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Update from first meeting

A10 Corridor Cycle Campaign:  Update  


1. Website: A temporary website collating material generated by the campaign has been created by Ian Driver, pending work with the Melbourn Village website to sit under their umbrella, which we feel would increase our visibility and local input. https://sites.google.com/site/a10corridorcycling/home 

Please visit the website and send your feedback via the contact email address link. 


2. Facebook: Ian has created a Facebook page which we can trial as a way of talking to each other:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/267181083413300/ 


3. Officer contact: Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire County Council officers are now in contact about our group’s aspirations. 


4. Trumpington Meadows link: Cambs County Council arranging a meeting for Jim Chisholm and Susan van de Ven to meet with Trumpington Meadows developer, to progress trigger date for Trumpington-Hauxton cycle path. 


5. Actual width of the Melbourn-Royston path has been revealed by pulling back the verge overgrowth on both sides. The original path is much wider than what exists today.  We’ve asked Highways to restore the width – there should be an obligation to maintain an existing asset so this may be a start to tackling the off-road path. 


6. New members:  People have been in contact since the launch meeting, interested in getting involved, thanks to media attention. 


Help needed: please let me know if you can help with any of these: 


Note taker for meetings: Can you help?  Simple is fine! 


Government funding pots: dedicated volunteers needed to investigate/pursue. 


Write to your parish and town councils asking for their support: While I’ve let parish councils in the area I represent know about the campaign, letter writing by you to your own parish councils, as members of the public, would have a strong impact.   If you can do this electronically then correspondence can be posted on our website. 


Thanks to Mario who has written to Melbourn Parish Council asking for their support on the Melbourn-Royston stretch.  Response awaited.  More letters to same council fine! 


May 19th Cycle Ride – Coordinating team needed: Two people have offered to help and it would be good to establish a small team to coordinate and deliver.  Ideas so far:  a variety of rides in the area to suit a variety of cyclists, picnic meeting point, high visibility A10 also ride needed.  Keep the public on our side which may mean sticking to off-road path. 


Date of next meeting: 12 March 7:30-9:00, Elin Way Meldreth (venue to be confirmed).  Updates from the different sub-groups and more scoping out of campaign structure. How’s the Royston Group progressing?  Etc. Costs: Shall we avoid hassles of bank account and have a collection pot to cover meeting room hire?  Elin Way Meldreth is the cheapest available I know at £5 per hour.  


Any other ideas? T-shirts, work streams, travel 4 work champion? Please feed them in. 




8 Febuary 2013