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Free 1 Month Xbox Live Gold

free 1 month xbox live gold
    xbox live
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free 1 month xbox live gold - XBOX360: 250GB
XBOX360: 250GB Kinect Bonus Bundle
XBOX360: 250GB Kinect Bonus Bundle
Everything you need to get on XBOX Live and start gaming: This bundle includes the Xbox 360 250GB system prepackaged with the Kinect Sensor and Kinect Adventures! Kinect brings games and entertainment to life in extraordinary new ways, with no controller required. Easy to use and instantly fun, Kinect gets everyone off the couch moving, laughing and cheering. See a ball? Kick it. Control an HD movie with the wave of a hand. Want to join a friend in the fun? Simply jump in. Wi-Fi is built in for easier connection to the world of entertainment on Xbox LIVE, where HD movies and TV stream in an instant. Included with the Xbox 360 system is an Xbox 360 headset, 2 controllers, a 3 month Gold card, GameFly coupon and a 3D 3M HDMI cable. Kinect Adventures uses full body motion to allow the player to engage in a variety of minigames, all of which feature jump-in, jump-out multiplayer play. Each minigame lasts about three minutes. While most of the minigames are co-operative in two player mode, Reflex Ridge is a competitive game. The game also supports Xbox Live multiplayer. At many points during the game, Kinect's RGB camera takes photos, which are shown to the player(s) and saved to a storage device. These can then be viewed within the game, with the option of uploading these to a private repository on and downloaded to a computer or uploaded to social networking sites. The object of all the minigames is to get the highest number of adventure pins, which are collected in different ways. Adventure pins earn the player(s) medals which, in story mode, affect progression. Medals can be bronze, silver, gold and platinum, in order from least to most pins needed to acquire each. As a pack-in game, Kinect Adventures also contains features which aid users in proper set-up and use of the Kinect sensor.

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16 Months Later
16 Months Later
16 Months after the top picture was taken I decided to build my own computer, and decided to give myself a small upgrade. Top Picture: 17" Gateway laptop with a Dual Core 1.73 GHz Intel Processor 2 GB Ram Vista Home Premium 160 GB Hard Drive 500 GB External Hard Drive Second Screen: 17" HP Monitor Logitech Webcam Bottom Picture Two 19" Wide Screen LG Flatron W2061TQ Case: Cooler Master Elite Mid Tower RAM: G.Skill 4 GB (2x2) Processor: AMD Phenom II X2 Black Edition Callisto 3.1GHz Motherboard: ASUS M4A785TD-V EVO Video Card: XFX Radeon HD 4770 Power Supply: Antec Earthwatts EA650 Hard Drive: Western Digital 500 GB Microsoft HD Webcam
Red Ring-o-Death : Close up
Red Ring-o-Death : Close up
I called 1.800.4.MYXBOX and they are shipping out a box today, but I'll score a free one month gold card, so it works. -EDIT: (Nov. 03, 2007) I got my 360 back today and its working better than ever!

free 1 month xbox live gold
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