Introducing one of the baddest 91 Hatch-Back Mustangs to ever hit the street...Continuously built over the span of 10 years, this true original, The 520+ Rear Wheel HP Coast High Performance 1991 Ford Mustang Hatch-Back, is now being made available to the public.  With well under ONLY 4,000 miles on a brand new Coast High Performance specialty 347 Crate Motor, this 91' Stang is looking the right owner to perform and show off for. 

Though she boasts enough horses to break loose in all 6 gears, she has never been used as a race vehicle!  Her primary use has always been to make us look good as a company and allow us to show off the fact that Coast High Performance
has always been an
"Obvious solution to making the most of a good balance of Great Parts!"  We created this site in order to properly illustrate the roughly $75,000 invested in this one of a kind Mustang!  The Exterior, Interior and Under The Hood links in the navigation bar at the top of the site will brake down "what's included" in the asking price. Please, Serious Offers Only.   

 TECH SPECS                                                                                                            

For a complete run down  of what this baby is packin', click on the "Tech Specs" link at the top of the page or click on the title bar of this section.  

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We've also included a press section link that highlights just a few of the many articles that were written on our mustang.  In that section you will see the cover of the magazine the article ran, with a small excerpt of the article.  Click on the cover of the magazine to view the full article in its entirety. 

"Coast High Performance has become a household name among Ford Performance Enthusiasts; the company builds literally hundreds of highly effective engines every year. What’s more, each one of those engines is fitted with Probe Industries forged pistons!"

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As Promised.  Check out the video on the car.  Hopefully youtube doesn't turn off the sound because of the music.  If they do, we will figure out another way to show it...

 ABOUT THE VEHICLE                                                                                                                                                                                                                

To say that the Fox-body Mustangs have been among the favorites of Ford performance enthusiasts since they began production in 1979 is like saying Henry Ford did okay. Even those without on eye for the obvious know that, by sheer numbers alone, these highly effective, as well as affordable, machines rule the streets of America, And while ’79 – ’93 Mustangs may lack some of the technological advancements found in Ford showrooms today, there 's on abundance of components available through the aftermarket that will make up for that shortcoming, and lots more.

So you know what you're looking at, the Coast High Performance project car is a '91 hatchback with the company's Street Fighter 347E emissions-legal short-block. This gives a 9.0:1 compression ratio from its Probe SRS series forged pistons, which reciprocate inside a standard factory block. The crank is a 4340 Scat unit, while the rods are RPM by CHP lightweights. Clevite bearings are used throughout.

Camming is via Probe's legal hydraulic roller. It measures 0.542/ 0.563 inch valve lift and 225/232 degrees duration at 0.050-inch valve lift. The lobe centers are a fuel-injection friendly 112 degrees. Speaking of fuel, a 255-lph in-tank pump does the heavy lifting, and 42-lb/hr Ford Racing Performance Paris injectors do the spraying.

The cylinder heads are Windsor Jr. aluminum units, while the intake manifold is the new Edelbrock Performer RPM II. The headers are Edelbrock units as well, with the remainder of the exhaust essentially an '03 Cobra unit.  Why the Cobra exhaust?  Because, with many of the other modifications on this car, Joe Gosinski at Chicane Autosport got the call to slide a Cobra IRS in place.  It works with a Tremec T56 six-speed manual gearbox, aluminum flywheel, and Centerforce Dual Friction Clutch.

When Larry Wojcik decided to purchase this '91 Mustang, there was no doubt of his intentions, as he had owned others before. Larry’s father Mark, who is also the proud owner of ‘Coast High Performance’, is fully aware of not only what goes into today’s performance engines, but also what it takes to make a difference, no matter whether it’s designed for the street or the track! As a result to this attention to detail and commitment to doing what it takes,