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70Mhz 5el. yagi

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This is my
5el. 70MHz. Yagi design by Popa, YU7EF.

70MHz. yagi

Boom is 20x20mm square tube 3m long, and elements are Al. tube13mm(1m. long)- added 10mm tubes to getting the proper length for the 4m band.
All elements and dipol are isolated from the boom
with plastic brackets,

RF Choke is made of 12 turns of RG-58 cable to the 55mm plastic pipe, and can "survive" 300 watts of power.
The distance between the ends of the dipole is 20mm and there was put Teflon insulator.

4m-5el. yagi
5 el - 4m yagi

insulators for  yagi elements

RF choke

                                                                          RF Choke

                                        This antenna wins twice, 2011 and 2012, in 9A 50/70Mhz Contest!


                                                                     9A 50/70MHz Contest


Original design 5 EL. 70 MHz YAGI
EF0405C RE DE D1 D2 D3
SPACINGS 0 0,750 0,975 1,843 2,965
10 mm 2,108 2,099 1,968 1,922 1,836
12 mm 2,098 2,092 1,956 1,910 1,824
15 mm 2,100 2,092 1,950 1,902 1,812

you want to build this Yagi and have any questions, please feel free to send me an e-mail. . .