Not a Conspiracy Theorist? Then Who Is?

I was there. I don’t speculate.” –William Rodriguez

During a radio interview Rodriguez says, “I agree that there are many conspiracy theories, but in my case, I was an eyewitness. I was there.” But then he immediately says, “Criminal minds within our own government were involved in this pre-planned process.” Source

"I won't speculate because I'm not a theorist." Source
"William Rodriguez, of full age, being first duly sworn according to law, says:

1. I am the plaintiff in this action, and have personal knowledge of the matters set forth below....

...I will show in this affidavit that the truly unbelievable "conspiracy theory" concerning the 9-11 attacks, in particular those at the World Trade Center in New York, is the one being peddled by the Government."..–From Rodriguez's sworn, signed, and notarized court affidavit, January, 2006.

"The 9/11 attacks are just an illusion. It never happened in the way they say. It's all manufactured to give the impression that it happened like that."
Mr Rodriguez, a native of Puerto Rico, swears his ordeal began before the first plane hit the Twin Towers. He claims that the White House failed to act, and accuses the government of being involved in "sponsored terrorism" in a bid to find a motive to invade Iraq. Source..(02 December, 2006)

Host: "Do you think the people who crashed the planes were genuine terrorists, then?”

WR: "I don’t, because, uh, you know, it’s, it’s, well, what I’m saying is it’s not that they were genuine terrorists or not. I’m saying that I believe these people were handled by our own intelligence to do this thing." Source

Radio host Alex Jones: "When did you start understanding the official story was a fraud? Day one?"

WR: "Well, I didn’t know day one, I’ll be honest with you. Because, Alex, at the beginning I (inaudible) of the news. Probably days or weeks, because I came out with the story and I testified for the media, for the national media, on that same day of what I experienced. And I started to realize that my story was continuously being edited, that the whole information that I was giving wasn’t coming out correctly." Source

Besides what Rodriguez calls a massive government cover-up, the stories of all the workers, including the 14 people with him in the sub-level 1 basement office, have never been reported by major news outlets in the U.S., a fact which he said is beyond belief considering the importance of the testimony. Source

"My allegations were never investigated and the perpetrators never caught. The people they did question - the chiefs of the fire and police departments - weren't even in the building [This is false]. It was a complete whitewash." Source

Though Rodriguez is sometimes pegged as a conspiracy theorist, he said he is not. He is simply an eyewitness with concerns, and wants to know what really happened that day.

"A lot of people don't believe me. They don't believe in conspiracy theories. Neither do I," Rodriguez explains. "But what I say to them is I was an eyewitness. I was there. I don't speculate, I tell people what happened because I experienced it. There are so many stupid theories that we don't agree with but that doesn't change the fact I think the official story is a lie." (February, 2007) Source

“I knew Jose very well since we worked for the same company,” said Rodriguez in a telephone conversation from his New Jersey apartment. “At the time, I taped his statements, I was more concerned about getting people needed assistance and, anyway, back then I really thought the government was seriously investigating the WTC attacks. “But since then I have learned otherwise. I realize now they are covering-up the real truth and that’s why I want to release Jose’s statement. What really upsets me and, you can take this message to the White House, is that people like Jose and many others like him who experienced what happened in the basement of the north tower were simply ignored and never interviewed by the 9/11 Commission. Source

“I was a magician for thirty years ... It is very easy to do misdirection, to make you look into one place while you’re doing the magic with the other hand.” Inferring that in plain sight, the planes struck; out of sight, bombs exploded, “It’s just a big magic trick,” Rodriguez concludes. “It’s an illusion.” Source

There’s reality, and there’s illusion,” says William Rodriguez. “When illusion becomes reality, that’s a problem; 9/11 is a giant illusion. Source

“I was trained to investigate claims of the paranormal by one of the best magicians around (retired) and one of the leading investigators of phenomena. Mr. James Randi, little did I know that after 9/11 I was going to use those same skills to investigate what happened. Magic is the business of creating illusions and to make believe. 9/11 is nothing more than the David Copperfield‘s at the White House fooling us and hiding under heir sleeves the other cards.”..Source

That last irrational statement is an insult to Rodriguez’s mentor, the renowned rationalist James Randi, who values Rodriguez as a friend but does not agree with his claims about 9/11. Source

Making baseless accusations and ignoring evidence that is staring one in the face are not valid investigative techniques.