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Car Shade Cover

car shade cover
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car shade cover - Nissan 350Z
Nissan 350Z DuPont Tyvek PopTop Sun Shade, Interior, Cockpit, Car Cover. For Both Coupe and Convertible Models - SEMA SHOW NEW PRODUCT AWARD WINNER
Nissan 350Z DuPont Tyvek PopTop Sun Shade, Interior, Cockpit, Car Cover. For Both Coupe and Convertible Models - SEMA SHOW NEW PRODUCT AWARD WINNER
More protection than a sun shade, less hassle than a car cover. Protect your vehicle when Parked at WORK, at HOME, the MALL, the AIRPORT, or anywhere under the Sun. The California PopTop is an Innovative Sun Shading Product that covers all the windows of your vehicle. It keeps your interior near the same temperature as the outside air---even if your vehicle has been baking in the sun all day! It's as if you parked in a garage! It's also ideal for keeping overnight dew, frost and snow off your windows during those non-summer months. The California PopTop has a patented fastening system that firmly attaches the PopTop to the vehicle without using a series of 6 to 8 straps and hooks. It's ergonomically designed for ease of use.

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AMI Style, AMI Com, AMI Tec Leipzig 2011 - VW Polo 86C 2F Steilheck Tuning Car
AMI Style, AMI Com, AMI Tec Leipzig 2011 - VW Polo 86C 2F Steilheck Tuning Car
Text der Schautafel: Baujahr: 1993 Leihgeber: Michael Fichtner, Oschatz Besonderheiten Motorraum: Es fand ein Motorumbau vom originalen 1,05l (45 PS) auf 1,4L G40 mit G60 Lader statt; die Leistung wurde damit auf 190 PS gesteigert. Der sonderangefertigte Wasserkuhler ist aus Messing, die Wasserleitungen sind aus Edelstahl. Der Motorraum ist gecleant, lackiert und mit Pinstripes und Blattgold versehen. Verschiedene Motorenteile sind lackiert, der Ventildeckel verchromt und die Anbauteile poliert. Sonstige Besonderheiten zum Fahrzeug: Das Auto befindet sich seit 2002 im Besitz von Michael Fichtner und wurde seitdem mehrfach auseinander- und umgebaut. Das Fahrzeug besitzt eine Sonderlackierung, worin 23 Karat Gold und Echtsilber verarbeitet wurden. Jede Linie ist au?erdem traditionell handliniert. Es wurden Sonderfarbtone und -lacke, sowie fluoreszierende Farben verwendet, welche bei Dunkelheit leuchten. Au?erdem befinden sich auf dem Fahrzeug drei verschiedene Blautone in unterschiedlichen Farbtonabstufungen. Die Felgen sind in Echtsilber. Das Lenkrad ist ein Eigenbau - der Zeitaufwand lag dort bei knapp 130 Stunden. Das Fahrzeug gewann bereits verschiedene Preise: 1. Platz - Show und Shine, Polo 2F, VW Blasen 2009 1. Platz - Show und Shine, Polo 2F, VW Pfingsttreffen 2009 Auto der Woche auf im Jahr 2010 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Text display: Year of construction: 1993 Lender: Michael Fichtner, Oschatz Specialties engine compartment: An engine conversion of the original 1, 05 l (45 PS) at F1.4l G40 with G60 was held loader; the power was increased to 190 HP. The special designed water cooler is made of brass, the water pipes are made of stainless steel. The engine compartment is gecleant, painted with pinstripes and gold leaf. Various engine parts are painted, chromed valve covers and polished the attachments. Other specialties to the vehicle: The car is in the possession of Michael Fichtner since 2002 and auseinander since then several times and was converted. The vehicle has a special paint which processed 23 carat gold and Truesilver. Each line is also traditionally hand lined. It used special colours and varnishes, as well as fluorescent colours which glow in the dark. Three different shades of blue are also on the vehicle in different tonal gradations. The wheels are in Truesilver. The steering wheel is a self made - the time it was there at about 130 hours. The vehicle won several awards: 1St place - show and shine, Polo 2F, VW bubbles 2009 1St place - show and shine, Polo 2F, VW Pfingsttreffen 2009 Car of the week at Vau in 2010 (translated with bing translator)
Smart Shade in uae
Smart Shade in uae
Smart Shade -Short Specifications Smart Shade Structure Aluminum Structure Stainless Steel Accessories Foundation Output foundations Roof Cover Fabric PVC / HDPE, we can use both for roof cover Smart Shade Installation Revolutionary “Smart Shade” is very easy to install & uninstall. Easy replacement of any accessories or parts without making any kind of changes on structure Output foundations Smart Shade Use Car Park Shade Waiting Area Shade Walkway Shade Outdoor Shade Open Restaurant Shade Please do not hide to ask any further query regarding for Smart Shade. With Thank Ganpat Yadav Sales / Marketing Mob. No. 055 4972451 M/S, Bait Al Nokhada Tents & Shade Phone No. 02 5545580 Fax No. 02 5545582 E-

car shade cover