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Make Playdough Without Cooking

make playdough without cooking
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We made playdough today :) And I'm a dork and used organic flour.. because that's what I had... lol Recipe: 2c flour 1c salt 4t cream of tartar 2T oil 1c water food coloring (or wilton's) Mix together until smooth (it will kind of be the consistancy of pancake batter), heat on stove (on medium-low) until "doughy". Try not to overcook it (it gets crusty). If you add food coloring before cooking the dough, the dye will bind with the protein in the flour and not come off on your hands later.. I divided mine so I could mix the colors before cooking. It also gets quite a bit darker when you are cooking it.
Playdough - Hotdoggin at Green Elephant
Playdough - Hotdoggin at Green Elephant
Playdough performs at his album release part for "Hotdoggin" at the Green Elephant in Dallas, TX Playdough performs at his album release party for "Hotdoggin" at the Green Elephant in Dallas, TX

make playdough without cooking
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