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 Prices Of Consumer Products, Medicines & Drugs in MEXICO!

How Much Will You Pay?

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A Question!? I've Waited for a Question?

"HOW much will I pay for prescriptions when


 I retire to Mexico?"

 Yep! You're right! This is SOME BIG QUESTION!  Let's just answer it and move on,

'Cause, GRINGO, we've got the answers to these questions, PLUS much more......!

But First, let's start with ...................

   AS a child you may have played a ‘vacation auto trip’ game called, “I’m moving to Alaska, and I’m going to take all my stuff in a Big suitcase. And in that suitcase I am going to pack……………..” (remember, must be an animal & in alphabetical order). Well, now you are moving to Mexico and taking all your stuff in several BIG  boxes.  Yep,  that is a whole bunch of stuff.  And how many Aardvarks will you need in Mexico?

   TOO many clothes!  That favorite wool coat, oh what a mistake!  Proof that you are not a criminal! Your insurance records. The dog, plus all his shot records. Strange that they don't require your shot records! A 3 month supply of your prescription drugs! Newly written prescriptions ‘just in case’ you need them! A copy of your prescription records from your pharmacist.  A copy of your recent / current medical records, minus X-Rays. And since you've got all your medical records together, now make a copy of them, store in a safe place, and put the copy in a folder (shadow chart) that you will take with you to physician visits and trips to the pharmacy. Keep this up to date and save your self a great deal of time and totally avoid the, "I can't find your chart," excuse.

   AND now, most important and always overlooked, is a rough idea of how much your prescriptions will cost in Mexico!  This is the tough one, 'cause now we are on a 'cash' basis. And most of us have had insurance pay for our drugs, so we have NO idea what the 'cash price' for a prescription might be!  And not only are the drug names usually different, what with the brand name’, plus the ‘generic name’, and something new to us called the ‘SIMILAR Drug’. Now while there is no legally binding "similar drug", in practice it   is a therapeutic equivalent and it may very well be a completely different drug than you hoped to get.  Look out for this frequent substitution made by the clerk at the farmacia!  The clerk that assures you that this ‘similar’ drug is exactly like the one ordered. (And they are out of stock now & they can still make a sale).  So this clerk assures and guarantees that this 'similar' drug is just like that one your doctor ordered,  well sorta!  Again, eyes open!  Know what you are supposed to purchase, and look at the label on this 'similar' item.  Even in Spanish, the generic names can usually be identified easily!   

NOTE: What possible value is there in looking at a long list of prices?

SIMPLE,just CLICK HERE to examine one such long list  Then you can just return to this spot!

   OVER the past four years, I have made inquiries of recent ‘expatriates’ seeking information about the cost of their prescriptions in their new home.  I understand that many feel this is very private information, an invasion of privacy, and I can almost understand why I have not got any worthwhile data. Zip, Nothing, NaDa! It may just be that none of us wishes to confess to paying too much!

    RECENTLY, and with the help of a few die-hard techno-computer geeks, I have come across a reliable source of current drug / prescription prices in Mexico.  This info is up-dated on a weekly basis, looks at the top 200+ items  sold in farmacias throughout Mexico, and clearly shows the high and the low prices in various cities of the country, as well as the name of the farmacia where the purchase was made. This information is NOT advertised in the local paper nor on the WEB.  It is collected by an agency of the Government of Mexico.  And it is verified! This is a VERY valuable source of information for some farmacias are consistently high in the price department.  Some so high as to qualify as Mortgage Bankers on Wall Street.  Well maybe not that high.

   ON the down side, the Brand and Generic Names of top Medicines in Mexico do not directly reflect the top 200 rx’s of Canada or the United States.  Also, the listed prices are for an exact quantity size of package.  This could be for 10 tablets, or 14 capsules, or 28 gel caps.  So before you think you’ve got a great deal, realize the quantity of pills will probably be much less than you are used to. 

   YES, the pharmacy system in Mexico is very different.  And, right, you don't need a written prescription to get most "Rx" items.  But you do miss out on having a pharmacist right there to assist you.  But this is the way it is, so we move on.  For the most part, drugs are packed in specific quantities per pack.  Take it or leave it!  So we NOB’s (North of the Border) must do some math to see if we are getting the 'right' quantity.  You know, do you have enough pills for the month?  As you become more familiar with the Rx system of Mexico, you will find that the more expensive an item, the fewer doses per package.  It just makes sense to offer a package size that is at least affordable.  Also, different chain farmacias charge very different amounts for the same thing.  Well, they can do that!

   THE price of a prescription varies around the world with the U.S.A. leading with the highest prices. In the United States and Canada, the average generic costs about $47 for a 1 month supply, and the brand name comes in at about $65 for the same 1 month supply.  And the average patient of about 60 years of age takes five (5) to seven (7) prescriptions a month. And the average couple , therefore, takes 10 to 14 prescriptions a month!

   WELL, I don’t know any average people, and that $47 to $65 range seems more like the average co-pay for the drugs I get in the States!  But using these numbers plus a survey of families over 60 years of age, puts the monthly ‘CASH’ price for prescriptions in the States at $1300 to $2489 a month. Remember, no prescription cards here in Mexico!  No 'revolving charge account' with the pharmacy / farmacia. No fancy deductibles that make you buy some off the wall generic drug!  You are paying CASH right on the spot! So, I think knowledge of how much you might pay for drugs in Mexico should be one of the most important pieces of information you can have!  This can be the difference between making ‘it’ and ‘not making it’, at least comfortably!  Remember, nothing is free.  However, the reduction in your prescription drug costs should make you very happy.

   DRUG prices in the Americas, as well as world-wide, are based on cost of living and per capita income, G.N.P., cost of goods, plus some weird Wall Street math to allow the purchase of more corporate jets. Well almost!  Now, if this were completely true our cash price for prescriptions in Mexico (as well as Chile) would be about 20% of the cash price in the United States (note: for rx's made in Mexico).  And the average cash price for brand name drugs would be equivalent to $13 U.S. dollars, as opposed to the $65 we have in the States now.   But…….
   MANY of you are fluent in Spanish, at least 'book' Spanish.  But are you really fluent in every day transactions.  Remember, your prescriptions will be priced in pesos, and the quantity / supply will be different from what you may be used to.  You are already getting a super discount just for being in Mexico, so many of us just accept the price and move on.  But is the price fair?
     FOR a brief discussion regarding the 'market' for pharmaceuticals and the pricing system, 'CLICK HERE ' >> introduction to mexico costs
   RECENTLY, a friend 'priced' prescriptions for Metformin 500mg and a quantity of 60 tablets.  He went to 3 different farmacias in the Chapala - Guadalajara area and received price estimates from each facility.  And here they are: (1) 30 pesos, (2) 55 pesos, (3) 300 pesos!  OUCH!!!  300 pesos?  WOW!  But, if you are new, a novice, that 300 pesos price can look pretty good.  After all, 300 pesos is only about $23 US Dollars!  Much cheaper than home in Tulsa or Chicago or even Baltimore. This is why you need to find the REAL prices charged to local residents.  And the real prices are what we have!
   SO, "what we have is a failure to communicate." Yes, the maximum allowed price per the Mexican Government is stamped on the package, usually.  What we need is knowledge and information about prescription drug prices.  And that is exactly what you will find on the attached August 2009 audit as well as the March 2009 audit.  No, not everything from the States and Canada is on the list. Remember this is a list by and for the citizens of Mexico.  But they let us use it!
   YOU will see, clearly, the pricing history of various farmacias.  Even without the exact price for your exact prescription, you now can make an informed choice regarding which farmacia will get your business.  A business that generally has the lowest prices is not going to single you out for high charges. And this is good business, good for you!
   REVIEW the data and compare to the experiences of you and your friends.  Are you being treated fairly?  Can you get the same drug for less somewhere else?  Can you get the drug for MUCH cheaper somewhere else?  I bet you will get your drugs for less than any 'mail order' + handling + postage + monthly membership! I bet you can save money on your prescription drug purchases by use of the data we provide!  It is one of those 'no brainer'  situations.
   And for drugs that are not, or will never be in the top 200 + drug purchases in Mexico, contact us with the drugs to add:
  Just send to the e-mail address: **(see below)
     "Communication Portal" "Click Here"
or (best idea), complete form below
or "click here" to go to form to send!
     "In the subject area, please insert the term, DRUG PRICES. We will attempt to incorporate your drugs in our files, or at least provide you with relevant information.  And we can expand the list of drugs with prices - it helps us all!  And also please note that this form of communication is our most useful and most used.  It is for adding drugs, clarifying sections, opinions, etc..  Please indicate in the SUBJECT Area, the purpose of your communication.  Thanks!  P.S.  We ask that you use this format for all communications.  We hope it works, 'cause it is cheaper & easier on us. Ta Da!  So, in the 'subject' line, please indicate the purpose of the e-mail.  Thanks!"
    DRUG companies, according to the Wharton School of Economics, add an additional markup of about 5% to the price for the consumer in Chile and Mexico.  Of course other things influence price and markup, but this 5% makes no logical sense, other than greed. And now we pay, on the average, 25% of the U.S.A. cash price.  So the average price has gone from $13 to $16.25.  Still a considerable cost savings for us.  A cost savings we certainly haven’t seen in Canada or the United States.

   EVEN though we are in Mexico, that doesn't mean we don't need to watch our money.  By becoming better informed, and sharing our information, we can control our drug purchasing dollars.  That's right, in Mexico your drug costs really are in your hands.  And  with more information, you can save money and  have a better, more meaningful retirement in your new home, Mexico!

    NOW, let's move on to the next page and look at several examples of the prices you will find in Mexico.  No, not all 3000 items in 34 cities!  No, not all 102,000 items! Just 'click' on the examples in column 'A', to the left, and review a sampling of just what price information we have to share with you. Oops! why, you ask, are only these 34 cities listed?  They have been selected and under commision by the Mexican Government.  It is the opinion of that agency that statistically valid data is found in the list audited.  Yes, it may well miss out on your vacation heaven, but the goal is to provide Mexican citizens with purchasing information and power.  We, expatriates, just sorta borrow the information!  Thank You Mexico!

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