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Urban Baby

urban baby
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urban baby - Urban Baby
Urban Baby Bonnet Minerva ModBonnet Multi, 18 Months-3T
Urban Baby Bonnet Minerva ModBonnet Multi, 18 Months-3T
Then the ub2 urban baby bonnet is for you. Often imitated but never duplicated in style, functionality, fabrics, design, or craftsmanship, the ub2 bonnets are cool, fun, funky, functional, super-cute and distinctively original. They’re a postmodern twist on an heirloom classic. Ub2’s unique design protects your little one from sun, wind, and rain in style. Our totally reversible bonnets feature a seamed brim, which allows you to fold back as much or as little of the brim as you like. The wide brim also allows discrete breastfeeding, and ub2 bonnets work beautifully in front or rear facing baby carriers unlike most baby hats. The bonnets fasten snugly under baby’s chin using an adjustable snap closure that allows flexibility with sizing and a comfortable, custom fit. Our bonnets are made using ultra-hip, modern fabrics; our unique fabric combinations are part of our trademark specialty. All ub2 modbonnets feature easy-care 100% cotton. With hip and modern fabric combinations for boys and girls, your ub2 is guaranteed to grab everyone’s attention people will (literally) stop you on the street to ask where you’ve purchased such an adorable hat. Designed by a mom, the bonnets have been rigorously kid-tested and mother approved. We’re proud to say that we’re dedicated to quality actually, we’re crazy about it. Each and every piece is double-checked individually and by hand. You can be sure that your urban baby bonnet will become an heirloom treasure to pass on to the next generation. Ub2 is a woman-owned company and all of our products are handmade in the usa in ohio, to be exact. We are committed to domestic production, social equity, and environmental sustainability. You’ll see these commitments in our manufacturing practices, our support of work-at-home women, and in our use of organic fabrics and minimal, environmentally responsible packaging. We hope you love your ub2.

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1907 - Bullet Baby
1907 - Bullet Baby
Baby wearing a bullet around his neck. Could this be one of those legendary "Bullet Babies"? (Divided back photo postcard by Mossholder, Shelby, O.) From: THE AMERICAN MEDICAL WEEKLY, 1(19):233-234 (Nov. 7, 1874) ATTENTION GYNAECOLOGISTS!–NOTES FROM THE DIARY OF A FIELD AND HOSPITAL SURGEON, C.S.A. by L.G. Capers, M.D., Vicksburg, Miss. How common it is now-a-days, and how natural, too, for men to tell wonderful stories about "the war"; their desperate charges; hair-breadth escapes; numbers who have fallen victims to their feats of personal valor, etc., etc. Then every surgeon has performed any number of wonderful operations before unheard of in the annals of surgery! Until the present moment, I have refrained from bringing before the public, and more particularly the Profession, any of my daring exploits or remarkable surgical procedures; and even now I feel a delicacy in offering the remarkable case, the relation of which is prompted only by a sense of duty to my professional brethren. Doubtless many will pronounce the facts to be presently related as unusual or impossible; to such I need only say, if not, why not? Here are the proofs: On the 12th day of May, 1863, the battle of R. was fought. Gen. G.’s brigade met the advance of Grant’s army, under Gen. L., about one mile from the village of R. About three hundred yards in rear of my regiment was situated a fine residence, the occupants being a matron, her two daughters, and servants (the host being absent in another army). About 3 o’clock P.M., when the battle was raging most furiously, the above-mentioned lady and her two daughters (aged respectively fifteen and seventeen), filled with interest and enthusiasm, stood bravely in front of their homestead, ready and eager to minister to their wounded countrymen whould they fall in the dreadful fray. Our men were fighting nobly, but pressed by superior numbers, had gradually fallen back to within one hundred and fifty yards of the house. My position being near my regiment, suddenly I beheld a noble, gallant young friend staggering closer, and then fall to the earth. In the same moment a piercing scream from the house reached my ear! I was soon by the side of the young man, and, upon examination, found a compound fracture, with extensive comminution of the left tibia; the ball having ricocheted from these parts, and, in its onward flight, passed through the scrotum, carrying away the left testicle. Scarcely had I finished dressing the wounds of this poor fellow, when the estimable matron came running to me in the greatest distress, begging me to go to one of her daughters, who, she informed me, had been badly wounded a few minutes before. Hastening to the house, I found that the eldest of the young ladies had indeed received a most serious wound. A minnie ball had penetrated the left abdominal parietes, about midway between the umbilicus and anterior spinal process of the ileum, and was lost in the abdominal cavity, leaving a ragged wound behind. Believing there was little or no hope of her recovery, I had only time to prescribe an anodyne, when our army fell back, leaving both field and village in the hands of the enemy. Having remained with my wounded at the village of R., I had the opportunity of visiting the young lady the next day, and, interruptedly, for a period of nearly two months, at the end of which time she had entirely recovered, with no untoward symptoms during treatment; save a severe peritonitis, she seemed as well as ever! About six months after her recovery, the movements of our army brought me again to the village of R., and I was again sent for to see the young lady. She appeared in excellent health and spirits, but her abdomen had become enormously enlarged, so much so as to resemble pregnancy at the seventh or eighth month. Indeed, had I not known the family and the facts of the abdominal wound, I should have so pronounced the case. Under the above circumstances, I failed to give a positive diagnosis, determining to keep the case under surveillance. This I did. Just two hundred and seventy-eight days from the date of the receipt of the wound by the minnie ball, I delivered this same young lady of a fine boy, weighing eight pounds. I was not very much surprised; but imagine the surprise and mortification of the young lady herself, her entire family. This can be better imagined than described. Although I found the hymen intact in my examination before delivery, I gave no credence to the earnest and oft-repeated assertions of the young lady of her innocence and virgin purity. About three weeks from the date of this remarkable birth, I was called to see the child, the grandmother insisting there was "something wrong about the genitals." Examination revealed an enlarged, swollen, sensitive scrotum, containing on the right side a hard, roughened substance, evidently foreign. I decided upon operating for its removal at once, and in so doing, extra
Baby from Mutate Britain
Baby from Mutate Britain
This photo was taken just before I joined the small London Flickr meet-up organised at Portobello Market. This baby is an outdoor sculpture part of Mutate Britain. - - - - - © Patrick Mayon - All rights reserved - Comments and critics welcome. Group invitations with graphics deleted.

urban baby
urban baby
Casio Women's BG1302-8 Baby-G Urban Style Shock-Resistant Jelly Watch
For a look that's simply you, this Casio Women's Baby-G Urban Style Shock-Resistant Jelly Watch #BG1302-8 features a digital-gray dial face, which is encased in a sturdy mineral dial window. An easy-to-read time-display format and handy day and date calendar ensure your time-telling convenience, and a pink accent brings a flirty touch. A clear resin band provides a modern touch and comes equipped with a sturdy, buckle-clasp closure. Other details include a stationary stainless steel bezel and 37.2-millimeter resin case. Chic and trendy, this charming timepiece showcases your sassy style. Powered by digital-quartz movement, this watch is water resistant up to 330 feet.

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