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For Teachers!

I spend way too much time finding online resources not to share them. So here is where you'll find links and resources and articles about teaching and education and that you can use in your classroom. 
I (re)tweet about education and literacy and technology here: @MrPirkl

My favorite Education/Tech Sites
  1. Free Technology for Teachers (blog)
  2. The Nerdy Teacher (blog)
  3. The Tech Curve (blog)
  4. Edutopia (site)
  5. ReadWriteThink (site)

  1. Find authors similar to the ones you already like.
  2. readitlovedit.com: Free & independent website, helping boys & girls aged 10-16+ consistently find great books to read & love. 
  3. 50 Banned books
  4. 25 books to read before you are 25
  5. Dr. Seuss' Oh The Places You'll Go
  6. EVEN MORE Books for Boyshttp://bit.ly/blz6wf
  7. Can you read this?

  1. My word of the day page
  2. Cool Visual Thesaurus 1
  3. Cool Visual Thesaurus 2
  4. Grammar Girl Podcasts of grammar lessons.
  5. 10 words for bodily functions that sound worst then they actually are.

    1. Visual News site 
    2. SAT Question of the Day
    3. Wikipedia alternatives
    4. The Browser - a news site
My Twitter Feed:

    1. Rules for writing - A list of rules in which the rule being described is broken.
    2. A Writer’s Guide To Destroying The World
    3. 56 'best' analogies - could they be less descriptive?
    4. Fun examples of Similes and Metaphors

    FOR FUN: 
    1. How much caffeine will kill you? Put in your weight and pick your favorite caffeinated beverage and find out.
    2. Tone Matrix - a very cool visual music maker.
    3. Daft Punk video that someone made that is very cool. Get through the into until the lyrics start (@50seconds).
    4. Einstein or Marilyn Monroe? - both! check it out