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Coaxial Dipole

Or Double Bazooka

The coaxial dipole is made of coax cable, and it matches closely to 50 ohms. If you use RG-58,RG-213/214 or RG-8 cable you can make easy, cheap but excellent dipole which almost does not need any adjustment !

All you need is one of those coax cable,something primitive tools and this free coaxdipole  application by      


                                                                      COAXIAL DIPOLE


My Coaxial Dipole  for 144MHz.

It is made of RG-213 cable,and wire is not used to obtain the overall length of the dipole.Instead it, removed the  dielectric and center conductor remained that replaces wire.Simple,and work 100%!

Coaxial Dipole for144MHz

 By the way, using this program it is possible to calculate the coax dipole for (almost) any HF band.Can be set up horizontally or in an inverted  V. It is very broadband for a dipole and makes a great Field Day or stationary antenna.    

                                                                     COAX Dipole on action !