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Summer Reading Assignment:
For the 9th Grade Summer Reading Assignment please click here.


Solution Center:
Here you can find a number of resources to help you overcome issues that you may encounter throughout the year. The links on the sidebar are class specific homework and assignment pages. This is space will be used as a resource for students and parents throughout the year. Here you will find useful links and answers to questions about the writing process, MLA format, grammar issues and literary jargon.  


This companion reader is an extension of A-102 Online and has been created by the students of South Hunterdon for the students of South Hunterdon.  This cyber companion reader is designed to work as a study supplement and by no means should it be used as a substitute for reading the original.  While the information presented on this site is edited, it is the work of high school students and should be treated as such.


View the online version of the school literary magazine. All works are student-created, student-edited and student-published. 

Here you can find reviews of current and classic novels. All of the works on this page are student creations and do not necessarily express the views of the teacher or the school.
by Jane Austin
Review by Sarah Mundhenk