Blade Iphone 4 Metal Bumper

blade iphone 4 metal bumper
    iphone 4
  • The iPhone 4 is a slate smartphone designed and developed by Apple. It is the fourth generation of iPhone, and successor to the iPhone 3GS.
  • a glass filled to the brim (especially as a toast); "we quaffed a bumper of ale"
  • a mechanical device consisting of bars at either end of a vehicle to absorb shock and prevent serious damage
  • A horizontal bar fixed across the front or back of a motor vehicle to reduce damage in a collision or as a trim
  • A generous glassful of an alcoholic drink, typically one drunk as a toast
  • An automobile's bumper is the front-most or rear-most part, ostensibly designed to allow the car to sustain an impact without damage to the vehicle's safety systems.
  • especially a leaf of grass or the broad portion of a leaf as distinct from the petiole
  • something long and thin resembling a blade of grass; "a blade of lint on his suit"
  • The flat cutting edge of a knife, saw, or other tool or weapon
  • a dashing young man; "gay young blades bragged of their amorous adventures"
  • A sword
  • A long, narrow flake
  • A solid material that is typically hard, shiny, malleable, fusible, and ductile, with good electrical and thermal conductivity (e.g., iron, gold, silver, copper, and aluminum, and alloys such as brass and steel)
  • metallic: containing or made of or resembling or characteristic of a metal; "a metallic compound"; "metallic luster"; "the strange metallic note of the meadow lark, suggesting the clash of vibrant blades"- Ambrose Bierce
  • Broken stone for use in making roads
  • metallic element: any of several chemical elements that are usually shiny solids that conduct heat or electricity and can be formed into sheets etc.
  • cover with metal
  • Gold and silver (as tinctures in blazoning)

Scrapyard Blade
Scrapyard Blade
A huge and heavy blade made from scrap parts and cleaned up later. The sword blade came from an old helicopter rotor blade that was cut into rough shape, thus no pointy end. The edges, however, are razor sharp and is able to decapitate five (5!) infected in one strike, presuming the wielder is a fierce motherfucker. If not, then use the flat point to push infected away and proceed to cutting off head by head with the sharp parts. I can has comments? Or notes? Or both?
HP Blades to replace DL 580's
HP Blades to replace DL 580's
Two racks, four fully populated blade enclosures (64 blades) will replace 8 racks of 40 DL 580's

blade iphone 4 metal bumper
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