Instant Messenger(IM)

Software used
The new one is on the Facebook. It's a way to chat or discuss with people who is online.


It can save a lot of money due to we don't need to talk on the cellphone. If you want to see your friend, Both of you can just open the webcam and earphone.  It short the distance of you.


If we want to chat with people, we all need to sit before the computer. It is limited by the device. Using smart phones means we need to offer a big expense on surfing.  However, who you want to connect must be online,too.

Technical issues for teachers and students

Students might chat with their classmates or other friends if we use this in class. It's hard to control every student form this situation.

Possible uses

Students can type rather than talk. Some students who are shy to speak in the public can use this to instead raising their hands. And teacher can still know what the problem is.