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Welcome to the home of the 2007 fall TCL Champions, the 2008 Jack Frost Tournament Champions and the 2008 Galaxy Shootout Champions!

Yesterday, the 97 Jammers Gold team won the 2008 Galaxy Shootout tournament, beating a well organized team from Columbia, South Carolina in the finals with a score of 6-1. This was the last time that this team will play together. These kids have surpassed any and all expectations that we placed on them at the start of the fall campaign. To be honest, the last time that our entire team played together was the very last game of the fall season. Various injuries and other commitments meant that all ten kids never played together this spring. Greyson was hit the hardest by this, playing his last game for us on March 2nd. However, it didn't stop him from coming out and supporting his teammates at games and practices, which is why he has a gold medal from this past weekends tournament. Even though he couldn't play, he remained a part of this team.

Watching this team come together and learn how to play proper football has been an absolute joy to watch. It's appropriate then that we played our best football to date on this, our final weekend together. The kids played not only with their heads, but with their hearts. Being down 3-1 at halftime to a tough Burlington team in the semi-finals yesterday would've been enough to make most teams roll over and accept defeat. We didn't. Instead, we went out and played, quite simply, the best 25 minutes of football we've ever played and ended up winning 7-4. As Coach Stuart said yesterday, that is what makes a good team a great team. The pride I felt as I watched the gold medals being placed around each players neck was immense. It truly was the perfect end to a remarkable season.
I'd like to take this time to mention the U-10 Jammers Blue Team.  Since the beginning of the season both the Gold and the Blue teams have trained together.  This weekend the Blue team got all the way to the championship game in their division at the Galaxy Shootout and even though they came up short, they have nothing to be ashamed of.  They played the best football out of any team in their division.  We are so glad we got the chance to train with you guys.  I believe that being able to have a full team to scrimmage against at each practice made both teams better.  It's a shame that more people couldn't have watched these scrimmages.  We had some great games out there!

I thanked our parents, our coaches, our manager and our treasurer on this site after the fall season, and while all of these people deserve praise and thanks again, I think it's only fitting that I thank our players now. So thank you William, Tommy, Amir, John Drake, Cody, Michael, Ethan, Andrew, Matthew and Greyson. You guys have no idea how much joy and pride you've brought to me and the rest of your parents. I've watched each and every one of you grow both as players and as young men and I am honored and privileged to have been a part of your team. You deserve all of the trophies, medals, praise and accolades that have been given to you in the past 9 months. It's an experience that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Take a bow guys, you deserve it.
-Coach Michael

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The 97 Jammers play all their home games at the Jamestown Athletic Complex.