Baha'i Community of Northern Moscow

The Bahá'í Community of Northern Moscow

Welcome to the Northern Moscow district Baha’i Community website.

In 2003 the Universal House of Justice in consultation with the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Russia divided the Baha’i Moscow Community into several distinct communities based on administrative borders within the city. Our northern community is small, active and welcoming, representing a mix of people from all walks of life. Baha'is from nearby communities regularly join us for spiritual gatherings, Holy Day observances and celebrations. Community activities include devotionals and study classes.

For information about the next Baha’i meeting contact the secretary at: 95 bahai or call at: +7 919 765 1945

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Some little known facts about the Baha’i Faith in Russia:
  • Russian was the first European language into which the Baha’i holy book Kitab-i-Aqdas was translated and later published in 1899.
  • The first organized Baha’i community outside Iran was formed in Ashkhabad in the early 1880s, at that time - a part of the Russian Empire.
  • The first Baha’i House of Worship was built in Russia in Ashkhabad in 1913-1918.
  • Russia was the first country where the Baha’i Faith was accepted as an independent religion by the Russian court in 1889.
  • Count Leo Tolstoy, the renowned author, was very interested in the Baha'i Faith and met and corresponded with Baha'is. He heard about the Baha’i Faith for the first time in 1884.
  • Izabella Grinevskaya, one of the early Baha'is, met `Abdu'l-Baha in 1910 in Egypt and published plays and essays about the new religion.