95 Pheces of the Ochrafux Chercks - Grikilicks : Buggar the Greeks off the Planet - Flipper's Lectionary of Grequole Deeds
  • Pangratios Vrionis of Vasiloupolis (Jackson Heights NY, still in phonebook as "Pankration") convicted of 1968 molesting boys, started own sect, again in 2002. Denver Bishop Antime Dragnax held Despy Gallas in sexual servitude 1979-82. Bishop Stylian of Preveza caught in 1978 sex with priest's wife, photographed by his priest driver. Metropolitan Pantsilemon of Attica wiretapped by radio station trying to bribe control of monastery. Bishop Phillip of Drama had sex with his maid in 1968.  In June, 1965 Parthenius Ioannides, Monk Ilarios, Alexis Kosgiok, Michael Dmitrev, and Nikfor Piven were arrested for selling Athos art
  • The bovine centaurs who now dominate Greece reject the astic  proto-Christian civilization of Aristotle and instead return to the passive aggressive third world paganism of the pre-Socratic barbarians. Childless Greek aunts fondle toddler genitals, just like Patai’s Arabs. Greek neighbor religious oil lamps put you in a fire hazard zone.  Attending Greek festivals infests your home with meal moths. Greeks ban flushing toilet paper so they can fertilize diner produce and culture feta yogurt. Both California and Greek forest fires, and many church fires,  are caused by their demonic pyromaniac  ritual  lights. Before candles, Orthodox used to use electricty, but their masochistic statism intervened. Greeks invented fast food reconstitured mystery meats with suchuki, sheftali, cevaps, churlapa and shawarma gyro. They eat and worship Baba Ganesh, the grindu elephant egglant. Don't forget the Maggia Wretched soup and Coque Wretched they eat at Easter. How dare you impune the glory of American food processing when there can be nothing more filthy and unnatural than Greek sausage? You accused famine aid cheddar of being poison because of its color because your catoche hunger must have been another trojan horse lie. You think anyone criticizing you must not be Greek because you believe your children are too stupid to observe you incapable of comprehending, let alone speaking, the truth. You always find ad hominem excuses to hide the truth. Open any MBA textbook on restaurants and you can see that Greek diners are not a business but a Trojan Horse money laundering tax scam! Sextons and diocese urchins spy for the food business, retail and wholesale, who only care about selling gyro, so we will shame them into shutting down. 
  • With the incompetent Rafina Keystone Responders do you expect sewer processing and bacterial testing to keep Greek beaches as clean as the Queens Sound beach clubs the gyro mafia impugns? And you want these incompetents to take control of the marbles and manuscripts? Petrakis liberated the Greek kids of the 1950s to excel by exposing trojan horse in a national magazine, Atlantic. (Litsa put her battering husband in the hospital. His Greek teacher was more menacing than any Turk.) So did the glorious masons Taki Metaxas, Charlie Cacoures and Jack Casavis. Even George Tenet exposes the procilvity of Greeks to lie like Arabs (2007 p89). How do you expect us to trust Greek beaches when the Whitestone sexton still won’t allow flushing toilet paper? Fortunately they are too cheap to cleanse their beaner skid marks in Beechhurst. We have Takis Michas, Milo Yiannopoulos, and Opa Basile to fully inform us of all the Trojan Horses.
  • Antony, the first monk, was a pyramid-dwelling necrophile. 1839 Tsar bought Mount Athos and drove out many Greeks. 1926 Pagalos drove out those younger than fifty from the monasteries who slavocommunized the plains. Then the homosexuals hid from Nazis in the monasteries, which have made fagdellos . When two dozen fagoats were arrested in 1974 they brought down the government. 1843-47 Tsar dehellenized the Levant, mixing with Monophysites fled to Greece in 1922 and rebelled as old calendars in 1929 and became the New Ionia Decembrists of Vafiades and Zachariades (1944&2008). Old calendar czar freaks of ROCOR were spawned by triple agent soviet provocateur "Prince" Turkul (Unholy Trinity 1998 p.152) to make them look foolish. If they really wanted "old" calendar they should have used to Hebrew lunar Jesus used not the one his Roman slaughterers did.  Czars were just as communist as Stalin as they had free health care and education. and were intolerant of land ownership on grounds the grand obschina was their mother Mokosh. Cardinal sins and toll houses are Persian Ishtar astrology also found the pseudepigraphas of Reuben and the twelve  patriarchs. They are no different than purgatory or reincarnation. They are dharmic syncretism just like hyperventilating hallucination hesticlasim.
  •  In 1182 Greeks massacred sixty thousand Istanbul Catholics, selling the remainder to their Turkish sultan.  Palamite Zealotes massacred Thessalonian aristocracy in a communist coup with the Serbs in preparation for Cantacuzene usurpation via hesychast hyperventilatory hallucination. This communism motivated Anatolian farmers to revert to their Turanian heritage in the 1400s to avoid redistributative taxation.  Trojan is cognate with Turanian which is why the slant-eyed Hittites were Turks who merely liberated themselves from demonic Hellenism in 1453.  Irene Sarantapechaina, revanchist of icon idolatry, begat the modern welfare state which is why they made filioque Charlemagne emperor - That's why the third stance of the third Friday of lent condemns plox of Athens. 
  • Serbs claim Croat Mile Budak said in July 1941: "We will kill one third of the Serbs, the other third we will resettle, and the remaining third we will convert to the Catholic faith, and thus make Croats of them" (Dedijer, p. 130) But the Greek patron ethnapostle of genocide, Cosmus Aitrellus said in 1767 "Of the Turks, one third we should kill, another third baptize, and the remaining third will go (grocery shopping?) to Red Apple." So the guilty assigned their own thoughts to their enemies? And they are so dumb they perpetuate the myth of depleted uranium! What part of DEPLETED don't they understand? The Srebrenica genocide was directed by Greek KYP agents Spyrus  Djanopoulos, Dimitrus Zavitsanos, and Haralabus Dimulas. 
  • Greeks squawk about Gold in Thrace, Silver in Lavrion, Copper is Cyprus (Cuprius). But do they ever study economics?  Is the supply infinite? Of course if folks know it is there, they will take it and it is GONE. Done and Gone! Tell that to griagia who believes the xenoi are out to take her orecto pluto. Pluto as in Popeye's sidekick.  When will you just shut those old witches up! Maybe you should tell them the NATO bases hollowed out the mountains and took all the minerals and now Greece will collapse and sink into the sea for ever more! 
  • Ibn Warraq, Ohlig, Puin and Toynbee show that the Arab conquerors of the seventh century were Syriacs not from the Hijaz, who three centuries later invented Islam from miaphysic mythology and that their choice of 622 was really the collapse of the Sassanids. When Nesselrode sent Porphy Uspensky to dehellenize the Antiochians in 1843-47, they melded with monophysites leading to Skoptozy Russians circumcizing their women.  This eventally sparked Aflaq to create the nazi Ba'ath party of Saddam and Assad. Napoleon even tried to win over the Egyptians by proclaiming himself a unitarian (monphysite).  They can't find three wise men or a virgin in their satanic countries, which is why they hate the Lord's people so much.
  • Fr. Eugene Pappas was banished for his Xavier frangosexuality until his beau became chancellor.  Sylvester had Paisius as fudge tutor so Gastromatris wouldn't fund rebuilding of Zoglo Peggles in Bronx where he grew up. 
  • Bishop Atengrus Aneste was exiled to Central America to further his frangosexuality. He's now smuggling Seleucid terorists into Guatemala.
  • Porphy Uspensky uncovered the phosphorus fraud of Holy Fire over a century ago.  If you can lie about Holy Fire, who should trust you about anything else? 
  • Rev. Dr. John A. Poulos, chief police chaplain exiled from Astoria to Whitestone for sex on top of his teen secretary. Whitestone Big Buddha, Pappa Yellada allowed basement partiers to hump under altar on grounds weren't xenoi until Bulgarian girl called him "Frisbee Collar" and threatened to disclose his desperate pharisettes bubble studies. His gluttony for gossip brought down Tassoglu Academy.
  • Archimandrite Stan Admax was convicted in 1986 of molesting two adolescent boys. 
  • Greek Mortgage Bank closed in 1989 for advertising USA tax evasion. 
  • Fr. Angelo Kasemotes pled guilty in 1992 to molesting fifteen year old boy. 
  • For millenia, the slavs only wanted the straits and were never interested in Greek culture or religion. Russia pillaged Byzantium on June 18th 860. In 1235 Bulgarians declared Trnvo Third Rome, followed by Rus Moscow in 1589. 1342 Serb and Greek communist Zealotes slaughtered Thessalonia. Bulgarians and Serbs repeatedly tried to take Constantinople and Thessalonia and joined the Turks in providing mercenaries for Cantacuzus usurpation, because of which the Turks refused to leave Galipoli. McKeekin wrote that Sergei Sazonov planned the first world war to take the straits and mobilized the Black Sea long before 1914. In 1937 Putin's grandfather, as Stalin's chef, cooked a third of a million Greeks in Siberia.
  • George Douris mocked Cyrpus as self-afflicted for "Ounia Fatsa, Ounia Ratsa" with d'Amato while Irene Ladas condemned their Guinea Up and Leon Stavrou drowned in his own malequia. Remember when Lulurgas wanted to scam us with his stolen icon and the mafia went out looking for it? So, it should not surprise you that Latos and Fillas are in bed with Italians, because the Italians tell Greek kids "You are all grown up now, you should come to a REGULAR Catholic church". That is why they encourage extremists in our churches, to discredit us and take our children.  The first Greek churches were built by Benakis at New Orleans and Mobile, Franco-Spanish slave ports for Greek ships under other flags. The word Ku Klux Klan comes from the Greek Kuklos or Cyclos. The south was the source of modern fraternities and neoclassical architecture, which emulated the Greeks while the north emulated Rome and Harvard degrees are still in Latin. Greeks preferred to live in the south and Jefferson learned Greek from a Greek named John Paradise, the first naturalized American. AHEPA, GOA and Smyrna all happened in 1922 because it was the year Lenin won his civil war so he lent Attaturk Chechens because the Turks could not kill their neighbors in Smyrna and Greece had participated in League support for the Whites. As most USA Orthodox churches readily took the Czar’s money, Lenin proceeded to sell them. He succeeded in selling all ten seminaries but the churches began cloaking themselves with non-Russian ethnicities. As can be seen in Kourides centennial history of the NYC Cathedral, some ghetto churches in major cities had already been organized as private chapels of Masonic Athena Brotherhoods which became the model for AHEPA. Further proof of the lie of the AHEPA KKK canard is that most incidents against Greeks took place in Northern areas like Wisconsin settled mostly by central Europeans who saw the Greeks as extensions of their Russian 1848 oppressors. Kourides wrote that New York State had a law chartering that all Orthodox churches belonged to  Moscow, making the Athena Brotherhood necessary. The GOA founded Leadership 100 to join AHEPA in keeping funds away from abuse survivor lawsuits.
  • How do your saints have relics if they are resurrected and can intercede? Dummy bunches of goats! Resurrection means your bones rise up (Ezekiel 37). Why are they still here? Ask Soteropoulos of Australia who makes the same complaint about Jehova Witnesses.
  • Fr. John Michael Liadis was charged in 1989 of fondling 15 year old girl at Bookville Youth Center. 
  • Jack N Casavis is considered the Liberator of the Dodcanses by the Greek Governement.  Vatikiotis (1998) says both Metaxas and Vanizelus were masons. Greek Tectons of the 1821 Revolution included Emanuel Xanthos, Nicholas Scufas, Athansius Tsacalov, and probably also Capo d'Istria, Ypsilanti and Colocotron, and indeed the entire concept of the Friendly Company which devised Greek independence in Odessa was masonic and worked in concert with another society, for Israel's regeneration, equally encouraged by the Mennonite Catherine the Great. Catherine, that grand disciple of Diderot's enlightened despotism,  was the great promoter of Russian Freemasony. Pushkin and the Golitsyns were prominent Russian masons, also  Ivan Jelagin, Kereknsi, Pushkin's uncle Vasily Lvovich, Grand-Prince Konstantin Pavlovich, Vasilievlevovich, the famous jurist Mikhail Speranski, General Mikhail Kutuzov. It was Golitzyn who attempted to get Anna of Courland to sign his abortive magna carta
  • December 1919 Bristol commission condemned Greek atrocities at Smyrna. If Venizelist war criminals were executed for their atrocities in Smyrna and Crete, the Greek Civil War would not have been worse. Justin McCarthy proves Turks justified in expecting Greek genocide in Chyprious by showing they did the same in Crete and Smyrna. Great Irish-Italian G Gordon Liddy showed Gin Rustitties was a pinko. Rustitis was jealous because Kissinger stole Ruth Westheimer from him who preferred a brain over a jock in a fellow Hudson Heights resident. 1974 Makarios got to split his turd because he was twaddling with the soviets. Cyp-rus and Bela-rus are Putin puppets. In the 1960s, Cheap-riots opposed to  Enosis were squawking they was Phoenician Lebanese Arabs, not Greeks. So let their beloved Palestinians circumcize their women like Skoptozy Russians.
  • When they violate Psalm 150 by banning organs, their chanting reveals its military nature, especially hymn to Everwarring (Hyper-mach) Parthenon Champion General. (Elijah is Apollo, Mary is Minerva, Jesus is Mars, Nicholas is Neptune , and Paraskeva is Mokosh.) The word Chanter is deliberately anti-Semitic - Bach was a church Cantor, Manhattan's St Patrick has a Cantor. Greek American kids dance whore-sapiko to Dalarava like it was part of their religion. Greek diners use Islamic finance in sharing profits with their Arab managers. God smote the Greeks for the 1896 Olympics with bankruptcy and again in 2006, now if they rebuild the Colossus of Rhodes, they will be eternally vanquished. Their muslimated  psalti efialti minaret wailing causes babies to start crying in sympathy.  If cantors and priests squawk at the same time, why can't laity. Back in the old country they didn't have pews so yiayias could walk around and gossip like at a party.  (Massie, Land of Firebird, Touchstone, 1980  p59 'Englishmen found the custom of moving about in and out of church very disturbing; people, said one, "gaggle and cackle like geese"') Organoclasts are just as muslim as iconoclasts.
  • Lexical Syntactical Analysis of the canard that Kissinger spoke of striking at anarchic roots of Greeks proves it was written by Greeks who believe in forcing their ideas on others. Kissinger replied to the editor of the Economic Tachydromus in October 1997 “there was no award ceremony, there was no speech, and the alleged quote is entirely untrue. The whole thing is pure invention” In fact it derives entirely from the Thursday night before Easter pogrom inciting rampage against "anomus, adioscourus, anarcus". Copts and Skoptozy Russians circumcise their women. The mythologist who claims Kissinger considers Greeks unharnessable wants to harness his own Lysistrata with circumcision.  Greek rightists dress their women in burkas but leftists as harem belly dancers.  That's why Daren Mitropoulos bought the Playboy Mansion as soon as Hefner died. And they all dress as Arabs for epicreas. American Democracy (1 Sam 8,  L A Times Jan 27 1918 Rev Herbert Booth Smith, p.III-20) and Capitalism (Gen 2:12) is from the Jews. Corrie ten Boom, America's Mother Theresa said : "You can't love Jesus without loving the Jewish people." Columbus set sail with shiploads of Jews the day after the Spanish Inquisition expelled Jews. The Plymouth Pilgrims were followers of Cromwell who brought the Jews back to England.  American Christian Zionists were also Christian Hellenists until the Nigrasiates showed their Seleucid hatred of the Lord's people. 
  • Evangelicals love the Greek language, while the Slavs and Arabs in the Ochrafux Cherks find it repulsive. See Rosen in Kornich 1965 Underachievement, p 253. 1950s Greeks and Jews were successful because their parents insisted they learn the mother tongue as a distinct and separate language. Those that spoke creoles (like Greeklish) never went far, but growing up ambilingual made children more likely to also succeed in mathematics, music and other fields. Grosjean offers lessons on creoles and bilingualism that seem to have only been understood by Iacovus. A parent who makes the effort to learn English is usually the one rewarded with his kids learning the ancestral language; while the one who refuses is rewarded with kids who not only do not learn the ancestral language, but are rather bad at the new one as well.
  • Stafnoples fudge tutor Filtheus Carmitchel retired when felt under young priest in crowded elevator. 
  • Fr. Emmanuel Efthimios Koveos arrested for the sexual abuse of a 12 year old female parishioner in 1997. 
  •  Lucan icons were unheard of before Theodore the Lector (530AD). This is from Uspensky, 1992, pp. 62-63. That's right: Tinos (Delos), Smella (Racne), and Prutsa (Delphi) are all frauds!  Miracle icons are located exactly where demented pagan oracles used to be. The greatest part of the Greek icon pantheon is brigands righteously executed by Ottoman courts. Peloporicans taught Magnagrecians to propagate faith by epigenetic probiotics.  There are rites for adelphopoiesis, pobratimstvo contained in Byzantine manuscripts dating from the ninth to the 15th century. The ceremony was conducted by a priest for two males in church, and contained symbols common to Byzantine marriage rites including holding candles, joining hands, receiving Communion, and processing three times  around a table used in the celebration. Communion blood body immolation theophagy actually referred to crops instead prior to Tarsian casuistry.
  • Spyro Gyro ends American tenure absconding to Fatima monastery in Spain to procreate with secretary. 
  • The Orthodox faith imparts an Aspergian masochism that leaves its leaders beyond reason. This is caused by being forced to stand for mindless hours of incantations whereby one learns to engage in the wildest daydreaming.  Castlereagh and Wellington were appalled how unrealistic the Czar was in trying to forge a Holy Alliance in 1815 just as Merkel felt Putin was out of touch with reality in 2014. Indeed Brenda Connors of the US Naval War College concluded in 2008 and 2011 that Putin suffers from Aspergers. USAF General Tastios wrote the same about Greek leaders of 1866-97 (p. 146, Columbia, 1984). Helitheus Vlacus, Bishop of Naupacus, has written an anti-science diatribe "Orthodox Psychotherapy" which follows and amplifies the long soviet tradition of manipulating psychiatry for political ends. Why not use Basil Thermos instead? On 9/11/01 the Archbishop of Athens Gristledule said we deserved it as retribution for our bombing the Serbs (Vaslaces, ISBN 978-960-252-007-9). How else did the Greek government know to move Atlantic Bank from the WTC the prior June.  This is a natural consequence of the slave soul of Orthodoxy described by  Rancour-Laferriere (NYU, 1995).  The original Greek WTC church was built by the Czars, as can be documented by all the trinkets they donated, but they trojaned the date. 
  • Greeks inflict hyperventilating philocalia hallucinations on young minds, same dementia collapsed besant. That's why Huntington's Clash put them in the Islamosoviet block. Toynbee showed Byzantium collapsed because of Hesychast Zealot Communism as Hittite Anatolians reverted to their Turanian heritage suppressed by Greek millennia. Turanian is cognate with Turk, Hittites had slanted eyes. Anxiety derived from fasting, incense, breathing, and chanting only serves to enslave. Now Stanislav Graf markets this as "Holotropic Breathing".  Cardinal sins and toll houses are Persian Ishtar astrology also found the pseudepigraphas of Reuben and the twelve patriarchs. They are no different than purgatory or reincarnation. They are dharmic syncretism just like hyperventilating hallucination hesticlasim.
  • Nektarios Rymer defrocked in 2006 for AIDS sodomy, became monk. John Theodore defrocked for 2008 sexual abuse, reinstated. 
  • Nectarios Bocephus Putnaplus made his nuns pregant. Nectarios was repeatedly caught plotting coups against the patriarch of Alexandia. Nectarios hymns are the basis for orgasmic Thrombovraki Boleros. 
  • There is no clean exit. The 1893 bankruptcy, also caused by the Olympics and all that German construction, caused pain for three generations. Who built the government palaces around Syntagma, the rails and ports? But even when they stole the Greek gold in 1942, the Germans felt THEY were cheated. Now they built the airports, and all the bridges to nowhere, but they felt THEY were cheated. And now, who OWNS all they built? Turkey has been a German client for two centuries. Churchill called them both Huns. Von Pappen oversaw the Armenian massacres.
  • In the 1920s Jews fled the bolsheviks to make Romania and Persia prosperous but their muslimating freak religion made the Rumanians embrace nazis instead of enlightenment, and now the almost made Sevil Shhaideh Europe's first muslim premier! And John Georgelas a Cretan cretin from Texas became ISIS Yahya Abu Hassan. And that muslimating Arab freak Andrew Damick wants to divoce easter from passover.
  • Upset that industrious Albanians invaded their lazy, gungrabbing, babykilling homeland, the soviet-churched Greeks vindictively hire, house and promote illegals in USA. As quakes render their homes disposable, Greeks are oblivious to the very concept of maintenance. Instead of blaming environmetalists for fires and socialists for deficits, jealousy driven soviet faith seeks scapegoats. Olympia Snowjob supports Obamacare and abortion because of her gangrene patriarch (Is Orthodox Christianity progressive? Michelle Boorstein Washington Post 11-4-09 Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew spoke about the spiritual imperative for nonviolence, universal health care and reducing consumption to help the environment.) Ancient Greeks reduced consumption to help the environment through infanticide and sodomy. Bart ignores Genesis 1:26 when he calls for stewardship which is really feudal and the reason Greeks refuse to ever sell their house or let their offspring grow up. Management theory believes workers are more productive when empowered by a sence of ownership and Bart wants to reduce them to vassal stewardship? And Bart gives our seminarians vascanic evil eye talismans?
  • Why are you freaks so upset your bogus church in Jerusalem gets spat upon? Do you think Holy America will tolerate this? In February 8, 1993, The other patriarchs decided to temporarily suspend relations with the Jerusalem Patriarch and dismiss two bishops who acted as his deputies and defrock five priests for challenging the authority of the Ecumenical Patriarch. Yet in April, 1990 Diodoros tried swindled Russian Jewish settlers by having Mardos Matossian sell them lands he was not allowed to sell and then denying their claim. Irineos wrote Arafat on July 17, 2001, stating, "You are aware of the sentiments of disgust and disrespect that all the Holy Sepulchre fathers are feeling for the descendants of the crucifiers of our Lord... actual crucifiers of your people, Sionists Jewish conquerors of the Holy Land of Palestine."   The Patriach of Jerusalem lived in Constantinople until Nesselrode sent Uspensky to de-Hellenize the Antiochians and almost Jerusalem (eventually causing Michel Aflaq to found the Assad-Saddam Ba’ath party). It was the same Porphyry Uspensky who exposed the Sulphur fraud of the Holy Fire. It was the same Nesselrode who beat out Capo d’Istria. Uspensky and Kapustin went to buy up Jerusalem properties now under ROCOR to prevent Moses Montefiore (the Jewish Tositsas) doing so on behalf of the British.  The supposed Patriarchs of Jerusalem and Antioch should be deported to Magog Muscovy – and the Aramean descendants of the original Christians, should be given full control over Holy Sites in the Holy Land. eorge Wadie Abu Hani Haddad was an “Orthodox Christian” who used KGB funding to established the PLO terrorist group. According to Vasili Mitrokhin, a senior KGB archivist who defected to the UK in 1992, in early 1970 Haddad was recruited by the KGB as an agent. The KGB had warning of its major operations and almost certainly sanctioned the most significant, such as the September 1970 hijackings. Haddad remained a highly valued agent till his death in 1978. A letter by Yuri Andropov confirming Haddad’s role as an agent was independently discovered in Soviet archives by Vladimir Bukovsky.  May 3, 2003 Archbishop Christodoulos of Athens was recorded blaming Jews in very stern terms for Jesus crucifixion. Yo, Pontius Pilate, it was Romiosini that slew Jesus and stole his religion! It is slander to deny that Jews forgive as can be seen in the 613 mitzvot and the Tefila Zaka. If the Jews can't have Jerusalem, why should Greece be trusted with the Elgin Marbles? Maybe Athens should be an international city under the UN because those islamosoviet goons living there would destory the treasures of western civilization? If you want to force your phony Palestinians on the Lord's People, then why not have some boko haram crawling out of your every crevice.
  • Why  doesn't Archie Pig Chop Dymoutrios have his beloved Palestinians circumcise his nieces. His classmate wants to prove his Cretin wife barbarian by claiming Philistines are Minoan? Sold Roslyn church for tin can built on  Port Washington toxic dump, did same to Newark & Stamford, but Truckerdeli  thinks aborted Greeks will reappear as loaves in fishes with Scopas papers. Couchell dares call Israel apartheid when he does not dare convert muslims, only steal other  Christians? Of course, Zombillas grew up poor, he is from a clan of wastrel troubadours, which is why he is so socialist and cross posted Al Jazeera.  Because Zombie was Muckhole Jerkson's homeboy, he thinks Jesus was sammiggas?  When Zombillas was Chancellor he resided in the soviet Rellim Kenilworth compound recently closed by Obama.
    While you close schools and churches, you build monasteries for your fagoats and old age homes for their spinster lovers.  Greek shippers (who are really Venetian uniates, never Greek)  are so beholden to the same Saudi Yesil Sermaye that planted all the anti-Israel canards after Cyrpus. As England, Jordan and Israel terminated the Ottoman Empire, those who despise them are nostalgic for lost Ottoman franchises.
  • FBI arrests Paisios Lulurga Tyana (Little Patstichio) and Vikentios of Chryssovlamatou in 2010, ends long Popandrew sponsored apostasy to weaken Iakovos.  Then the old cals joined with the flood of Arab monophysites to replace service books in pew stands with their own. Zeussie's altar buttboys are the children of Lulurga's butt boys, who are now Zeussie's board members. They can't get real jobs because their credibility is impeachable!
  • The crux of their wealth-destroying, uncreative, rentier economics is from Brezhnev, their demigod of pilfering. They kill for ypsomas. Weasel helpers pilfer first from church for practice, starting each meal with toasted antidoros croutons, and supplying their homes and diners with hallah artois.
  • Karloutsos is the very Snake of Eden. Avenge Jake, Hang Bart, Smash Greece. Karloutsos is the Modern Caiaphas, serving the same Lazio Evil Empire as did Caiaphas.  He is the one who got Giannoulias Broadway Bank to launder Iran nuclear funding. Meliton prevented Iacovus patriarchy after long grudge.  Karloutsos manipulated Clinton White House to ascend Bart Arcantony and then abused travel agency.
  • Why doesn't Skopjan Radi Slavoff find Charlie Grist a new job? "Troomp! Troomp!" Ambassador Zote-Grosso told Admiral Nance.  RICO should be used against SAE for trying to deprive our American birthright by calling us expatriates. As we deport nazi guards who lied on their citizenship, we can denaturalize those who refuse to learn English. You need to conceal your ethnic identity lest ounia vrouklides stab you in the back.
  • Drive out the burka prosphorettes by using Wonder Bread. Prosforos should be health inspected as temple mp3-changers grind old icons and ashes from church circulars into the dough. Communion wine is infused with grape stomper foot fungus so should be replaced with grape juice. How can you eat overcooked donkey hides and more whipped cream than dessert? Eating anti-kosher colomorakia (which are really boneless inverted pork rectums) as fasting mocks God. The word methane confirms Greeks get drunk by farting. Lenten bean farting causes most global warming because it is kitniyot. Fasting induces masochism which predisposes to domestic abuse. Priests claim all Greece fast but the harlenic socarities and pangyro festifools say only monastics fast. They need festivals because we don't give griagia any money to put in the collection tray! And your priests use the government grants for elder, child, alcohol, drug and turd care to build themselves nice suburban mansions. Greeks refuse to celebrate Thanksgiving, ostensibly because it occurs during Advent fast, but because it derived from Sukoth. "Byzantine" derives from "Vyzia einai tinos" as their mock fasting causes breasts to grow into thighs, necessitating burkas. Yanagizana-Drott of Harvard showed showed fasting drastically impairs industrial productivity which makes it a bona fide employment disqualification. They are too drunk to make food, so excuse by fasting.  Fasting is really due to agrarian hybernation. Anti-kosher seafood causes gout for which fasters turn to Lumvrax for oxycotton.  Immigrant domestic abuse codependency symptoms:  Does not learn English, drive, or vote; No smartphone, EZ-Pass, indoor pets, internet or cable television; Frequent visits to birth country; Children who grow up in such environments tend to drugs, gangs and terror. How many of those who refuse to celebrate Thanskgiving on account of Advent ignore lent fasting at their Greek Parade celebrations? They should read Michelle Malkin’s Defense of Internment, for what a rightwards court awaits despite what lefist attorneys tell them, for their visas and citizenships were clearly under false pretenses
  • W L Westermann wrote (J Egy Arc 18#1 p27) “Further, I would add that this is another, though humble, example of the greatest among the gifts of the ancient Greeks to human society, namely, the secularization of human life (I have to thank my colleague, Professor Frederick Barry, for this phrase)” So why are we allowing these Arabators to turn our lives into religious lunacy. St Anthony, the first monk, was not Greek, he was a pyramid necrophile who turned Chirstians on to his pyramid-dwelling. When the Efremites and Lulurags buttboys and the howling minaret psalti efialties entered our churches, the brightest of our children left. Greeks were the ultimate secularists, as my dad taught me, “Syn Athina kai xira kine”! FOr them religion was a joke. It must remain a joke!
  • .Greeks in the USA don’t sign petitions, don’t collect nominating signatures, don’t make phone calls. They think politics is all about five seconds of yelling. But they are quick to demand things, which they never get. In American politics you have to sacrifice when a candidate is losing, when he has no chance of victory, in order to gain his loyalty. Just like in church they go late, and chose the church with the cheapest candles. Everything they do is superficial, so no one trusts them. And all the HABA hubbas are working for Iran via Qatar so Putin can build a Caspian Canal connecting the Persian Gulf to the Black Sea to compete with the German Europa Canal. In 1969 Minos Zombanakis invented the corrupt LIBOR cabal so he could loan Khodadad Farmanfarmaian and the Shah of Iran $80 million. Patriarch Demetreus served as pastor of the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church in Tehran, Iran, from 1945 to 1950. Obama buddy Giannoulias’ family real estate portfolio is financed by a French bank known for its investments in Iran’s energy sector and connections to Iran’s Central Bank. They also loaned $22.75 million to Nadhmi Auchi whose bank financed the delivery of chemical weapons to Saddam Hussein, which may have been used to gas the Kurdish city of Halabja in 1988.
  • Efremites send shut-in credit cards to their Bela-rus henchmen via Cyp-rus Banks. Now Putin has them making krokodil synthetic heroin from gasoline to dumb up country voters. That is why the tomb of Archbishop Michael has Polonium booby traps! Those freaks complain about syncretism? What about "evil eye" vaskania or when you go to all the local churches so your kids can crawl under the epitaphio?  Get your finger-wagging griagia off the harlequin zara sheriff religion by having Skoptozy circumcize her while poopoo sips polonium with his dainty pinky cup. First the priest gets all the yayissas to remortgage their homes to fund the church. Then the efrmamissas demand ending the fraggohorodia so they can sell the fancy organ. Then they sell the Tiffany stained glass. The compalin the icons are too latin and don’t follow the Fotis Kontoglu standard. Then they burn the church for insurance fraud. Then they sell the land and build a tin can church on a cheaper parcel. And all the proceeds go to the Eframist munasteries to produce Krokodil from kerosene to stupefy Trump voters for Putin.  BBC Monitoring January 15, 2018 said Russian state TV channel Rossiya 1 has broadcast a film about the Valaam Monastery in Russia's north that focused heavily on lengthy excerpts from interviews with Russian President Vladimir Putin [who said] . . . “In fact, the Communist ideology is actually akin to Christianity.” Alexander Litvinenko accused Vladimir Putin of being a paedophile four months before he was poisoned (Independent UK 21 January 2016).   
    The monasteries were built with pilfered credit cards from elderly they supposedly cared for. Greeks are always crybabies seeking pity, so when they tell you their grandparents lived long, they are lying  because the old witches just upped their age. You know Greeks who refuse to own EZ Pass, credit card or smartphones are working for the soviets. Check out your parish at Property Shark to see how many times it was remortgaged to fund your priest's resort villas, hatched at Seminary Comedy Club. Priests make a hundred thousand, Protopresbyters 150, archdiocese department directors 200, Sextons 50. And they get "faith based" government grants for child, alcohol, drug and elder programs. Yet they still beg you to remortgage your home to fund them? When Frank Marangos stepped down from comms to run cathedral,  he demanded Stepahnopoulos rectory because of the pay cut. As Paul made tents, clergy need day jobs not yayaland. I've been a fly on the wall when priests get together and drunk often enough to know how little they believe. They view it all as an act, learning to tell each yiayia what she wants to hear even if they contradict themselves. After years avoiding slices from dueling finger wagging yiayias they disociate into abuse. 
    Yiayia gets her sermons from Athos MP3 so she only wants the priest to be a shaman. So we should do like Japan and get robot priests who can’t molest kids or argue with the council. Besides yiayia don’t even know her MP3 is really Yahuvatis. 
  • The franchise model is working in other Greek diasporas and is the trend for the future. Your dues and sacraments will be stored on a chip on your GOACARD, which you will swipe to get in and again to take communion. Colleges now take attendance by having students swipe into class. This way those who are not in good standing will be barred, especially for hatch,match & dispatch. Instead of having cake fart withhold his Fair Share to build a choir loft with faulty ventilation and which removed the cornerstone mentioning his predecessors parishes will have to pay a franchise fee to have their sacraments recognized in other parishes. Yiayia parishes will get robopriests as yiayia gets her sermons on yahuvidas mp3 she thinks are from Athos. Robopriest doesn’t even have to be life size. Priestie can pop out of a clock with incense and squawk “Gyro Lay On!” every hour.
  • Byzantines invented the computer and steam engine but lacking the wonders of British corporations and patents were  unable to put them to use for humanity. 
  • Fr George Pyle on 2007 sabbatical after sex with Athenagoras campers. 
  • Old Calanders and New Ionia Decembrists were all Monophysites, let them circumcise their women. Why is is the Nigrasiates brag about their supposed Asian "culture" but as soon as we say something Byzantine, they accuse us of being "fascists"? Why is it there were never any pogroms in the mainland but plenty in Smyrna (NY Times May 31, 1872)? Because the nigrasiates are really Turks! Bouzouki gyros are arab DNA yet dare to question Glucksburg Greekness?  Yehovathies and monphysites masquerade as monks to spread their heretical MP3s. Why should we care about Maquarius being rightly whacked for footsing with Breznev and Marcozenni trying to kick out the sixth fleet.
  • If you study the book by Vikelas on archive.org, written in 1890s Scotland, you will see the Byzantine empire was the most democratic and tolerant regime of its time. The Senate impeached emperors and vetoed decrees, while the Emperor had to answer to the town halls of the Hippodrome. Even the Romanovs were chosen by a grand council of the land, and the Galitsines tried to bring back freedom against Anna of Courland. The fiction of Orthodox Autocracy derives instead from Rome: Peter the Great emulated the very Bourbons whose bolshevik curse befell Russia a mere century after the Jacobins; And the worst ides came from a Mennonite named Catherine the great who got them from her correspondence with Diderot.
  • Indeed, Greece is in Huntington’s Islamosoviet zone. Was Greece ever Western, or was this just a convenient masthead for imperial conquest? Leo Straus, his mentor George Anastoplo, and Edith Hamilton all held Athens and Jerusalem were neither east nor west, but the dialectic synthetic bridge between the two. Sparta gave birth to the west, because it colonized Italy, but Athens colonized Scythia. Phillip took Byzantium to choke Athens fom Scythian wheat. In fact, Hellenism, and its inseperably conjoined cousin Judaism, was the original globalization as evidenced by Opis. Constantelos said Athens was repaganized by the West because they wanted to break her ties to Russia, but the return of Thessalonike in 1912 brought Greece back in contact with the East. Greek Power inevitably always depended on control of the straits. By incorporating Ukraine and Turkey into the EU can Greece be able to properly function in greatness as it did for a thousand Byzantine years.
  • When the first modern Olympics bankrupted Greece,Greeks, like the Elitis and Seferis families, prefered to go to Turkey than Russia. The Russians were never interested in religion, they only wanted the straits. All their spiritual quietude results from nursing hangovers.
  • Hamdi Usta in 1832, called cag doner kebap, shawarma, or tacopastor, introduced by Nea Ionia Decembrists in Athens to dispose of Eleni Papadaki. Most American “Greek” Gyro is separated by a blender (to keep from destroying the sinews the way meat grinders cross cut) then the meat is filtered under steam pressure to remove debris dangerous to your dental work. It is rumored many gyro are actually reconstituted donkey hides. Insect and reptile protein is ideal for lent and doesn’t produce as much global warming flatulence as mammal meat, so now gyros will be made from insects. There were never any anti-Jewish pogroms on the Greek mainland, only Smyrna (NY Times May 31, 1872) and Corfu (1891). Nigrataites are finding their DNA is Arab and Ponticants are Kavkasian. The Greek civil war was started by nigrasiates Vafiades and Zachariades. Nigasiates brough communism and anti-semitism to Greece. Andarteggoonia back to Turkey as kekabia.
  • Don’t pretend to be Christians. Our forefathers fled the twaddleskank of grecletude to partake in American holiness. We read of Pagourges love of Greek dancing. Pappas Pousti wants you to “Dance Greek” like Budha Zorba but many remote parishes actually hold dance exhibitions on the altar after mass where they shamelessly dance filthy dances like whoresapiko religiously, clueless as to their actual origins.
  • Texas Fr Nicholas Katinas defrocked in 2007 for abusing seven boys, dies.  Fr Anthony Moschonas assaulted 19 year old pilgrim in 2008 in Greece. Fr James Recachinas on medical leave after 2011 sodomy with truck drivers. 
  • Goddaughter and secretary Ethel Bouzalas found on lap of Spyro's envious chief Gyro, George Passias, who resides contiguous to nazi Avellino compound that coaxed Clinton to bomb Serbs.  (Avelino also spawned Gold Dawn.) He diverted church dues by having parishioners make checks to "St Nicholas Agape Fund" whose account was signed for by someone named "Muhammad". Greeks who attend church every Sunday only do so to impress their Catholic relatives. Antisemitism inevitably leads to satanism.
  • Elder Paisius is quoted as having said "The Zionists want to rule the earth. To achieve their ends they use black magic and Satanism... In Brussels a whole palace with three sixes has been built to house a central computer.. The Russians will take Turkey and Turkey will disappear from the world map because a third of the Turks will become Christians, another third will die in the war and another third will leave for Mesopotamia...  The Chinese, with an army of 200 million, will cross the Euphrates and go all the way to Jerusalem... There will be a great war between Russians and Europeans, and much blood will be spilled. Greece won't play a leading role in that war, but they'll give her Constantinople." (Speeches, Vol. 2 Suroti Thessalonia 1999 p. 99; Hellas Frappe Blogspot, July 2011)  "Elder Paisios of the Holy Mount Athos has been canonized by the Ecumenical Patriarchate, during the session of the Holy Synod on Tuesday, January 13, 2015" (Orthodox Christian News Jan 13, 2015); On January 26, the Marxist Alexis Tsipras was elected Greek prime minister. When a facebook paged mocked him as Gedon Pustachio of the Pastafarian "Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster", on September 21, 2012 the Greek police arrested the 27 year old author for blasphemy, who was convicted on January 16 2014. Gedon Pustachio hypocritically said simplicity is the cure to anxiety, yet Byzantine Orthodoxy is the ultimate paradigm of wanton complexity!  Yo, Charlie Hebdo Pussy Riot, Jesus was the greatest blasphemist before your slew him and stole his religion. Take your bankrupt minds and souls back to your bankrupt homeland. You left your birthplace because of the very soiled traditions you try to impose here. You need to instead dehellenize yourself and become sostos anthropos. You are the most hideated toilet scammers from the inner cauldrons of vlarmageldon. See  condemnation of Paisios in  staid, center right newspaper Kathimerini, "Para-religious fetishism"  Pantelis Boukalas, July 18,  2017
  • Flushing's Dr Zeuss, Palestinan Paul, tells his subjects to sacrifice their teeth to the Greek god Antipus instead of "judaic" dentists.  He was a Tolentine altar boy, mispronounces Incarnate as "Incarnette",  and promotes the papal doctrine of redemptive suffering. He is quick to condemn other Christians, especially the Armenians and Protestants, but preaches unity with the papacy. Zeussie Paul is Passias' comparo. And Zeussie removed all the thermostats because this control freak wants to turn on all the heat by hand.  Zeussie tells us the angels sing Byzantine music, but we learned Byzantine music with organs and choirs and not muslimating minaret howlers. In his Handbook of Spiritual Counsel, Athonite "saint" Nicodemus denounces bathing by monastics! Quest microbiologist Golobic showed all beard hoarde fecal bacteria. In 2007, the EU and UN condment Greek beaches as polluted by manure and cesspool runoff, with a trojaned return of poliomyelitis.  Contractors exploit that the Greek word for quicklime is asvestion to get their workers to ignore hazmats. Greeks call USA states  counties (nomOs) instead of eparchies. Greeks insist sycophants slander, not flatter. They call gasoline benzene. They confuse asbestos (amiantos) with quicklime (asvestion). They are so used to lying, they fall for their own trojan horses.
  • Clearly the Ochrafux Cherks was always communist. Parable of Talents (Matthew 25) glorifies capitalism as opposed to the slothful envy of communism, but Soviet Seleucid Grystlestolm wrote "The rich are in possession of the goods of the poor, even if they have acquired them honestly" (Lazarus 11) and "Questioning is the subversion of faith" (Timothy 1). Theodosian Code promoted confiscatory taxation and promoted Diocletian socialist feudalism (Rostovtzeff 1926, Gibbon ch. 13) that Toynbee (1939, IV p. 399) said caused Anatolia to apostase into Turkishness.  Gun control hails back to Justinian's Novella 85. Scamday of Ochrafuxy hymn admits idolatry (Acrad Icon Proskein, not timein) Grystlestolm Church begat Islam and Communism by rejecting Original Sin.   They mock God with their brigand "fathers", idolatrous "icons", counter-kosher "lent", sleep-deprived brainwash vigils, subliminal incantations, intoxicating incense, pyromaniac lights, and philocalia hyperventilatory hallucinations. American Christian Zionists were also Christian Hellenists until the Nigrasiates showed their Seleucid hatred of the Lord's people. Evangelicals love the Greek language, while the Slavs and Arabs in the Ochrafux Cherks find it repulsive. Cavadist texts taught us we were closer to Episcopaleans until Bart decided he wanted to be pope. Evangelical know better Greek than your bouzouki Melina teachers. Every goat wants your throat. Boycott stewardship. Put a green slip, empty envelope or only penny in colleciton tray. Lex Lutsos keeps them broke because his leftist fadism makes them buy high and sell low.  Aristides Papadakis tries to make the early Christians into communist (David Bentley Hart NOV 4 2017 NY Times). 
  • Former Bulgarian finance minister Simeon Djankov and Elena Nikolova of University College London,
  • World Bank WPS8399 April 2018, “Eastern Orthodox religion have less social capital and prefer old ideas and safe jobs. In addition, Orthodoxy is associated with left-leaning political preferences and stronger support for government involvement in the economy. Compared with non-believers and Orthodox adherents, Catholics and Protestants are less likely to agree that government ownership is a good thing, and Protestants are less likely to agree that getting rich can only happen at the expense of others. These differences in life satisfaction and other attitudes and values persisted despite the fact that communist elites sought to eradicate church-going in Eastern Europe, since communists maintained many aspects of Orthodox theology which were useful for the advancement of the communist doctrine. The findings are consistent with Berdyaev’s hypothesis that communism is a successor of Orthodoxy”
  • Greeks ejected for lacking Australian values and making Australians look lazy are now living under the sombreros left behind by industrious Mexicans who left for the USA. 
  •  In July, 1977 Richard Pipes wrote in Commentary "Why the Soviet Union thinks it Could Win a Nuclear War" “ 'There is profound erroneousness and harm in the disorienting claims of bourgeois ideologies that there will be no victor in a thermonuclear world war,' thunders an authoritative Soviet publication (Karabanov, Moscow, 1972). . .  According to the most recent Soviet census (1970), the USSR had only nine cities with a population of one million or more; the aggregate population of these cities was 20.5 million, or 8.5 per cent of the country’s total." On January 8, 1979, Deputy National Security Advisor Huntington told the Senate: 35-65% of the USA but 80-90% of the Soviets would survive a massive nuclear exchange (p.31). In 1980, Gray & Payne wrote in Foreign Policy that the USA would only lose 20 million in a nuclear war (p. 27)  "Despite a succession of U.S. targeting reviews, Soviet leaders, looking to the mid-1980s, may well anticipate the ability to wage World War III successfully." (p. 21) In June 30, 2015, Reagan, Rumsfeld and Obama advisor Keith Payne wrote in National Review "The evidence since 2012 is that Putin’s nuclear moves are becoming even more dangerous, including a reported doctrinal innovation that ironically envisions Russia’s first use of nuclear weapons as a form of nuclear 'de-escalation' — that is, if Russia uses nuclear weapons in a local conflict, opponents will cease resistance, thus de-escalating the crisis." 
  • Peloporicans are Italian fascists. Nigrasiates are Arab communists. Ponticans are Genoan fraggoputans that's why they speak Latin Ayoutis, not because they are ancient. Nisiostes are Levant Phoenicians. Sturneladites are goat humping Romanian gangsters. All their heathen tsaoulia jowls demot-ed the language into demonic demot-ic. The Greeks were never united, they were always separate tribes! Opis proves Hellenism was the original globalization. Minoans were Phoenician Arabs [Annals of Human Genetics (2008) 72,205–214]   They are distinuished as being Semites from Asia not Hamites from Africa. The Thracians or Vlachs were Carpathian Celts like the Galatians.  Achaeans, Ahiya, were Hamitic Africans from Egypt. This is why Sparta got its wheat from Sicily which is closer to  Africa than Europe and Peloporicans are the dumbest Greeks and have Thalasemia. Dorians were Alpine Germans, the smartest Greeks. Ionians, descended from Yovani, Javan, son of Japheth, were Scythians. The name Ashkhenazi derives from Scythian. This is why Athenians got their wheat from Scythia via Bezant. The Aeolians were Pelasgian Albanians. Everywhere Herodotus said there were Pelasgians, like in Koropi, outside of  Athens, and Methana near Corinth, today there are Albanians. The Trojans were undeniably Hittites, who appear with Mongolian Turkic Turanian slanted eyes on drawings. That is why the Trojan Romulus and Remus share the Magog Volpomammic birth myth. If you insist on calling Irish "Irelanders", then we should use the conqueror name for you, Yovanistanis. We don't want those bouzouki humpstresses teaching our children leftist koultoura and demote demonic demotic, so we can homeschool with robots and close your silly schools. Greeks misunderstand other Christians. Ecumenists are almost universally protestants who are seeking common action on social issues. The Romans do not believe in Ecumenist and demand submission, therefore the correct term for Greek mingling with the pope is UNIATIASM or OUNIA. Very clearly, the Peoporicans and Ionians are Uniates, the Ounia tou Ioniou, because they were under the Venetians when we suffered from Turks. Shipowners are Uniate Venetians, never Greek: Comnene Genoan,  Paleologue Venetian, Kulukundis Hampshire, Coumantaros McKee,Niarchos Nazi Ford, Embricos Hayworth Khan, Livanos Jagelonian Radziwill, Onasis Napoleonic Bouvier A quarter of Doric Greeks were always blond and blue eyed. America’s founders loved Greeks, especially William Cullen Bryant’s Greek Boy. It wasn’t until the pseudo-Greek Arab-blooded anti-Semites from the Islands and Asia Minor gave us a bad name that Americans turned against us.
  • Such is their satanic historical progression! Athos has been a soviet spy base since 1839 (New York Times July 27 1913 pg C3; Aug 18, 1878. p. 6; Jan 5, 1940, p. E3 ). When we end the Obamanation, we will achieve glorious nuclear rapture by annihilating the Athos Moscow Magog.  This is why Huntington's Clash puts Greece in the Islamosoviet Block. 
  • Greek Church begat Islam and Communism by rejecting Original Sin.  Grysustolm was the orginator of Islam to avenge his Seleucid forefather's Channukah crimes.
  • If Greeks trojaned their eurobudgets, do you trust their food hygiene, caique shipping, quisling lawyers or olive witch doctors?
  • See below how Ephraim conspires with ras-Putin to steal credit cards from little old ladies via Cyp-rus and Bela-rus. If we nuke ras-Putin's homosexual monasteries, will he return the favor and nuke our homosexual artist colonies?  Patriarchs are liable under Sarbanes Oxen for ras-Putin abuses. 
  • Don't forget my Blog And REAL Greek History from 200 yrs of USA newspapers

Putin conspiring with Ephraim to steal little old lasy creidt cards to fund soviet terros via Cyprus and Belarus

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