Tournament Information / Rules

  1. General Information / Rules
    • Tournament will comply with USA Hockey and NYSAHA Playing Rules & Regulations as well as age croup classifications.
    • US Teams must submit an approved USA Hockey Official Roster Form (1-T) at registration.  Teams other than those registered with USA Hockey must submit an approved roster from their governing federationalong with an approved Travel Permit.  Teams not providing proper documentation will be prohibited from play and resulting forfeits will be recorded with a score of 3 to 0.
    • Teams must pick up and return locker room keys to front desk at The Bill Grays Regional IcePlex, and are accountable for ensuring locker rooms are left undamaged.  Teams are responsible for locking locker rooms during play.
    • Preliminary round will consist of 3 game round robin.  After preliminaries, teams will be placed in playoff brackets based on standings (2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie).  Division winners will be identified first, then all remaining teams will be pooled for the purposes of determining remaining brackets.  Tie breaking formula will consist of a. head to head result, b. most wins, c. highest ratio of Goals For/(Goals For+Goals Against), d. least goals against, e. fewest penalty minutes, f. coin toss.  A tie breaker must produce a single clear selection or all teams continue on in the tie breaker process. The tie break process resumes with item a. after each specific tie is broken.  Items d,e & f only apply if two or more teams have an identical GF/(GF+GA) ratio. Tournament staff maintain detailed tie break procedures which govern the process and pre-empt above guidelines in the event of conflict.
    • For the purposes of calculating item c. in the tie breaking formula above, a maximum spread of 7 goals will be used and scores will be adjusted on the standings/results charts to reflect the maximum spread.
    • Division winners will automatically advance to Platinum Championship bracket along with identified wild card teams.  Division winners may be seeded ahead of wild card teams.
    • Tournament officials reserve the right to change, at their discretion, first round playoff opponents to prevent a team from playing an opponent faced in the preliminary round.
    • All teams will play a minimum of 4 games.  Expect one game on Friday 9/20, and two games on Saturday 9/21 to complete preliminary round play.
    • Grand Platinum Championship, Gold, Silver, & Bronze Championship bracket play will take place on Sunday 9/22.
    • Liability for any injury occuring during play or travel related to the tournament will not be assumed by the tournament organizers, the Rochester Alliance 99 Hockey Team, the Rochester Youth Hockey, the Rochester Hockey Alliance or the Bill Grays Regional IcePlex.  Additionally, none of the above will be responsible for lost or stolen equipment or possessions.
  2. Tournament Game Rules
    • Teams should be prepared to play 10 minutes prior to scheduled start time.
    • Teams are responsible for providing individuals to staff their own penalty box during games.
    • Home Team wears white jerseys, Visiting Team wears dark.
    • Handshakes will be post-game, no pre-game handshake.
    • Each game will be preceded by a 3 minute warm up which begins at the time the zamboni doors close.
    • All games will consist of 15x15x15 minute stop time periods.  No curfew in effect.
    • Each team will be allowed one 20 second timeout in playoff games ONLY. No timeouts will be allowed in preliminary round play.
    • Mercy Rule: If at any point in the third period of any game, one team is ahead by 5 goals or more, running time will commence.  Running time will continue unless the deficit is reduced to 3 goals.
    • Overtime: There will be no overtime in preliminary round play.  Playoff game overtime will consist of one 4 minute stop time overtime period of four-on-four play.  This will be followed by a 3 skater shootout if necessary (visiting team shoots first).  If still tied, a sudden death shootout (e.g. visiting team shoots first, home team gets chance to tie or win) will result consisting of players who did not participate in the 3 skater shootout before the first 3 may be re-used. Championship games will include an extra 3 minute overtime period of three-on-three play prior to a shootout.  In the event of a penalty during 3 on 3 overtime, the non-offending team will add an additional skater to the ice until the expiration of the penalty and the first stoppage of play.
    • USA Hockey and NYSAHA Playing Rules & Regulations shall apply.  Minor penalties - 2 minutes; Major penalties - 5 minutes; Misconduct penalties - 10 minutes.
    • Any player receiving four penalties in one game will be ejected from the remainder of the game (necessary to avoid the chance of an automatic one game suspension according to USA Hockey rules that is invoked upon a fifth penalty).  However, a player incurring a fourth and fifth penalty simultaneously will be suspended from the next game in accordance with USAH rules.
    • Any team receiving 15 or more penalties in a game results in the head coach sitting out the next game.
    • Game misconducts will result in a one game suspension (miss next game). Match penalties may result in expulsion from the tournament. Referee decisions are final.
    • Tournament directors reserve the right to modify rules in the event of unusual circumstances and decisions of tournament officials are final.
 Rules as of 9/15/13.