Silver Thumb Rings For Women

silver thumb rings for women
    for women
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silver thumb rings for women - Sterling Silver
Sterling Silver 2 mm ( 1/16 in. ) Thin Wedding Band / Toe Ring / Thumb Ring size 6 1/2
Sterling Silver 2 mm ( 1/16 in. ) Thin Wedding Band / Toe Ring / Thumb Ring size 6 1/2
This Simple Little Sterling Silver Wedding Band is used as either just a tiny band or thumb ring and it's perfect as a Toe Rings, because it goes all the way around so it won't pinch you. The Half Round Dome Shape of this Ring Is the Most Popular shape in Bands. Because of manufacturing difficulties in making this kind of ring, and because it take s more silver to make it, this is only found in finer stores. This Ring is 2 mm (little over 1/16") thin. And because it's all hand polished (no plating), sizing and engraving of this ring is no problem ?.

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I was all excited to go to the gay pride parade this year for the first time, unfortunately I drank myself silly at the Sox game the day before, and got a horrible cold that night, so I didn't get to go :(
DSP 83: Thumbs Up! 2007-08-08
DSP 83: Thumbs Up! 2007-08-08
Thumbs Up! Wanted to something more whimsical for this one. Still came out a bit creepy, though.

silver thumb rings for women
silver thumb rings for women
Sterling Silver "Faith" Ring by Bob Siemon, Size 6
Founded in 1969 in Calabasas, California, in a traveling circus wagon, Bob Siemon Designs currently employs more than 100 skilled professionals and artists. With a mission to spread a message of hope throughout the world by designing jewelry that inspires people to express and share their faith, Bob Siemon Designs specializes in pewter, sterling silver, and gold jewelry, and is now recognized as a leading designer of inspirational jewelry.

"Faith," one of the seven heavenly virtues, is engraved in bold, block letters all around the band of this sterling silver ring. Suitable for either a man or a woman, the ring has a diameter of 17.23 millimeters and width of 2.8 millimeters--dimensions that make it suitable for stacking as well as wearing on its own.