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CCSC Charge (Saturday, April 12)

The Jammers grind out a draw today.  Final score was 3-3.  We worked the ball around well and had plenty of chances that we just couldn't capitalize on.  Goals today from William, Ethan and Andrew.  Ethan also had an assist today.  In the goal both Tommy and Will had 5 saves each. 

YSA Yadkin Hurricanes (Sunday, April 6)

Another impressive win for the Jammers today.  Final score was 11-3.  We came into halftime with the score knotted at three apiece.  We then went out and played our best half of football in this spring season, scoring 8 goals.  Goals today from Tommy (3), Will (2), Ethan (2), Matthew(1), Cody (1), John Drake (1), and Andrew (1).  Andrew also had 4 assists, while Ethan had 2 assists, and Tommy, John Drake and Cody had one assist each.  In the goal Tommy had 2 saves and Will had 1. 

ICRD 97 Crew (Sunday, March 30)

The Jammers get their first clean sheet of the season with an impressive 5-0 win.  The kids worked really hard and stayed focused, which was tough considering the cold conditions.  All credit to our defenders today (Cody, Michael, Amir and John Drake).  They deserved their clean sheet.  Goals today from Andrew (3) and Ethan (2).  Ethan also had two assists while Tommy picked up two assists as well.  In the goal Tommy had 3 saves and Andrew had 10.    

DCUSA DC United (Saturday, March 22)

The Jammers continue to grind out tough, well fought wins.  Final score today was 6-4.  The kids had to work extra hard today since we only had one sub.  Goals today from Andrew (3), Ethan (2) and William (1).  In the goal Will had 5 saves and Tommy had 4.  Assists today from Ethan, Will, Andrew and Tommy.  

BSC White (Sunday, March 2)

The Jammers grind out a tough win today.  Final score was 3-1.  Goals from Andrew (2) and William (1).  Ethan picked up two assists.   With Tommy out today, we played William, Andrew and Ethan in goal.  Will had 2 saves, Andrew had 7 and Ethan had 5.  Our defense fought really hard and got stuck into their challenges really well, and in the end that was the deciding factor. 

TASC White (Saturday, March 1)

The Jammers drop a hard fought game today.  The final score was 6-4.  Goals today from Ethan (2), Andrew (1), and Tommy (1).  Tommy also picked up an assist.  In the goal Will had 3 saves while Tommy had 2.  The kids never gave up, even when they were down, and were able to slip a couple of goals in towards the end of the game.  

GUS Crocodiles (Saturday, Feb 23)

The Jammers grind out a tough draw with the Crocodiles today.  Final score was 3-3.   It was a really fun game to watch, with both teams fighting hard.  All three goals were scored by Ethan, with Tommy assisting one of them.  In the goal, both Tommy and William each had two saves.  We played some great football today, and ended the game with 20 shots, so hats off to the GUS keepers today for keeping the ball out of the net. 

 CCSC Charge (Sunday, Nov 4)

Jammers lose their last game of the season 3-2.  Whereas yesterday the size of the pitch worked to our advantage, today the size and condition of the pitch made it almost impossible to play our style of game.  Goals today from Ethan and Andrew.  Tommy recorded both assists.  In the goal William had 2 saves and Tommy had 1.   All the kids fought hard today and have nothing to be ashamed of. 

ICRD Heat (Saturday, Nov. 3)

The Jammers clinched the 2007 fall TCL Championship today with an impressive 11-0 win over the ICRD Heat.  This was the largest pitch we've ever played on, and it worked to our advantage as our passing was brilliant.  Goals today from Andrew (2), Greyson (2), Ethan (2), John Drake (1), Matthew (1), William (1), Tommy (1) and Cody (1).  Cody's goal today was his first in league play this season, and couldn't have come at a better time, since it was the first goal scored in the match, and really got the team motivated.  Out of the 11 goals, 9 of them were assisted, which again shows just how good our passing was.  Assists today from Tommy (3), William (2), Ethan (2), Matthew (1), and John Drake (1).  Our defense recorded another clean sheet and made it an easy day for William, who didn't have to make a single save.  Tommy recorded 5 saves.

GUS Hammerheads (Sunday, Oct. 21)

Jammers win again today with a final score of 8-1 to remain top of the table in the TCL Challenge League.  Another outstanding performance from everyone today!  Goals from Andrew (2), William (2), Ethan (2), Greyson (1), and Tommy (1).  In the assists category Andrew had two and William, Tommy and Ethan had one each.  Great performance in the net today from both of our keepers with William getting seven saves and Tommy recording six.  

GRYSA Thunder (Saturday, Oct. 20)

The Jammers recorded their seventh straight league win and remain top of the table.  The final score today was 10-0.  Our passing was spot on and we played really good football.  The defense also recorded another clean sheet today.  Our goals against average in league play is 0.86, which means we are giving away less than a goal per game.  Goals today from Ethan (3), Matthew (2), William (2), Andrew (2), and Tommy (1).  Most of our goals were assisted today, which once again shows how well the team is passing the ball.  Both Tommy and Ethan had two assists each, while William, Cody, and Andrew each had one.  In the goal Tommy had 3 saves and William had one.  

TCYSA 97 Twins Silver (Saturday, Oct. 13)

The Jammers remain at the top of the TCL table with a win today over the Twins silver team.  Final score was 7-0.  The defense records yet another shutout today, and looked strong throughout the game.  Goals today from Ethan (3), Andrew (2), Greyson (1), and Tommy (1).   Out of our seven goals five were assisted, which shows how well we passed the ball today.  One assist apiece today from Michael, Ethan, Greyson, Matthew and William.  In the goal both William and Tommy had one goal apiece.


Challengefest 2007 (Sunday, Oct.7)

Richmond Strikers

The Jammers put forth a wonderful effort in the final but came up short 3-0.  We had plenty of chances, but it was just one of those days where the ball stayed out of the net.  All credit to Richmond, who played a great game on the field, but more importantly showed excellent spirit and attitude after the game.  We had a GREAT tournament and our guys should be very proud of their effort today and this weekend.

East Wake Crew 

Jammers win their third Challengefest 2007 game by a score of 5-1 over the East Wake Crew.  Great effort all around in this game.  Goals from Ethan (2), Tommy (1), William (1) and Andrew (1).  Ethan also assisted Tommys' goal.  Both William and Tommy played very well in goal.

Challengefest 2007 (Saturday, Oct. 6) 

TCYSA Twins Gold

Jammers win their second Challengefest 2007 game with an impressive 7-0 win over the Twins Gold.  Matthew and Ethan had two goals apiece while Tommy, Greyson and William added one each.  Assists from Ethan, William and Tommy.  Our defense recorded another clean sheet in this game, thanks to a great effort from our four fullbacks, Amir, John Drake, Cody and Michael.  Both William and Tommy were strong in the goal.  

CASL Cary Dragons

The Jammers started off Challengefest 2007 with a tough win against the CASL Cary Dragons.  Final score was 3-2.  Greyson started off the scoring by receiving a great pass from William and then beating the keeper with a shot that hit the left post and bounced into the goal.  Ethan scored early in the second half with a rocket from outside the penalty box.  Tommy then added another one by getting around two defenders in the box and then calmly finishing. 

TCYSA 97 Twins Gold (Saturday, Sept. 29)

The Jammers won their fifth straight league game with a final score of 12-0.  The defense was superb today, and rightfully earned their second clean sheet of the season.  Goals today from Tommy (3), Ethan (3), William (2), Andrew (2), Amir (1) and John Drake (1).  In the assist category Ethan had 3, Tommy had 2, and William, Greyson and Andrew each had 1 apiece.   In the net William had 4 saves and Tommy had 2.

NTSC Strikeforce (Saturday, Sept. 22)

Jammers extend their winning streak to four games with an impressive win.  Final score was 13-2.  Goals today from Tommy (3), Matthew (1), Ethan (3), John Drake (1), Andrew (1), William (1), Greyson (1), and Michael (2).  Matthew, Ethan and John Drake also recorded one assist apiece.  In the net William had 2 saves and Tommy had 7.  Another great game of football from all the kids! 

MYSA Storm (Sunday, Sept. 16)

Jammers win a hard fought game 5-2.  Great effort today from both teams.  Goals from Ethan (3), Andrew (1), and Tommy (1).  Ethan also recorded one assist.  Our keepers were excellent today!  Tommy had 8 saves, including a great save on a free kick.  William had 7 saves, one of which was a save on a well struck penalty kick!   

NDSL Sidekicks 97 (Saturday, Sept. 15)

Jammers win their second game of the campaign 8-0 against the Sidekicks.  The defense recorded it's first clean sheet of the season, thanks to an outstanding effort from our four fullbacks: Amir, John Drake, Cody and Michael.  Our keepers had 11 saves combined, with William recording 3 saves and Tommy getting 8.  Goals today from Matthew (2), Ethan (3), Andrew (1), and Tommy (2).  Tommy and Ethan also had 2 assists apiece.

YSA Yadkin White (Saturday, Sept. 8)

The Jammers opened up their TCL campaign with a 13-2 win against the Yadkin White team.  It was the best football we've played so far.  Goals from Tommy (3), Amir (1), Ethan (5), Matthew (2), and William (2).  Amir and Tommy also had one assist apiece while Ethan had two assists.  In the net William had 4 saves and Tommy had 5 saves.  

Furniture City Classic (Sunday, Aug. 26)

Jammers drop a tough game 6-5.  The team kept their composure in the second half and rallied from 3 goals back.  Both keepers played strong, with William having 6 saves and Tommy saving 4.  William also had one goal, while Ethan and Grayson scored two apiece.  Andrew had three assists and Matthew had one assist.  

Furniture City Classic (Saturday, Aug. 25)

Jammers win the second game 4-2.  William and Grayson each had a goal and Ethan contributed two more.  Our keepers were worked hard and had some great saves!  William had four saves and Tommy had eight.  Another solid game from the defense as well.

 Jammers win the first game in a hard fought contest 2-1.  Two goals from Ethan, plus three saves each in goal for William and Tommy.  The defense (Michael, Cody, Amir, John Drake, Andrew and Ethan) worked really hard and gave up only one goal!

KSA Warm-up Tournament (August 18th)

Jammers win the third game of the day easily. Goals all around from Cody (1), Andrew (2) , Tommy (1), William (2), Ethan (4),  Grayson (1), Amir (1) and Matthew (1).

The Jammers lost a heartbreaker 5-3 in the second game, but never gave up and rallied from a 5-1 deficit.  Goals from Tommy (1) and William (2)

Jammers win first game in the KSA Warmup tourney 11-2. Goals from Matthew (3), William (3), Grayson (3) and Ethan (2).