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The CCTV cameras

 Jahar is Innocent



They have the footage from these cameras. Why aren't they showing them to us

These are the cameras the FBI used to make their video  and then saying "these are the suspects"

No where near the blast zones.

Notice how far away the church steeple is

And  amazing no one else saw the two brothers in all that distance 
among all those people taking pics

And that's just one of the many CCTV 's strung all over Boylston street in the vicinity of the 2 blasts 
They are at every intersection as well

On Danny's story

Along with the stations interior cameras

And the Mobil Station across the street 

This camera Would show Danny running towards  the Mobile station and entering into the store
 along with its interior cameras showing him going to the back room to hide.

Let's see the footage

 The  car chase, shootout at the car scene,  and the  boat scene would all have been captured on these cameras, 

Where's the Dash Cam  footage from this vehicle?

including the chopper camera

Why didn't the chopper take video footage of Jahar exiting the boat?

State Police Helicopter
After Boston Police Officers raced to the scene and confirmed movement inside the boat located in the driveway of 67 Franklin Street in Watertown, the officers on the ground received a huge assist from troopers in the air and the forward-looking infrared camera attached to the Mass State Police helicopter (Photo by Steve Haines/Globe). Upon confirming the presence of an individual inside the boat, Trooper Ed Mathurin proclaimed, “When we put that [infrared camera] on the boat, I was actually shocked that not only did I see there was a heat source, but I got a perfect human silhouette. That doesn’t happen that much.”

The contributions and assistance provided by the Mass State Police helicopter was invaluable in the aiding in the arrest of 19 year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

Where is the footage of Jahar shooting at the police

All I see is an image of SOMEONE 
Laying on the floor No gun

And the FBI and SWAT teams film everything

 So where's their footage?

If they want the world to believe their story 
Then let them prove their words with the live video footage and not  with just some photoshopped still pics.

They did the same type scenario with the  911 Pentagon  videos