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Metaphorical Speakings
repatware of distain
Posted by Bling King 32 Hours Ago
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Life is an oppurtunist oppurtunity for the opposition. Remember the truth that is a fateful fate bestowed upon us. The longer and harder you oppose us the harsher the reality of sentiment will feel. In order to lighten the burdens bestowed upon us we will ensurely burden you with burdens of your own. Relent before you have a relenting position to do so. I feel your optimistic ways are far none to opptomistic. You flaggle and find your way through the darkness and bring forth with it your reptwaire of distain.  I distain you as much as you distain me and my followers. I will defeat all who stand in my way.

Don't estimate the estimational estimation of estimated estimonial estimation
Posted by Bling King 2 Days Ago
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Don't estimate the estimational estimation of estimated estimonial estimation. There is an exact preciseness of accord in which things need to be placed into procedure. The procedure starts with the pertained pertainment of protainment and ends with an actual eventuel eventeful event that will in all actual reality bring forth the procurement of precise procurement. There is a longitudanal longitude that will reamain at length then all will bring itself to our liking. When this happens there will be an equate of equational equateness that will bring us a posititive positude of posterity of placement in which we can place everything in the realm into its proper place. The element of nature depends upon the realm itself being procurred properly peacefully and in proper procedure. As far as the realm is concerned we live in the utmost outer part that will not suffice our own sufficedness. We need to gain ground and in order to do so we are going to have to use proper placement of procedural procedure. This means to exclaim an exclamation of exclamatory exclamation.

Posperity affluection
Posted by Bling King 2 Days Ago
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According to the aflluetic affluection there is a place of positive posperity in which one can reside. Don't question the posperity of others question the posperity of your own self. They will believe in a questionable question of your posperity if you doubt your own.

Affletic Afflections
Posted by Bling King 4 Days Ago
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There is an affletic afflection that will occur in the future. When the afflection happens be on the side of the moraculous maraculous. Don't be on the side of ignoreneous defetead defeatress. Stay within thier boundries for now but remember the place and the time for a hospitible hostility will come. Beforth the the factual factation of factitude or it is all a place of groverse groversement.

The Benowst Benouncement
Posted by Bling King Jan 3rd
Tags: The benowst Benouncement
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If a time in the history of the world there was a time for enlightenment of an actual accord then there should be an enlightenment now. In order for an elightenment to take place there has to be an element that coincides the certain entanglement of concise conciseness of pertectual pertection. In order for pretectual pertection to take place we need to first come forward from the darkness and believe that there is a mathamatical matrix that is controlling all and who we are. Once this realization has been made we will be able to control it to our own liking. In order to control it we need to first understand how it is it is controlled. For now the vector seems illuminatic of verbalization however there is another element which controls. That is the element of sight the element of sound the element of thought and the element of smell. All five senses and all elements which control are at the whimsical whim of the controller whoever that may be. If the contoller sees who we are and he realizes he can no longer control us he will come to the conclusion his only option is to destroy the vector for which it is we belong and all we have done to control that vector. If he comes to the conclusion we can't be killed or destroyed due to his own demise in doing so he will perish at the time of enlightenement and perishable perishes of his own device. In all actual reality there is a whimsical whim in all suffices that will suffice us to bring the nature of naturalization down upon the realm and swing forth the nature of posical positronical positrons to our own beckoning. Once beckened they will and will precisely communicate the possible possiferance of all that possaferes to all whom reside throughout the realm in which the realm seems to be. In all actuality once all has happened precisely then all will bring forth a rational rationatude of rationality in the likes that has never been seen to this day. Once this happens I will and  will exactly be a prominnent possterable postifiable posterferance of possiferance of possificational possification. Never to be denounced or posterfied by the likes of even a single person on the planet.