I started writing this paper a few weeks ago, when it seemed that William Rodriguez was avoiding answering questions. He appeared on the JREF internet forum where I post regularly, made a few posts, then left in a huff when the questions got tough. He at first accepted, then backed out of, an invitation from Ron Wieck to appear with me on the NYC TV discussion show "Hardfire."

I wondered what might be behind his apparent evasiveness. I had never seen any of his speeches, and had read only a few articles about him. My impression was that Rodriguez's talks were mostly an account of his 9/11 experience with a small dash of naive conspiracy belief thrown in.

I was wrong. I had no idea of the amount of venomous ignorance that Rodriguez spews in the name of "truth," or the extent to which he plays up his "American hero" status while accusing Americans of the 9/11 mass murders. I didn't know about his association with the Holocaust denial crowd or about the misinformation he has spread in places where the U.S. is unpopular, and the effect that misinformation has had. I didn't know that he had converted to Islam. I didn't know that he had promised to interview Arturo Griffith, the operator of the #50 freight elevator, but had failed to do so. I didn't know that he hasn't bothered to read the detailed studies about the 9/11 attacks and the tower collapses, which he proclaims are lies. I didn't know that he was the kind of person who repeatedly misrepresents what he has said and done.

"As I asked questions and put things together, the whole thing changed from their side and also from mine." –William Rodriguez
This may be the most telling of Rodriguez's many contradictory statements. The evidence that Islamist jihadists planned and executed the 9/11 attacks is consistent, coherent, and overwhelming. That has never changed. The evidence that the Twin Towers were brought down by damage and fires caused by the airliners that hit them is consistent, coherent, and overwhelming. That has never changed.

On the other hand, Rodriguez's story is inconsistent, incoherent, often demonstrably false, and ever-changing. That's what happens when anger and political prejudice replace dispassionate assessment of facts.

This paper is long and detailed because I want William Rodriguez and other 9/11 conspiracists to know that they aren't just a little bit misguided. They are outrageously, horribly wrong, and an overwhelming amount of evidence to prove them wrong can be found by anyone, with minimal effort. All that's required is caring about the truth.

But the truth is inconvenient to the fantasists of the 9/11 "Truth Movement," the most poorly-named entity that I can imagine. Deliberate ignorance is bad at any time. It is especially bad when a hero of 9/11 says he is fighting for the truth, but continually goes out of his way to avoid and deny it.

Mr. Rodriguez, your recent actions are the opposite of heroic. They are cowardly and unethical, and have put you in the company of many disreputable people. I hope that you will choose to become informed about your claims. I'm more than willing to help. As I said on the first page of this document, I think you have much to offer the world, and I think you have the tools to be an effective activist for causes that are based on reality. It's your move. Will you do the right thing?

–Mark Roberts

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