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baby maker what will
    baby maker
  • The Baby Maker (1970) is a film directed and co-written by James Bridges and released by Twentieth Century Fox.
  • (Baby making) Sexual intercourse, also known as copulation or coitus, commonly refers to the act in which the male reproductive organ enters the female reproductive tract. Britannica entry. The two entities may be of opposite sexes, or they may be hermaphroditic, as is the case with snails.
baby maker what will - KitchenAid FVSFGA
KitchenAid FVSFGA Fruit/Vegetable Strainer and Food Grinder for Stand Mixers
KitchenAid FVSFGA Fruit/Vegetable Strainer and Food Grinder for Stand Mixers
Quickly and easily strain fresh fruits and vegetables, grind fresh or cooked meat, and so much more with this combination of the fruit and vegetable strainer and food grinder attachment.

These two accessories, which may be used with all KitchenAid household stand mixers, turn many tough kitchen chores into walks in the park. The strainer, for example, converts cooked apples and pears into sauces for preserving or immediate consumption. Freezer jams are a snap; so is fresh tomato sauce. Baby foods can be made in quantity and frozen. The grinder is equally versatile--think chuck or turkey for fresh hamburgers; Parmesan for pasta or cheddar for quesadillas; peppers, onions, and tomatoes for salsa; apples for chunky sauce. The grinder has two plates, coarse and fine, the latter of which converts stale bread into crumbs in a jiffy. Both strainer and grinder assemble and disassemble quickly and easily without tools, and most parts are dishwasher-safe. --Fred Brack

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Gargantua & the Abbey of Thélème ('Free Will')
Gargantua & the Abbey of Thélème ('Free Will')
View Large Sir Thomas Urquhart (seen in the portrait above) translated Rabelais's peerless, truly radical works into rip-roaring, snorting, combustible, immensely inventive & playful English, & published 2 volumes in 1653, plus a 3rd vol. in 1693. I have the 1st two vols., published by H.G. Bohn (London) in 1849 & 1851 respectively, in my private library. Here, in its entirety, is what Gargantua ordered be written on the great gate of the Abbey of Theleme - that is, of Free Will - where the sole law is Do What Thou Wilt: The inscription set upon the great gate of Theleme. Here enter not vile bigots, hypocrites, Externally devoted apes, base snites, Puffed-up, wry-necked beasts, worse than the Huns, Or Ostrogoths, forerunners of baboons: Cursed snakes, dissembled varlets, seeming sancts, Slipshod caffards, beggars pretending wants, Fat chuffcats, smell-feast knockers, doltish gulls, Out-strouting cluster-fists, contentious bulls, Fomenters of divisions and debates, Elsewhere, not here, make sale of your deceits. Your filthy trumperies Stuffed with pernicious lies (Not worth a bubble), Would do but trouble Our earthly paradise, Your filthy trumperies. Here enter not attorneys, barristers, Nor bridle-champing law-practitioners: Clerks, commissaries, scribes, nor pharisees, Wilful disturbers of the people’s ease: Judges, destroyers, with an unjust breath, Of honest men, like dogs, even unto death. Your salary is at the gibbet-foot: Go drink there! for we do not here fly out On those excessive courses, which may draw A waiting on your courts by suits in law. Lawsuits, debates, and wrangling Hence are exiled, and jangling. Here we are very Frolic and merry, And free from all entangling, Lawsuits, debates, and wrangling. Here enter not base pinching usurers, Pelf-lickers, everlasting gatherers, Gold-graspers, coin-gripers, gulpers of mists, Niggish deformed sots, who, though your chests Vast sums of money should to you afford, Would ne’ertheless add more unto that hoard, And yet not be content,—you clunchfist dastards, Insatiable fiends, and Pluto’s bastards, Greedy devourers, chichy sneakbill rogues, Hell-mastiffs gnaw your bones, you ravenous dogs. You beastly-looking fellows, Reason doth plainly tell us That we should not To you allot Room here, but at the gallows, You beastly-looking fellows. Here enter not fond makers of demurs In love adventures, peevish, jealous curs, Sad pensive dotards, raisers of garboils, Hags, goblins, ghosts, firebrands of household broils, Nor drunkards, liars, cowards, cheaters, clowns, Thieves, cannibals, faces o’ercast with frowns, Nor lazy slugs, envious, covetous, Nor blockish, cruel, nor too credulous,— Here mangy, pocky folks shall have no place, No ugly lusks, nor persons of disgrace. Grace, honour, praise, delight, Here sojourn day and night. Sound bodies lined With a good mind, Do here pursue with might Grace, honour, praise, delight. Here enter you, and welcome from our hearts, All noble sparks, endowed with gallant parts. This is the glorious place, which bravely shall Afford wherewith to entertain you all. Were you a thousand, here you shall not want For anything; for what you’ll ask we’ll grant. Stay here, you lively, jovial, handsome, brisk, Gay, witty, frolic, cheerful, merry, frisk, Spruce, jocund, courteous, furtherers of trades, And, in a word, all worthy gentle blades. Blades of heroic breasts Shall taste here of the feasts, Both privily And civilly Of the celestial guests, Blades of heroic breasts. Here enter you, pure, honest, faithful, true Expounders of the Scriptures old and new. Whose glosses do not blind our reason, but Make it to see the clearer, and who shut Its passages from hatred, avarice, Pride, factions, covenants, and all sort of vice. Come, settle here a charitable faith, Which neighbourly affection nourisheth. And whose light chaseth all corrupters hence, Of the blest word, from the aforesaid sense. The holy sacred Word, May it always afford T’ us all in common, Both man and woman, A spiritual shield and sword, The holy sacred Word. Here enter you all ladies of high birth, Delicious, stately, charming, full of mirth, Ingenious, lovely, miniard, proper, fair, Magnetic, graceful, splendid, pleasant, rare, Obliging, sprightly, virtuous, young, solacious, Kind, neat, quick, feat, bright, compt, ripe, choice, dear, precious. Alluring, courtly, comely, fine, complete, Wise, personable, ravishing, and sweet, Come joys enjoy. The Lord celestial Hath given enough wherewith to please us all. Gold give us, God forgive us, And from all woes relieve us; That we the treasure May reap of pleasure, And shun whate’er is grievous, Gold give us, God forgive us. • HERE below, dear friends, you may read the whole of Sir Urquhart's thrilling translation of Rabelais's "Gargantua and Pantagruel" - be warned, you will find no simpering valorization of ignorance, insanity, stultifying religion, sexual abstemiousness or financial po
Baby George.
Baby George.
What can I say. More of the same.But all these people will have to meet their maker one of these days, and then perhaps they will be shown the error of their ways, if not before.

baby maker what will
baby maker what will
Cuisinart DLC-1SS Mini-Prep Processor, Brushed Stainless Steel
Occupies minimum counter space yet offers major advantages: more power than other choppers, 2-speed operation, and large 21-ounce capacity. Reversible blade. Chops or grinds. Includes 21-ounce work bowl, work bowl cover, and spatula. High and low speeds.

The Cuisinart Mini-Prep food processor stands 8 inches tall and just over 4 inches wide, but don't let the size fool you. The base houses a motor so powerful that you need to stabilize it with one hand when using the high setting to whip up a strawberry-banana smoothie for one in less than a minute. The clear plastic prep bowl locks into place with a simple twist, while the blades can be set sharp side up for chopping onions or grating Parmesan cheese, or turned blunt side up for making walnut pesto or whipping up chocolate frosting. The set includes a spatula and a cleaning brush to remove coffee grounds.
For best results, cut ingredients into small, even pieces--about 1/2-inch square or so works well. In general, use the sharp-edge approach for low speed and the blunt side of the blades for high speed. If you need to run the motor for longer than one minute, pause and begin again. The bowl, cover, and blade assembly can all be run through the dishwasher, but watch your fingers when dissembling the machine, as the blades are extremely sharp. --Irene Svete

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