9 foot round rugs : Best high traffic carpet

9 Foot Round Rugs

9 foot round rugs
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Day 206: Itchy feet
Day 206: Itchy feet
So. This is my footprint. A print of all the places I have stepped foot in [quite literally]. It's not that many places. But it's still places I've been. I hope to travel to more places, so I can get it stamped on the bottom of my feet. But at the moment it's only a few places. But for a 22 year old today, it seems like I'm not that well-traveled. But for a 22 year old who somehow manages to scrape enough cash to get to these places. It's a pretty good deal. I really really wanna go on holiday right now. Or jet off somewhere. Anywhere. Please. Very itchy feet indeed.
My Feet
My Feet
My early foot pix, please give me your best comments & loving support*

9 foot round rugs
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