Offers of political office and favors

"After being honored as a hero by countless individuals, officials, and media outlets, he was offered a congressional seat and millions of dollars in campaign finance."Source

"I’m talking to you as a national hero of the United States, recognized by the government as that.

I was prepared by the Republican party to run for office. They sent me to the Governing Institute [note: the cost of 6 Saturday sessions at the Governing Institute is $150.] And I felt that I was being (inaudible) one way or the other. I was part of the whole game. And not only the photo opportunities, not only the celebrities trying to use me for fundraisings (as a hero)." Source

"I was sent to the Governing Institute to train for political office. When I started asking questions, it all went the other way. You see, they wanted me to play ball. …I don’t care about anything else, but I want the truth.

It wasn't long before the Republicans recognised the power of his appeal, not least to the all important Hispanic community which held 30 million votes in its sway. They asked him to run for office, sending him to train at the Governing Institute to learn about politics." Source

"You see, I’ve been offered everything. I had a television show on PBS. They offered me movies, books, everything. I would say, ‘Oh, forget about it.’ It’s not money. I was homeless. I raised 122 million dollars. And don’t take my word for it. Go on the internet. Do your own research. You’ll find it there." Source

In return for his co-operation in suppressing evidence of Israeli involvement in 9-11 and the explosions, Rodriguez has apparently been given vague promises of financial stability – and even political office – particularly in the event that Hillary Clinton wins the presidency in 2008. "I will be set for life if Hillary wins," he told AFP, which suggests that the powers behind Clinton are directly involved in the cover-up. Source

The final straw came when he was asked to give a public address on why Iraq should be invaded. "I said no - 9/11 was nothing to do with Iraq. I helped organise the families, and we voted against the President using us for his political motive. That's when the thrust changed, and the invasion suddenly became about weapons of mass destruction."

“At the very beginning when they were fighting to try to get into Iraq, they said because of the connection between Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein, because 9/11. And they tried to, they connected with me, to try to get family members to come out publicly, on a national level, to do public service announcements, to call for the war in Iraq. They contact me. They contact me. And when I said, ‘No, it doesn’t have to do with 9/11.’ But you know what? It was insignificant, our position to them. Because they went away and they said, okay, we won’t have the families’ support, so then we’ll go with weapons of mass destruction. Source

He’s even thinking of running as an independent political candidate. Source
These days, Mr Rodriguez fears for his life - and says his plight is relevant in the wake of the death of Alexander Litvinenko, the ex-KGB spy many believe was poisoned by the Russians. Source - 02 December 2006

I have no doubt that, before Rodriguez began accusing his government of committing the atrocities of 9/11, he would have been seen as a valuable asset for a political party. But a promise of millions of dollars in campaign financing for a completely inexperienced candidate? I wouldn't believe that without evidence. And the suggestion that the Bush administration settled on a strategy of promoting the Iraq WMD scenario because it was rebuffed by families of 9/11 victims, strikes me as absurd.

And the quote that Rodriguez will be "set for life" if Hillary Clinton wins the presidency in 2008? As I've mentioned, the AFP is not in general a credible source. However, judging from Rodriguez's other extraordinary statements, I wouldn't be surprised if that quote was accurate.