How to know an Online Store is legitimate or they want to scam you ?

How to know an Online Store is legitimate or they want to scam you ?

Online shopping is convenient, easy, and quick, is a great way to find what you want and to save money. However, the Internet has unique risks, so it is important to take steps to protect yourself when shopping online. You have to know if an online store is legitimate or not? In this guide you will learn the tools needed to find out of an online retailer is good, or if they want to scam you.

  1. Determine the name of the store in question.
  2. Go to Better Business Bureau, or and and too.image image
  3. Enter the store name into where it says "Store Ratings" (see picture) and click "Find Ratings and Reviews"
  4. Once you have found the store, it will then show you the stores rating. There is a 6 month rating and a lifetime rating. The 6 month rating shows the average rating (on a scale of 1 to 10) the store got in the past 6 months. The lifetime rating shows the average rating the store got in its lifetime on See picture for an example

  5. If the store’s rating is low (somewhere between 0 and 5) then you may want to use caution when buying a product from them. Read the reviews to see what specifically people had problems with. Perhaps their issues will not apply to you

  6. It is highly recommended that you pay with a credit card, because if there is some issue

  7. If the store’s rating is good (at least 5) then the store is most likely legitimate. If you are still uncertain, Google the store’s name and see if anything suspicious comes up.

  8. If there are no store ratings then you will probably want to use Google to see if anyone else has some opinions about it.

  9. Remember to check the number of reviews. A single 10/10 review may have been written by someone from the store itself, and thus should not be trusted. Typically, the more reviews there are, the more reliable the ratings will be.

And you can see if it affiliated with any larger site like Yahoo, eBay or Amazon? Is there any sort of feedback area? If so, check it – and keep an eye out for what seems like fame feedback.