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張貼者:2010年1月19日 上午6:57Shang Hua Chou   [ 已更新 2010年1月19日 上午7:09 ]

This week we saw an inspirable and touching movie which called “freedom writers”. It is inspired by a true story which the problem between color. I love the movie extremely. It’s a story about HOPE. And it also talked about how a teacher with an enthusiastic heart for teaching. My eyes brimming with tears, when I was watching the movie. Although it seemed that everything was no hope, there was someone who wanted to change it. Who? She is the teacher in the movie. She let the student starting to think about life and hope. It also made me thinking about the meaning of my life. And I also loved the music in this movie. The music pushed forward the story to climax. It’s really a good movie. Finally, Reading can change our life. It is never too late to see what we might have been.

week08,EJ,29893015,Giant Wu

張貼者:2010年1月1日 上午1:32chien-chang WU

I choose some favorite movie for DVD,and I will watch two times.
The first time I will choose English subtitle,and listen what are they say.
sometimes,I will get a lot vocabulary,but I still keep going
The second time I will choose chinaese subtitle,and understand that story.
That skill is interesting for me.Although I forget dictionaries..sometimes.


張貼者:2009年12月29日 上午4:10chunyao ko

About learning festival, my part was surrounding listening and talking improve . ‘’How to improve these two skills in the same time’’ is the question I asked myself. Because I am a lazy man and hate to do things I don’t like or boring or inefficiency. And it has to have connection with my field : ’’video.’’  So the only answer that can fulfill these complicated conditions is watch movies. I love to watch movies. Watch five films in a day is my record so far. I like to analyzes the image and puzzle up the clue that  the director left for the audience. Stories beyond reality is also the big reason I’m addicted to movies. Every movies take me to different situation and give me new experiments that I have never had before. So watch English films is some thing I will never be bored with and I can even accept watching a film many times because I get new lesson every time I review it. Thought this way I can have  sharper sense in analyzing image and learn daily conversation in the lines I listened many times and even learn new vocabularies by chances. So I improve my English in watching movies.


張貼者:2009年11月27日 下午9:26development learner

Today I share to my team members about the conversation between my major study teacher and me. In my costume design project ‘Arabian night’, I want to make prosthesis noses on actor’s face. But I didn’t know how to say that in English. I told my teacher I’ll use latex and some chemistry medicament to make fake nose and stick that on the actor’s face. I still was not sure my teacher understand or not. I ask my senior who is studying in America how to say that in English. She told me the word ’prosthesis’. I visited my major study teacher again, say this word and show him the photograph. After that I was sure that he understand, and told to me that I can try it.

Even I know that when we don’t know the word we want to express, we can use other words to explain it. I still often worry about that some people don’t understand what I was talking about. I thought that the only way to solve the problem is remembering more vocabulary. I should spend more time to study English.

EJ,19811045,Eve Chou

張貼者:2009年11月10日 上午10:46Shang Hua Chou

Today is our learning festival. It’s the time that we train our speaking skills again, also showed what we learn from first week to this week.

  I got to the class earlier than before to prepared my poster and also calm down my nervous mood. The classmates came one after another. In accordance with teacher’s instruction, people in the class pasted their posters on the wall. After a while, the white wall became colorful. The classroom liked a small exhibition.

  I really liked the song teacher brought for us today. It was the most funny &humorous song I had even heard. Also its tempo was so interesting and well remembering. I love it!

  After singing the song, we started to share our story and poster. I am the number 2. When turned to me, I became nervous. So I tried to calm down my mind, and started speaking. At first I though, it was so difficult to speak full ten minutes. But when I attempted to share my story by heart, I realized it was not really difficult to me. Everyone who listened to me was so nice. After a span, I found that I could speak better and better. “Practice more and you can speak more fluently”, the one of the way of my puzzle’s resolution.

  Although I didn’t prepare a perfect sharing, I really felt that today’s learning festival made me enjoyable.



張貼者:2009年11月10日 上午7:44黃冠菱   [ development learner 已於 2009年12月1日 上午1:19 更新 ]

Today I handed over my learning festival me to learn any thing in this hall class, today I faced many people to speak my tattered English, ha! Today I opened the mouth to speak me the thing which studied in these weeks, I thought that speak was must very much also have the foreigner with own schoolmate to carry on the dialog, even if the meaning did not understand, might also use the ratio the pressure! read I thought that I must read the more novel and so on books, perhaps I may be first heavy the simple small books to read, have many must study, today sees many schoolmates the playbill picture very attractively, and says is also very fluent, but I also start diligently to say completely today English! Crossed today, first I was also afraid me not too to dare saying that but I tried to say today first time, second time quite could not fear, jeepers I unexpectedly achieved! Is very today happy, I will come quite not to be able again to fear this hall class the arrival!! Certainly must refuel!!




week8 ,EJ,19621043,Patricia

張貼者:2009年11月9日 下午5:59曉翠

  I alway  think why my speaking very poor , And I talk to my friend and he says I need to speak English without Chinese .I think it very difficult to me .I will worried about the ture of my grammer .And he say don't worried about that .Beacuse the foreiner can understand  .He talk me just relax .It good way to solve my problem. And I say I need to practise talking with English . And he can help me .So I practice conversation with English
to him .And now I think I can speak more fluently. Besides I need to read more novels and more practice. I don't like English before beacuse I have a lot of test at senior high school .But now I think it is fun .
  Now I can understand  movie without Chinese . But I think it not enough.


張貼者:2009年11月9日 下午5:19黃冠菱   [ 已更新 2009年11月10日 上午7:44 ]

Today as soon as goes to the classroom, has the pressure! Also did not know that is afraid opens the mouth to speak English, always thought that I am afraid each time teachers the spot to arrive at me very much, lets me be unable the aperture! However what goes to the classroom to be most amusing today has listened to a song, that first song was pleasant to hear. Today discusses in groups, everybody wants to say to own English cognition, can also understand own English flaw in where? But I cannot open the mouth, said that my individual character understanding are not many, I very difficult to open the mouth to speak me to want to say!But I very want to step forward diligently this step, because I want by my English become good, therefore I attempted and other people very diligently speak English. But when saw everybody said that fluently, oneself will flinch. I thought that I must have a look at English individual character diligently, perhaps one day may not probably be many, but I thought that I want my individual character to be richer, like this may also let me read, say that listens to be progressive! Must refuel!!

week08,EJ,19621033 JOE HO

張貼者:2009年11月9日 下午3:03JOE PSYKY

In this week we are talking about the intelegence of humanbeing.And i was surprised that teacher is good in Bodily-kinaesthetic.And the point question is that can the intelegence be measured??At first i think maybe it can .Just like the IQ contest can measured our IQ.But after the concluesion of other classmate i don't think so anymore.If the intelegence can be measured and are limited.There is no way to come out a Davanci or an Einstein,ha ha.And also the happiness are can't be measured,too.We will never say "i am 100 happy now!"or"i only got 40 happines today"...So i think maybe i have intelegence in english but just not yet found and be explored


張貼者:2009年11月9日 下午1:13Jackie Peng   [ 已更新 2009年11月10日 上午1:16 ]

Because I am in the theater last week. So I absolutely forget today is English Festival.
And my poster is very easy,haha...And today I discover that I can present a two minutes
presentation.The most important thing is  I was been told at the last moment,it means
I really can have conversation with each others,how wonderful it is!Last year,I can’t follow
a foreigner’s speaking,cause their speaking speed is too fast for me,but now,I can have
a conversation in English at all,just like the people told me:I hear,I forget;I see,I remember;
I do, I understand.Because I do,I try,so I get ,it is just like the attitude for life.There so many
challenges in one person’s life,you want to face it or want to escape?I will face it.

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