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Making Braided Rug

making braided rug
    braided rug
  • (Braided rugs) Braided rugs are made in several ways: tape, tubular, yarn and flat. Braided rugs are also called rag rugs because they could be made with many different materials, including whichever rags are lying around.
  • The braided rug was a staple in early, Colonial American culture. Settlers used scraps of clothing and other excess materials to make a floor covering that would provide warmth and protection for a particular home's inhabitants and guests.
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making braided rug - Manual on
Manual on Braided Rugs: Illustrated Braiding Instructions
Manual on Braided Rugs: Illustrated Braiding Instructions
This booklet is directed to all the individuals who have a sincere interest in braiding as a quality art and craft. As with many crafts, braiding allows each one to show his own personality, and as a result, all braided rugs are different and interesting. Topics covered include: Supplies needed, Figuring time and poundage, Picking material, Cutting material, Planning rug shape and size, Color planning, Color patterns, Definitions, How to braid, How to braid corners, Start of rug ("T" or Sore "Thumb"), Sewing hints, Continuous braid vs. butted rows, Adding a new piece of material, Color changes, Lacing, Tapering, Butting, Round rug, Oval rug, Square rug, Rectangular rug, Squares & stripes, Runners, Cleaning/repairing rugs, Dos & Don'ts.

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Braided rug
Braided rug
It's a first attempt: there are too many stitches showing, it won't lie flat, and there are all those little threads sticking out. But I will fix these next time, and make a bigger rug, too.
With a clipped accent
With a clipped accent
One article said not to roll your fabric into balls. You really should--it keeps the fabric close to you and easier to manage when this happens. What a wreak!

making braided rug
making braided rug
5' x 8' Oval Safavieh BRD308A-5OV Blue/Multi Color Handmade Chinese "Braided Collection" Rug
Introducing Safavieh's Braided Rug Collection. Hand made in China, the vibrant colors makes selecting this rug easy to match the decor in any room and are reversible to give excellent value.

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