haulers, Boat Haulers, Brokers and Any One Using Jax Ports for Shipping

Don't have A TWIC Call Us we can help. !No TWIC No Entry!
The Jacksonville Port Authority Facilities are designated RESTRICTED ACCESS AREAS. All Non-TWIC visitors MUST be under authorized Escort of a JAXPORT Credentialed TWIC holder at all times 33 CFR 105.255.
Escorting means Individuals without a TWIC may not enter restricted areas without having an individual who holds a TWIC as a side-by-side companion.
CDL Licensed and Professional Authorized Jax Port Security Escort


Charges apply and may vary according to load type and delivery time and or destinations.
!No TWIC No Entry!
Please contact Hoegh Autoliners and Ports of America for loads going to their teminal for a ride on TWIC Ecsort.
For all other loads on Jax Ports I can assist.
All Paper work i.e., Dock Reciepts, Titles, Shipping and or Booking number's with copies are required before processing.
Shippers, Brokers, and Drivers or Deliverers Please be advised this information is very important to the recieving company in order to get you processed in a expeditious order.
!Time is Money!
For more efficient services please call ahead to schedule your ETA.
Monday - Friday 7 am - 4 pm
Lunch hours 12 pm - 1 pm
Please Plan Loads Accordingly!
                                        Weekend hours vary on load type and Company Tenent on Port hours of operations.