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Electric Carpet Sweepers

electric carpet sweepers
    electric carpet
  • The electric carpet is the archetypical example of device used in hazing, and has been, at least popularly, associated with Freemasonry. It is a mat through which electric current can be run and people are forced to stand or walk on it.
  • A person or device that cleans a floor or road by sweeping
  • A small nocturnal shoaling fish of reefs and coastal waters, occurring chiefly in the tropical Indo-Pacific
  • (sweeper) an employee who sweeps (floors or streets etc.)
  • carpet sweeper: a cleaning implement with revolving brushes that pick up dirt as the implement is pushed over a carpet
  • (sweeper) little-known nocturnal fish of warm shallow seas with an oblong compressed body
electric carpet sweepers - Rugbuddy 370
Rugbuddy 370 Under Rug Space Heater, 5' X 7'
Rugbuddy 370 Under Rug Space Heater, 5' X 7'
The Speedheat® Electric Radiant Heating Panel for under area rugs is a perfect solution for any cold space. RugBuddyTM plugs directly into a standard wall outlet and is protected by a GFCI plug, making it 100% safe. Heater is even waterproof! Speedheat's patented heating technology is less than 1/16th of an inch thick, so the only thing felt under foot is luxurious warmth. Radiant Floor Heating Systems can cost thousands of dollars and are usually only available to those that are replacing their flooring. With Speedheat, anyone can have electric radiant heating for a mere fraction of the cost. Plus, RugBuddy only costs 3-4 cents per hour to operate, making it the most cost effective solution for any cold space with NO EMF/EMR!

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Oily Bird
Oily Bird
Crackin bit of design and well worth the paltry ?1 i spent on this. Dunno how much 1'6 is in decimal money. 'Flip the beak - stop the squeak! Tip the beak - it can't leak!' Ideal for lubricating : Bicycles Carpet Sweepers Cars Castors Clasps Clippers Clocks Cots Curtain Rails Door Knobs Doors Electric motors Fans Fishing reels Gardening tools Guns High-chairs Jack-knives Latches Lawnmowers Locks Motor-cycles Movie projectors Playpens Pliers Prams Roller skates Rollers Scissors Scooters Sewing machines Shavers Shopping carts Skis Springs Table flaps Tea trolleys Tennis presses Toys Typewriters Vacuum cleaners Washing machines Wheelbarrows Window catches Windscreen wipers Wrenches Wringers
My Valentines present from Fluffy: A carpet sweeper!
My Valentines present from Fluffy: A carpet sweeper!
I bought Fluffy a beautiful card for Valentines day with "Husband" on it. Guess what he got for me as a surprise? NOTHING! No card or flowers so next year I shall send myself a card and some roses with a tag: To Ed love always from Ed"...but it doesnt matter...his Love for me is enough to have to buy me anything. Having said that , during the week he made up for lost time and bought me this carpet sweeper.

electric carpet sweepers
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