"From day one I have told the same story."

"I always talk about explosion, not bombs- since I am not an explosives expert." Source

"I know there were explosives placed below the trade center. I helped a man to safety who is living proof, living proof the government story is a lie and a cover-up.". Source

"I know there was a massive explosion in the basement, not related to an airplane." Source

Radio Host: "Do you believe there was a bomb in both buildings?"

WR: "Definitely. …I think that was explosives that was set up on the basement as an accelerator to actually bring the towers down.” Source

"After rescuing several more people from the basement that also witnessed bombs, William proceeded up the stair well to assist people out of the building." Source

"I disagree 100% with the government story," said Rodriguez. "I met with the 9/11 Commission behind closed doors and they essentially discounted everything I said regarding the use of explosives to bring down the north tower." Source (Notes by his 9/11 Commission interviewers (1, 2) indicate that Rodriguez said nothing about explosives during that interview, as he didn't in his TV and print appearances, in his statement to NIST investigators, or in his own 2004 lawsuit against the U.S. Government.)

“As a survivor of the initial bomb of 1993, it was not only osmosis, I believe exactly what happened years before, so that’s why when that explosion happened I put one and one together and say that it’s a bomb. Just to clear something up, I’m really not sure what it was, I am not an expert in explosives but you don’t need a degree on science and technology of fire safety to know what a fire looks likeSource

A degree in fire safety is also not required to learn that high explosives don't produce kerosene fireballs.

“From day one, I have told the same story, never straying from the truth."Source

False. We've already seen that Rodriguez, three times, described the explosion coming down the elevator shafts, which he now says cannot have happened.

Following are more examples of how his story has developed, including his account of why, and when, he began to distrust the government. For the most part, I don't place much significance in the variance of timing in Rodriguez's accounts of the noises he heard. As I will illustrate later, I think it is unlikely that Rodriguez heard the impact of AA flight 11 at all: several people who were quite close to the impact floors say they didn't hear it. I think Rodriguez heard the secondary explosions that resulted from the impact. If that is the case, then his story is entirely consistent with the accounts of many other witnesses, above and below where he was. The purpose of this section is to show how his story did not stay the same "from day one."

"Listen, I showed up on CNN, on that day, okay? And if you can get the transcript, because I have been unsuccessful, but luckily I have a copy. And my story now is exactly the same one that I gave on that day."Source

Pulled from rubble, Rodriguez spoke to CNN “All over the world. And then it was picked by every station, where I’m actually talking about the explosions there.” Source

Here is Rodriguez's first account of the day's events, shortly after he was pulled from the rubble:
CNN BREAKING NEWS Airplanes Hit The World Trade Center Aired Live September 11, 2001 - 13:30 ET

(Aaron) BROWN: Tell me what happened.

RODRIGUEZ: I was in the basement, which is the support floor for the maintenance company, and we hear like a big rumble. Not like an impact, like a rumble, like moving furniture in a massive way. And all of sudden we hear another rumble, and a guy comes running, running into our office, and all of skin was off his body. All of the skin.

Watch the CNN clip here
No indication there that he thought one of those rumbles was caused by pre-planted explosives and one by the airplane impact.

Rodriguez is quoted on CNN.com on September 12, 2001 (this does not appear to be a paraphrase of his 9/11 interview, as important descriptive words are different):
"We heard a loud rumble, then all of a sudden we heard another rumble like someone moving a whole lot of furniture," Rodriguez said. "And then the elevator opened and a man came into our office and all of his skin was off." Source
CNN certainly wasn't afraid of what Rodriguez had to say, because they invited him to speak again, live, on September 11, 2002 (with PAPD officer David Lim):
On the subject of your friends, one of them is with you, a relatively new friend I know, William Rodriguez. If Mr. Rodriguez is actually close enough, we've got a mike on him, just tell the story of how -- William, tell the story of how the two of you met.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE (Rodriguez): Well, no, we knew each other for many years. We work at the -- I work at the building. I personally in charge of all the stairs, of all the maintenance of the stairs in the building. And I knew David for probably 15, 16 years.

And at that terrible day when I took people out of the office, one of them totally burned because he was standing in front of the freight elevator and the ball of fire came down the duct of the elevator itself, I put him on the ambulance. And I came back running into the building. And the only person that I found there was Officer David Lim. And the first thing that he told me was, Willie do you have the key. Meaning if I had the master key to the building, which I have and I still have. It's over here. This is the key that opened all the doors on the staircase. It's called a T2 key. And he said let's go.

And we went up, he opened the door on the lobby. We went on the basement, number one. And there when we opened the door, the fire department was there waiting in front of the 50 car elevator, which was already gone, because the airplane, when he came through the building, broke all the cables and practically destroyed the elevator because the elevator went down seven flights of floors. And, he said to the -- to the firemen, follow me, we know the best way to go up and we have the access key. So we started going up the stairs and opening all the doors. Source

When did Rodriguez suspect that the official story was wrong?
Alex Jones: "When did you start understanding the official story was a fraud? Day one?"

WR: "Well, I didn’t know day one, I’ll be honest with you. Because, Alex, at the beginning I (inaudible) of the news. Probably days or weeks, because I came out with the story and I testified for the media, for the national media, on that same day of what I experienced. And I started to realize that my story was continuously being edited, that the whole information that I was giving wasn’t coming out correctly." Source
Yet in this 2002 video, Rodriguez and Felipe David blame Osama bin Laden. And more than a year after 9/11 he says,
“One of the simple requests that we had (was to) have a family member to represent our interests on the Commission. They wouldn’t. They said, “No, no, no, no.” So that’s when we started to distrusting the government."Source
And then,
"it is a well known fact that I was believeing the goverment official story early on. As I asked questions and put things together, the whole thing changed from their side and also from mine." Source
I would be interested to hear how Rodriguez reconciles his claim that from day one he believed there were explosives planted in the basement with his statements that he originally believed the official story. At no time did the official version state that explosives were planted in the towers. And what could Rodriguez possibly mean when he says "the whole thing changed from their side?" I hope he will take the time to think about, and if possible explain, these discrepancies.

How long between the explosion below and the explosion above?
Host: So there was an explosion from below you?

WR: "Correct. And that was, you know (snaps fingers), a second or two before the impact of the plane." Source (Reminder: Rodriguez had no way of knowing when the plane hit.)

The second explosion came before he could “verbalize” the first. Source

“A second or two before the plane hit. Definitely. …When I went to verbalize it, we heard the impact of the plane very far away, coming from the top. Source

Rodriguez interviewed in Loose Change Second Edition Recut:
"And all of a sudden we heard boom! And I thought it was a generator that blew up in the basement. And I said to myself: Oh my God, I think that's the generator. And I was going to verbalize it, and when I finished saying that in my mind, I hear boom! Right on the top. Pretty far away. So, it was a difference between coming from the basement and coming from the top."

“As I was talking to a supervisor at 8:46 like chitchatting and all of a sudden we hear PAAH very strong BOOM!!! An explosion so hard that it pushed us UPWARDS, UPWARDS!!…The explosion was so hard that all the walls cracked the false ceiling fell on top of us, the sprinkler system got activated and when I was going to verbalize it was a generator we hear BOOM! All the way at the top. ... Seconds after the first massive explosion below in the basement still rattled the floor, I hear another explosion from way above," said Rodriguez. "Although I was unaware at the time, this was the airplane hitting the tower, it occurred moments after the first explosion." Source

"When I heard the sound of the explosion, the floor beneath my feet vibrated, the walls started cracking and everything started shaking." said Rodriguez, who was crowded together with fourteen other people in the office including Anthony Saltamachia, supervisor for the American Maintenance Company.

Just seconds later there was another explosion way above which made the building oscillate momentarily. This, he was later told, was a plane hitting the 90th floor. Upon hearing about the plane, he immediately thought of the people up in the restaurant. Then there were other explosions just above B1 and individuals started heading for the loading dock to escape the explosion's resulting rampant fire. When asked later about those first explosions he said: "I would know if an explosion was from the bottom or the top of the building." He heard explosions both before and after the plane hit the tower.

…William asks: "How could a jetliner hit 90 floors above and burn a man's arms and face to a crisp in the basement below within seconds of impact?" Source

A third explosion:
Rodriguez then felt a third explosion coming from above. "The ground was shaking," he said. "I thought it was an earthquake." Source

Q: "As best as you can recall, exactly how many seconds elapsed between the time of the explosion you heard in the basement and the first plane impact above?"

A: Rodriguez “It was about 4 to 6 seconds after.Source

“At 8:46 a.m. on Sept. 11, 2001, Rodriguez, who was two levels below ground, said he felt a large explosion that “pushed him upward into the air” seven seconds before the plane hit the building.” (U. Wis. Speech April 21, 2007)  Source

Claims explosion above came AFTER Felipe David entered the office? Did the reporters get this wrong?
"I heard this massive explosion below, on level B-2 or 3. I saw this guy come up the stairs. The skin on his arms was peeled away . . . hanging. Then I heard another explosion, from above. That was the first plane, hitting the building.” Source(March, 2006)

A man with skin melting from his face, arms and hands came running into the office shortly after, yelling "explosion, explosion!" A plane rammed into the building moments later, recalled Rodriguez, a native of Puerto Rico and United States citizen. Source

Again, I don't question that Rodriguez heard explosions, and when put in context with other witness accounts (over 220 of which are included in this paper), his story makes perfect sense, except for his more recent belief that bombs were involved.