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large rugs london
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Day 27-28
Day 27-28
DAY TWENTY SEVEN & TWENTY EIGHT Today's pic was taken by sarah, so if you comment, please do not compliment me. Another early rise, she plays happily on her lonesome for half hour then demands to be taken upstairs for milk, this is her hunger wail. The big ‘rug’ - a slice of carpet really; has been throw out, it lasted 6 months and cost ?54 from ‘World Of Carpet’ on the OKR, when we first got it we were going to whip it and round off the corners, but we quicly learnt that the rate of Carys’ desatruction, it would n’t last as long as a year. We were wrong it lasted 6 months, the estate agent made us take it up when he came ‘round the flat to take photographs of the shiny oak flooring. Engineered wood is halfway between solid wood flooring and veneer flooring, it works a bit like a Custard Slice, where the top layer is some showy oak or bamboo, and the bottom two thirds is boring old MDF, or ply. The two layers are glued together nicely, and somehow they lay it without the need of nails, I think it’s all wedged in, but not sure. Carys quickly develops a funky new mode of travelling around on it, she slides on her tummy backwards everywhere that suits her, does this mean the end of walking. I hope she doesn’t perform this on shiny shopping centre floors, or even the grimy pavements of Peckham. Every time Carys & I leave the flat, she waves goodbye to it, even when nobody is in the room, how can I teach her that you only wave goodbye to people? As I descend the stairs I find myself tightening my belt, I have lost weight! Through no effort of my own, just from being active and my feet all day long, and eating healthier. Certainly an unplanned-for perk of fatherhood! We head off for Adanna’s one year birthday party nearby, Sheena is Adanna’s mum and is friends with Sarah, they met in a pre-natal class, we arrive and it’s raining, so the garden is closed, a large spread is laid on, yippee I love grazing on goodies, jelly, swiss rolls, chocco fingers, cheese n biscuits, olives, crisps, but sadly no blancmange! Loads of mini families turn up, the place is heaving, by the time the birthday cake is cut, the room is heaving. A stocky musclebound man blocks Carys’ good view of the cake cutting ceremony, so she yanks his arm, to send him packing into a less advantageous viewing line, he turns around quickly, I fear that he will have an aggressive look on his face, but no he laughs out loud. Phew! I don’t think Carys realises that if someone is ten times your body weight, then you must always give them the benefit of the doubt, in all matters and dealings. Carys raids the buffet and devours a caramel choc slice in record time, we give her very healthy food, and so any chance for her to nab junk food is relished, but I reckon she’ll be food rebel when she leaves home, just like was when I moved to London at 19, all I did was eat fresh meat and vegetables for years. Carys scampers over in her drunkard walk to a random lady, crawls up onto her and puts her head on her shoulder for 10 seconds. I cannot find my mobile phone, two hours later I find it in the laundry basket, perhaps I threw it in there by mistake, perhaps it jumped in there all by itself. A couple in their late twenties come round to view the flat with estate agents main flunky Tyrone, the estate agent didn’t confirm to me - as promised, that they would show up, I try to sell them the house in my pyjamas as the flunkster agent seems a tad half witted, probably more a quarter-wit. I have a shower and somehow all the armpit hair in my left cavity is matted, this is painful to un-matt, I’ve never had matted armpit hair in my life, is it a contagious disease? Is it a devil child at work?
Luis Drayton - 22/11/10
Luis Drayton - 22/11/10
Now I'm off (and with every intention of staying off), here I go public... On the 20th November, my wife Pauline and I came off heroin after a 13 year addiction - thankfully, we've got a private income, so we've never suffered, but we've had such a bad drought in London recently, that we had no choice but to stop (a turn of events I'm now extremely grateful for)... Anyway, fearing a five-day cold turkey of unimaginable proportions, I bought two large bottles of Benylin (cough mixture with powerful knock-out properties)... Pauline followed the instructions and drank the reccommended dose - 2 teaspoonfuls - and went to bed where she endured a mild (but still nasty) withdrawal that two weeks later she's still getting over... I, however, drank my entire bottle of Benylin (definitely NOT recommended by the makers), followed it up with a litre of Irish Cream (vol 18.5%) and a bunch of valiums - and the following twelve hours remain a blur... Apparently, I went to bed, but five minutes later I felt the need to get up for a piss - a procedure which involved banging both my knees against the bedposts (and everything else in the vicinity), walking straight into the closed door of my bedroom, somehow opening it, walking straight into the doorframe - then, once I was out in the hallway, walking right past the bathroom and into the living room, colliding with and knocking over everything in sight and frequently falling flat on my face (loud yells of pain)... This plus the fact I was stark naked... This little routine was repeated about three or four times - and even when (having failed to find the bathroom) I finally returned to bed, I succeeded in repeatedly falling out! Eventually, I must've decided I didn't wanna risk another death-defying excursion to the bathroom, so I tried pissing in a bottle - but the pressure created by my attempts to piss meant I unleashed a hideously large splat of diarrhea onto the rug! Cleaned it up as best I could, dumped the detritus in a nearby wastepaper basket (which immediately began belching out clouds of toxic smoke) and resolved to use the bathroom in future, come what may... But then the very same thing happened twice more due to a coupla inadvertent farts (unfortunate rug the recipient on each occasion)... :D Disposed of the "refuse" in the same manner as before, and went to bed... The room, by this time, resembled one of those smoke alarm adverts (upper half of the room filled with an acrid, black fog, beneath which, I slept the sleep of the dead - while continuing to fall out of bed at regular intervals)... Amazingly, though, I woke up the next morning feeling absolutely fine except for the fact I'd succeeded in breaking my face.... :D I can only guess that the gear must've been getting so weak over the past month, that my tolerance was by that point extremely low, plus it seems I succeeded in literally KOing the withdrawal symptoms outta my body! Anyway, above is my broken face (a small price to pay for complete avoidance of heroin withdrawal)... Photo: Luis Drayton; 22/11/10. Note: it's now 09/12/10, and though she's feeling better, Pauline's been having tremendous difficulty getting her sleep pattern back! Fortunately, our new GP (a very clued-in guy) has been kind enough to give us everything we need, and now we can both sleep, so that those last few feet out of the woods should be that much easier... :) Oh, and it's only just occurred to me that in mixing a sh*tload of vallies and a sh*tload of alcohol, I was setting myself up for respiratory arrest! :p Always remember, kids, be careful when mixing pills and alcohol...

large rugs london
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